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Map - Year 6, Turn 1

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty Third Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, Scrivener to the King.

The Sixth Year and First Campaign Month of the Great War.

And so it was that the rampant Undead horde (E13) shambled into the dead city of Altdorf (F14) to
take the Reikland throne while its ghost fleet lingered offshore. Ghrond (G13) was also lost – falling
to a horde marching east from Bilbali (G12). The Undead banners at Bloodpeak (H10) and Osthof
(F12) boarded ship – however while the southern fleet sailed into Chrace (H11) – the northern army
was forced to hold steady due to poor weather conditions.

Bereft of a capital the Druchii King began his bid to regain his empire by seizing the city of Caledor
(H13) back from the Norsemen. However, in what would become known ever more as the night
of terror, the legions of the lost and the damned unleashed their hideous wrath on Kinsblood Isle.
Thousands of years of Elf civilization - whether Asur or Druchii - ended in despair as the populations
of both Lothern (I11) and Naggarond (I15) were sacrificed in unholy and dark ritual as the slaves to
darkness cavorted beneath in manic celebration. As the soul scream grew louder an iridescent light
bloomed from within the blackening pyre at the height of the rituals - and foul hosts of warp spawn
materialised through a rip in the fabric of reality to bear witness to the death of a people. Far to the
north, the Norse army in the Cauldron (C15) marched out to Western Elswood (C14) while the fleet
sailed west to the cliffs of Baersonling (E14).

In preparation for the coming war, the would-be Dwarven invaders of Kinsblood steamed south
around the storm of magic and into the seas off Avelorn (J10). Meanwhile their kinsfolk marched
into the Great Hall (I7) of the Ogres to seize the Kanesdue throne from the Deadites. The Dwarf
garrison on the Burning Isle (I4) marched south into the Scorpion wastes (J4) on some unknown
mission while its attendant fleet steamed east into Kazad Thrund (H5). The Dwarf patrol ships
around Kanesdue sailed east from Rockguts to Shattered Stone Bay (H8).

After a month of feasting and praying the King of the Bretonni boarded ship with his knights from
Uzkulak and set sail north to Skaeling (C13). Finally, the Bretonni armies on Norslatch redeployed -
south to Carcasonne (D5) and east to Bastonne (B7).

Game effects:
  • Lothern (I11) is razed by the Warriors of Chaos.
  • Naggarond (I15) is razed by the Warriors of Chaos.
  • Dark Elves seize Caledor (H13) from the Warriors of Chaos - city.
  • Dwarfs seize the Great Hall of the Ogres (I7) from the Undead – capital city and Ogre throne.
  • Undead seize Altdorf (F14) from the Dark Elves – capital city and Reikland throne. 
  • Undead seize Ghrond (G13) from the Warriors of Chaos - village. 
  • A Daemon army of 500 troops is born out of the ashes of Lothern (I11) – 100 Warriors of chaos troops are sacrificed as part of the ritual.
  • A Daemon army of 400 troops is born out of the ashes of Naggarond (I15) – 100 Warriors of chaos troops are sacrificed as part of the ritual.

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