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Map - Year 5, turn 4

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty Second Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fifth Year and Fourth Campaign Month of the Great War.

This was the final gambit of the Witch King. He knew that Kinsblood Isle was overrun and had
abandoned his positions on Naggarond and Lothern. He looked north to Altdorf (F14). It was less
well defended than the more southern thrones and it would be a serious blow to the Norsemen if
he could take it. It would split their empire and perhaps begin their downfall. He made the order. His
troops would strike north from Talabheim (G14) in the morning. At the same time the Exalted Leader
of the Norse 8th army in Nordland (E13) was getting his own orders to return to Altdorf...

And so it was that the Druchii, outnumbered 2 to 1, marched forth to Altdorf. The Norse lord smiled
and ordered his troops out to meet the Druchii on the plain outside the city.

The Second Battle for Altdorf and the Empire Throne

Dark Elves 2nd Army vs. Warriors of Chaos 5th and 8th armies
• 545pts of Dark Elves

The Dark Elf King is present and has his heirloom
• Both Chaos armies are 600pts. Total = 1200pts

Down in Kinsblood itself the Norse continued to mop up the Dark Elf territories with the 3 rd and 4th
armies in Naggarond (I15) moving out to seize Hag Graeg (H15) and Clar Karond (I16) respectively.
To the west the force at the Fortress of the Dawn (J12) split up, with the 7 th army moving in to
support the Lothern (I11) garrison while the Daemon army marched east into Nagarythe (I13).

Naval manoeuvrings continued with the last Norse fleet sailing east into Hersig (F11) and the
mighty Ogre armada sailing to the head of Tor Achare (I10). Meanwhile the great Vampire armada
continued preparations for the full invasion of Smith’s Isle by sailing north into Osthof (F12) where
the Vampire 6th army boarded the 1st fleet. The two Undead armies on Smith’s Isle advanced into
and annexed the Walls of Azul (F13) from the Norse.

On Kanesdue the Undead maintained their siege of the Great Hall (I7) and opted not to attack the
Ogre throne. Meanwhile the Dwarf 4th army advanced into Tor Achare (I10) to seize the coastal
villages from the Norse.

To the north the Bretonnians continued their conquest of the Isle of Mists, with Bretonnian armies
capturing Hellcoast (B12) and Manbane (D12) from the Norse. Finally, on Norslatch, the army in
Carcasonne (D5) marched north into the Grey Mountains (C5).


Dwarfs take Tor Achare (I10) from Warriors – village

Bretonnia take Manbane (D12) from Warriors – village
Bretonnia take Hellcoast (B12) from Warriors – village

Vampire Counts take Walls of Azul (F13) from Warriors – barren

Warriors take Hag Graef (H15) from Dark Elves – village
Warriors take Clar Karond (I16) from Dark Elves – village

Tally of the Dead

None – so far

Ongoing siege at The Great Hall (I7) – Ogres and Warriors use up 1 baggage each (Vampires immune)

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