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Map - Year 4, Turn 5

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty First Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fourth Year and Fifth Campaign Month of the Great War.

Ogre Kingdoms and Dwarfs
Morg Greatbelly surveyed his people’s ancient capital. They had pounded the city walls now for a
full month with their ramshackle siege equipment and the city’s defences lay in tatters. The hairy
half creatures were finally coming out to face them. It was just in time. Morg’s army had somehow
managed to survive with much belt tightening and cannibalism wasn’t far away. The hairy ones
would make a fine feast.

A roar went up from both sides. Everyone knew the fate of Kanesdue Island and the two very
different Kingdoms would rest on the outcome of this famous battle.

The Battle for Kanesdue

1209 points Ogres plus 300 points Ogre muster vs 1365 Dwarfs
Battle is for I7 – the former Ogre capital

Tabletop or GM dice roll – need I even ask...there would be no modifier on any GM dice roll.

Off the coast of Kanesdue the Ogre fleets sailed north and east to Rockguts (H7), in hot pursuit
of the remaining Dwarf fleet, which itself was last seen in the straits of Shattered Stone Bay (H8).
The wither-shinned Dwarfs trapped in the Creeping Caves finally escaped. They stumbled upon an
undefended city at the edge of the Plain of Woe (K8) and quickly marched in to assert control over
the coastal city.

With the defeat of the Ogres finally secured and almost total control over Asur’s Rest barring a few
Bretonnian enclaves in the north, the Undead finally started to turn their attentions on the Lost City.
The survivors of Blood Keep returned west to Shambletown (G9) to meet up with the two armies’
already camped there and to prepare for the long trek into the mountains. However the southern
army in Gash Kardak (H9) suffered a mishap with their scouts falling prey to ambush...presumably
from Ogre guerrillas. Meanwhile the army on Burning Isle re-boarded their ships and sailed north to
the coast off Karak Kadrin (G6) while the other ghost fleet sailed back west to Straddlebrook (F5).
Back on Norslatch the dead Templars re-entered the territory claimed by the mysterious wizard of Hel Fenn (B3) but the home army (D2) got delayed by localised storms and could not make it back
home to the undead capital.

Warriors of Chaos
The Norse gambit to take the old Beast capital continued to play out with the army galloping across
the bridge and into Brayherd (C10). The Chaos Lord ordered his other army on the Isle of Mists
south to conquer Black Deeps (E11) – in the last two years alone the devastated city had been
ruled by the Beasts, the Kurgan, the Bretonnians and now the Norse. On Smith’s Isle the Norse 6 th
army in Caledor advanced west to finally claim the Bastion Hills (H12) from the Dark Elves while the Daemon host in Altdorf marched south west to the ancient Walls of Azul (F13). On Kinsblood the
Norse despoilers continued their reign of terror with Tiranoc (J13) and Har Ganeth (J15) falling to
the northern hordes. The fall of Har Ganeth cleaved the Druchii kingdom in two cutting off the east
from the west. At Lothern (I11) the monstrous host opted to end its siege and instead move on the
Fortress of the Dawn (J12)...only to be intercepted by a Druchii army before it got very far. The fleet
anchored off Lothern sailed east to Cothique (I12) to avoid the Storm of Magic.

Dark Elves
The Witch King finally had a chance to catch the chaos forces with the odds on his side and he would
be damned if he would miss the opportunity. He ordered the garrison at the Fortress of the Dawn
(J12) west to intercept the monstrous host and ordered the defenders of Lothern (I11) to sally out
to crush the invaders. If the Druchii lost then their kingdom was finished. However disaster struck
his plans as a desperate starvation had set in amongst the defenders of the besieged city. Over two
thirds of the garrison were already dead with 300 Druchii succumbing to the terrible conditions.

The Battle for Lothern
560 point Dark Elf army plus 140 point Dark Elf army vs 400 point Chaos Host
Battle for I11 – Lothern – the old High Elf capital

Dark Elf army may have a king.

Chaos Host may only include monsters from the Warriors of chaos book and/or chaos creatures from
the storm of magic book.

Tabletop or GM dice roll – Dark Elves would be +1 on the dice roll.

If tabletop then one of the Dark Elf forces deploys on a random side table edge – troops deploy at
least 12” from opposing forces.

Meanwhile the pirate raiders on Norslatch continued their buccaneering across the giant island. This
time they captured the fortress of Montfort (B5) in a daring night raid. Putting the inhabitants to the slaughter they turned the fortress into a blazing beacon that could be seen for hundreds of miles in
every direction.

Betrayed by the Norsemen the Bretonnian King ordered his fastest troops in Bastonne (B7) to ride
east to defend the old Beast capital. They rode nonstop until they reached the Blood Grounds (B9).
The remaining troops in Bastonne pushed west to Bordeleaux (B6) where they reclaimed the now
devastated province for the Bretonnian king. Finally the army on the Isle of Mist continued their
pursuit of the Norse invaders and by month’s end they had reached the desolate Plain of Ruin (C11).
Battle was coming soon... 

Territorial changes
Dwarfs take the Plain of Woe from the Ogres (K8) – city

Warriors take Brayherd from the Bretonnians (C10) - village
Warriors take Black Deeps from the Bretonnians (E11) - city
Warriors take Bastion Hills from the Dark Elves (H12) - village
Warriors take Tiranoc from the Dark Elves (J13) - village
Warriors take Har Ganeth from the Dark Elves (J15) - village

Dark Elves take Montfort from the Bretonnians (B5) – fortress

Bretonnians take Bordeleaux from the Dark Elves (B6) – razed villages
Bretonnians take Plain of Ruin from the Warriors (C11) – barren

Dark Elves raze the fortress of Montfort (B5)

Tally of the Dead
300 Dark Elf troops are lost to starvation.

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