Sunday, March 4, 2012

Battle of Fimul Plain, Brets v D/E

The newly created daemons were making themselves useful, at least the ones with wings.  Rumours of a battle had reached the borderlands.  Man and Elf were finally facing off on the field.  It seemed the Last of Mankind were intent on revenge for the slaughter of their townsfolk at the hand of the insidious Dark Elves.

The scouts reached the field just as the sun rose over the ocean.  A shallow fog lay across the ground, dust still floated from ruins of the fortress.  Only two towers remained and they only had one floor remaining.  Of the four walls the eastern and western would still provide cover while only rubble remained of the northern, the southern walls was completely open, the ground having swallowed it entirely before closing again.  The ruins were surrounded by small hills, barley a rise in the flat plain.

Banners appeared from the Northern approach, the scouts could clearly see the Dark Elves as one unit of archers sprinted for the closest tower, another unit of Elves made for the hill on the Eastern edge of the field with a unit of  heavily armed and armoured elves taking up the ground between.  From the opposite end of the field came the Knights, the sun glinted off their shining armour so bright it almost blinded the scouts as they hovered on the warm wind.  It looked like there were two units of Knights of the Realm on the outside with a unit of Grail Knights taking the centre, a unit of four Pegasus bringing up the rear.

First move went to the Dark Elves, who stood their ground, their magic lord firing arcs of magic at the Knights of the Realm and the Grail Knights, the daemon scouts tasted the magic residue, Plague of Rust and Final Transmutation.  Rust appeared on the armour of the Grail Knights, dulling their shine,three KoR fell to the Transmutation spell, such was the casting might that the D/E wizard was knocked to her knees, appearing to be injured, but not fatally, arrows flew from the tower and hillside blackening the sky but bounced harmlessly from metal skins.  In response the Knights manoeuvred there horses, getting ready to charge home.

The intuitive passed to the Elves, the scouts couldnt believe their eyes, the Elves were charging, charging the Knights of the Realm who were caught mid manoeuvre.  Magic arced from the tower again, the wizard was back on her feet, but had no effect, even though again the power was unstoppable.  The wizard was unaffected - this time.  Another hail of arrows bounced from thick armour.  Meanwhile the elven guard were carving there way through the knights, heavy halberds making short work of the knights armour like massive can openers, many struck down in one killing blow.  Such was the ferocity of the attack that not even the spelled armour could save them.  All were cut down without a responding casualty.  The elves were almost as shocked by their success at the men were, spying there chance and mad with hatred the elves continued their charge catching the Pegasus standing on the ground and even the daemons were saddened as the magnificent beasts were mown down to the last.

Quickly overcoming the shock the knights charged the only targets available to them, with the armoured elves behind them the knights charged the crossbowed elves on the hill and in the tower.  They made quick work of both units, with only the wizard surviving from the tower, picked up her skirts and ran the tower.

Recovering quickly the wizard appeared indignant at having to run, and she a Lord and all! Turning around she summoned her might and blasted another two KoR from their horses.  Both sides trying to out move each other with little result.  With the day two thirds over the Elf Lord returned to her perch in the tower, gathering mighty magic she blasted all around her, making the armour of the knights glow in magical response, no knights fell this time.  After the dust settled the scouts could see the Elf Lord on the ground again, she was most definitely injured and seemed exhausted.

What happened next would not have been believed if not witnessed, the knights attempted to out move the armoured elves but they were highly trained and able to turn and meet ever advance of the men.  Not willing to take any more casualties and unable to catch them on the flank the knights withdrew to a safe distance, with dusk falling they turned and left the Elves masters of the battlefield.

D/E = -235/900
Bret= - 436/1500

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