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Map - Year 4, Turn 1

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty First Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fourth Year and First Campaign Month of the Great War

Warriors of Chaos
The Norse armies on the Isle of Mists reset their defensive lines. The army in Bjornling (B13) pushed
north up to Hell Coast (B12) while the army in Manbane (D12) followed north to Beast Rock (C12).
The newly formed monstrous host in Osthof (F12) boarded the nearby fleet and sailed south to the
coast off Hergig (F11). However the home army in the Cauldron (C15) was bedevilled by bandits and
failed to break camp all month.

The real action came in the south as the despoiling Norse hordes began their invasion of the Elf
kingdom in earnest. The force in Averland (G15) split in two. The fifth army set sail on the adjoining
fleet and pushed ashore to occupy the province of Hag Graef (H15) against limited resistance. The
chaos hordes were now just miles from the ancient Dark Elf capital of Naggarond. The seventh army
stayed behind in Averland to conduct a dark ritual of nightmarish intensity and sheer horror. The
once beautiful and prosperous townlands of Averland were sacked by the barbarians and its people
sacrificed to bring forth a daemon army from the warp. Finally, the force in Talabheim (G14) split.
The fourth army moved south to occupy the Dark Elf fortress known as the Black Pillar (H14) while
the sixth army marched west to conquer Ghrond (G13).

Dark Elves and Bretonnians

The hard pressed Druchii withdrew from their ancient capital of Naggarond (I15) to the high walls of
Karond Kar (J14) as realisation grew that the capital could not be defended against the bloodthirsty
northern hordes. The other army in Kinsblood moved east from Avelorn (J10) to Yvresse (J11) where
they quashed the last remaining Sea Elf freedom fighters. Elf unity was finally achieved but perhaps
too late. On Smith’s isle the Druchii marched north east from Silver River (G11) to Bilbali (G12)
to face off against the Norsemen in the mountains of Ghrond. Meanwhile the starving troops in
Lyonesse (D8) tightened their belts and lost just 20 troops to malnutrition. Desperate and vengeful
they pushed north to occupy the smouldering ruins at the old fortress on the Plains of Fimul.
Unfortunately the fortress was no longer defensible. Hours later the thunder of hoofs could be heard
from the north as the grand Bretonnian cavalry galloped south from Brionne (B8). It was on that
benighted plain amidst the rubble and ruin that the Bretonni and Druchii would finally make battle.

Battle at the Ruins of Fimul Plain
900 points of Dark Elves versus 1500 points of Bretonnians (all cavalry)

Tabletop or GM roll?

Meanwhile the Bretonnian King recalled his army in the Forest of Eyes (D11) to provide back up to

the armies on Norslatch and it hurried back as far as Brayherd (C10). Finally the troops deployed in
the Dark Forest (E10) were set the task of finishing the campaign of conquest against the Kurgan
and they proceeded to assault the Skull Lands (D9) with eager relish and thoughts of glory. Though
outnumbered four to one the Kurgan nomads fought valiantly. Two hundred and fifty Bretonnian
troops lost their lives in a series of brutal skirmishes before the Skull Lands were finally pacified
under the Banner of the Lady.

Ogres and Dwarfs

Beset by nightmares and portents of terror the Ogre armies in the Great Hall were paralysed. The
Tyrant was furious and his rage was great but still his superstitious forces refused to set out from
the Great Hall (I7). The Ogre navies did however brave the portents and moved south to catch the
confused and wither-shinned Dwarf navy in harbour in the Creeping Caves (J7). There were three
whole fleets on both sides with vessels as far as the eye could see. It was the largest sea battle in
the war to date. The rickety wooden ships and great rams of the Ogres contrasted with the steel
hulls and great guns of the Dwarfs. The Ogres gained a fast advantage as they caught the Dawi badly
unawares. Two whole days of underground cave battles ensued beneath the creeping caves as Ogre
Maneaters led by the infamous Captain Morg n’thorg battled from ship to ship and underground
cave to underground cave against Admiral Long Drong and his Slayer Pirates. The Dwarfs found
themselves almost constantly on the back foot and despite fighting bravely they could not withstand
the sheer ferocity of the Ogre elite. By battles end just one Dwarf fleet was able to escape – making
its retreat to the Hissing Coast (J6). There was much Dwarf meat for feasting. Despite their great
victory the battle was not without cost for the Ogres as the Dwarf warriors had succeeded in
destroying one of the Ogre fleets. These also made for great feasting.

Above ground the wither-shinned force in the Creeping Cave (J7) fortress sent scouts in all sorts of
directions to try and escape the enchantment. The Dwarf second army was able to find its way out
from the spell and marched north east to occupy the Dreary Wood (J8). Back on Dolmen Isle the
Dwarven home army moved north from Karaz-a-Karak (H3) to South Morswald (G3).

Vampire Counts
The Liche signalled the advance and his Undead horde silently shambled south to attack and overrun
the northern reaches of the Ogre Kingdoms. The undead forces housed in the Glowing Crater
(F9) split in two. The first army moved east to capture Eagle Eyries (G10) while the second army
pushed south to conquer Shambletown (G9). Meanwhile the fourth and fifth armies advanced south
from the Giant’s Bed Mountains (F7) to seize the Twins (G7) from the Ogres while the sixth army
redeployed itself east to Mist Gorge (F8). Back on Norslatch the Templars of the Iron hills (C4) were
delayed by storms while the home army in Mousillon (D3) marched north-west along the Red River
(D2). Finally the Vampire fleets sailed south down the coast to Carcasonne (D5) and Karak Kadrin
(G6) respectively.

Warriors lose 100 troops
Dark Elves lose 20 troops
Bretonnians lose 250 troops
Ogres lose 1 fleet
Dwarfs lose 2 fleets

Warriors take Hag Graef (H15) from the Dark Elves – village
Warriors take Ghrond (G13) from the Dark Elves – village
Warriors take the Black Pillar (H14) from the Dark Elves – fortress

Dark Elves take Yvresse (J11) from Independents – barren

Bretonnians take the Skull Lands (D9) from Independents – village

Dwarfs take Dreary Wood (J8) from the Ogres – barren

Vampires take Eagle Eyrie (G10) from the Ogres – village
Vampires take Shambletown (G9) from the Ogres – village
Vampires take the Twins (G7) from the Ogres - village

Averland (G15) is razed by a dark ritual

Warriors get a 300pt Daemon army in Averland (G15)

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