Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Map - Year 4, Turn 2 continued

Ogres and Vampire Counts agreed to simulated the opening battle for the fortress of Bloodpeak. The 1000 worth of Undead troops gave them a +1 advantage over the 690 worth of Ogre infantry.
Accurate historical records of the early stages of the Bloodpeak campaign were scattered. What we do know is that the attacking force of Undead met the Ogre forces on a blackened scree slope one mile south of the fortress itself. It was a joyless battle for the Ogres as there is just no proper eating in the Undead while Ghouls are too stringy to be satisfying. On the other hand the Ogre imagination is much too limited to truly appreciate the horror of the living dead. The two armies are reported to have crashed into each other head on with little thought for tactics. At first things went well for the Ogres as their sheer strength and beligerence cut through hundreds of the enemy. They didn't think it too many. Zombies, Skeletons and Ghouls all fell before their wrath. What the Ogres failed to see was their foes rising back up again to slowly encircle them. Foul magic! After a full hour of fighting it was Festivus Finefellow the Ogre Firebelly that first realised the fiendish tactics of the Undead. He could see the Bulls in the centre of the line were doomed and when a flying beast crashed into them from above he realised the jig was up. Though they had caused immense casualties on the Undead side this battle was unwinnable. Festivus sounded the call to retreat to Bloodpeak fortress.  The Undead had the field. The Ogres were able to successfully cover their retreat, in part because the shambling hordes were too slow to catch them.

The undead decided to spend the rest of the month battering the walls and undermining the foundations.


Vampire Counts defeat Ogres - VC lose 150 troops while Ogres lose 150 troops. Pursuit roll = 5 = no effect. Bloodpeak is now under siege - VC have battered the wall doing minor damage - if Bloodpeak fortress is assaulted in the next campaign month then its defensive bonus will be reduced to x2 850 Undead outside the walls versus 540 Ogres inside the walls.

Creeping Caves: 
Meanwhile down to the south the Ogre bombardment of Creeping Cave fortress resulted in minor damage to the Dwarven fortifications - if the Creeping Caves are assaulted in the next campaign month then its defensive bonus will be reduced to x2 2000 Ogres outside the walls and 2365 Dwarfs inside the walls.

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