Friday, June 24, 2011

MAP - First draft is up!

From the devilishy clever Tom:

The map is 187 tiles - if we are short we can leave out the ocean tiles at edges. I will put up rules on a day by day basis starting monday (the core rules are the old mighty empires rules).

The nine capitals are represented by the black dots. You'll note there are no capitals in the central zones. I want a period of expansion for everybody.

Dark Blue is sea/ocean
Light Blue is river
Light Green is Grassland/Lowland
Dark Green is forest
Greenish Brown is hills
Reddish Clay is mountains
Beige is desert/wasteland
Purple is arctic/tundra

Each tile produces resources depending on its terrain. I'll explain in a few days once I think it through and balance it up fully.

Each empire starts the game controlling his capital tile and the six surrounding tiles.

The player that picks his capital first can place three villages and one fortress (total) in his six surrounding tiles when he picks his the player that gets the last choice of location at least has the advantage of knowing where all enemy fortresses will be located when he places his.


  1. Interesting. You guys must send me on a copy of the rules. Sea movement / transport of troops especially important with an archipelago map like that.

  2. It would have to be, otherwise someone will be the super unfortunate piggy in the middle.

    It would have to be wrap around both left-right and up-down, so that everyone is a piggy in the middle!

  3. You know, that never occurred to me, but it makes lots of sense.