Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

By the decree of Duke Mallobaude, crown prince of the free people of Mousillon, I, Bougars De Biaucaire, send forth Ser Charlemagne Delecroix to bring glory and honour back form the new world.

The free people of Mousillon would like to offer the hand of friendship to all fellow explorers in the hope that trust and understanding will mark our joint efforts in this time of opportunity.


  1. Excellent, as a fellow Bretonnian, Lord Stephane Dreux would offer his hand in friendship to the Duke. Lord Dreux has allies of his own in Mousillion, and I'm sure we can come to some amicable arrangement as to the territorial negotiations which are to come. Perhaps the Ser would care to join Lord Dreux at his keep for a feast to celebrate this new-found friendship?

  2. That sounds most agreeable. Whom are we having for dinner?

    BTW this posting/commenting thing is annoying as all hell. I can start new posts while logged in on google accounts. I cant log in to blogger on this page and to comment i have to use a livejournal account. FFS.

  3. That does sound annoying. I don't even have to log in to comment. Perhaps one of our tech creatures can assist.

    As to dinner, I think you know how that goes.

  4. Welcome to the party De Biaucaire!
    I wasn't aware the Brettonian's had a presence here in the new World.
    Relations between the Empires of Brettonia and the Dwarves in the Old World have been long and fruitful. The current leadership of Karak-Az wishes to accept the hand of friendship you have offered.

    As we lay claim to new lands, may lance and axe drive our enemies from said lands.
    Also, we have good brewski's that we're happy to share.

  5. See all that fancy language is nice... but uber annoying! We all know that what is said on here is just fluff, as soon a someone turns a back ye be be knocking each other out of the way to get the knife in!!

    (This statement does not include me as I'm totally trustworthy, until I have the overwhelming advantage, then all bests are off!)