Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pre-campaign slagging taster

"...and lemme tell ya somthin' else bub!"
(Slagging: U.K: criticism: a series of insulting, mocking, or critical comments.)

Here's a sweet taster of the back and forth between some players before the campaign kicks off, and also the relevant history wherein the source of bitterness and amused hatred lies.

Come with me to a misty, chill Thursday morning. The trees creak in the wind. The grass heavy with dew. Inside, after a night of drinking, the warm air is laden with insults...

[MrSaturday] Oh, and I'll be grudging some folks, so don't forget your armies.

[RedCraig] You don't know the meaning of the word grudge, until you're a Dwarf whose just been on the wrong end of a purple sun and you reach over and put your hand into a pile of goo that was your best friend's face, you'll never know.
Forget it, MrSaturday, it's Chinatown.
-- At a previous B*astardCon MrSaturday wiped out 73 Dwarfs with a single Purple Sun. RedCraig has never been angrier, and shouted IMBA a lot. He later admitted seriously considering giving up on Warhammer. --

I hold more grudges then lonely high court judges.
Melee, MrSaturday rented house Galway
Herp Derp; i fire my cannon and deliberately overguess the range
Our Hero; wait, what?
Herp Derp; make your chariot asplode hehehehe.
Our Hero Soon......
Many years pass
Not forgiven, not forgotten.
-- About 8(?) years ago in a grand melee of 1k point armies, RedCraig killed MrFett's General on his chariot in the first turn with an 'accidentally on purpose' cannon overshoot from across the board and behind another players army. With the ability to carry a grudge like that, MrFett should be playing Dwarves, not Brettonians. --

Purple fun, won't you come and wash away Te Craiaiigg, purple fun, puuurrpllleeee fun puuurrpllllee fu-a-uuunnnn.
I'll NEVER ger tired of that memory Craig. You know, I may take vampires this time, I've a couple of appalling lists I want to inflict on people. Pure filth.
MrFett, it's your ability and sheer capacity for bitterly clinging to old worn-out wrongs that makes you one of my favourite people.

And there was me thinking you just enjoyed me for my girth.
You were quite vocal about your appreciation of it on many an occasion.

[Dec] Excuse me, get a room!!!

[MrFett] I had a room but all your shit is in it.
-- Dec is storing a large amount of stuff in MrFett's garage, while moving house. --

[MrSaturday] One does not need to shout that the sun is bright MrFett...
-- Draw your own conclusions on this one. --

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dreadfleet - Is it a Runner?

I've just seen the Dreadfleet promo. Looks tasty, but by heck is it expensive. Do we think it might be a possible runner for our naval battles during the campaign? There's a pretty comprehensive video on the link page.