Monday, July 2, 2012

Map - Year 5, Turn 3

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty Second Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fifth Year and Third Campaign Month of the Great War.

It was a time of dull stagnation, but maybe slow implosion for the Kingdom of Chaos. The Vampire
Count invasion of Smith’s Isle began with the twin fleets depositing their armies ashore at Bilbali
(G12). The armies quickly seized the province before razing it to the ground. Meanwhile the last
Dark Elf army marched north and conquered Talabheim (G14). The Norse 8th army garrisoned at
Altdorf (F14) marched north-west to cow the fearful populace of Nordland (E13) while the remaining
Norse fleet sailed north to Eagle Eyries (G10). To the south, in Kinsblood, the two armies stationed at
Tiranoc (J13) marched north-west into the Fortress of the Dawn (J12).

On Kanesdue the long siege of the Great Hall continued with the alliance of Ogres and Norse digging
deep into their supplies. The main Dwarf army on Kanesdue (J8) struck north-east and captured
Slave-Slaughter (I9) from the Norse while the Dwarf fleet steamed west to meet them at the Slave-
Slaughter coast. The looming Ogre fleet continued its long trek east and sailed into Gash Kardak

On Asur’s rest the Vampire lord pulled his army back west to Gash Kardak (H9) while on Norslatch
the Bretonnian army in Carcasonne (D5) had a fruitless search and the army in Quenelles (D6)
pushed east to L’Anguille (C7).

The carve-up of the Isle of Mists continued as the Bretonnians and Vampires yet again ignored each
other. The Bretonnians took Uzkulak (D13) and Hell Coast (B12) while the Vampires took Osthof

The storm of magic roiled east into newly independent Cothique (I12).

Dark Elves take Talabheim (G14) from the Warriors - village

Dwarfs take Slave-Slaughter (I9) from the Warriors – village

Bretonnia takes Uzkulak (D13) from the Warriors – village
Bretonnia takes Hell Coast (B12) from the Warriors – village

Vampire Counts takes Bilbali (G12) from the Warriors – village
Vampire Counts takes Osthof (F12) from the Warriors – village

Tally of the Dead
None – and it sickens me

Bilbali villages are razed by the Vampire Counts

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