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Map - Year 4, Turn 5 continued 2

The two armies met on a rocky plain to the north east of the city amidst heavy rain and gale force
wind. The Dwarfs initially drew themselves up in defence as a storm of cannonade, shot and bolt
ripped into the onrushing Ogre charge. The hail of lead was interrupted by a sneak attack from
behind as Ogre guerrilla fighters rampaged through the Dwarf lines and made the Dwarf artillery
go silent. The armies clattered into each other in a maelstrom of flesh, steel and sweat as axe and
hammer clashed with club and ironfist. All semblance of order quickly broke down as the battle
degenerated into a series of smaller skirmishes. The wind continued to whip up denying the Dwarf
air force the chance to take to the skies though the Slayers at least found great sport against the
Ogre Yhetees only to be wiped out themselves at the hands of an Ogre Bruiser and his band of
merry Maneaters. The brutal back and forth campaign was to continue for a whole month across the
ragged scrubland of western Kanesdue with neither side able to gain a truly decisive advantage. The
blood-oaths on both sides grew steadily day on day. The end was coming but not yet... the battle
for the Great Hall would continued with both sides retreating to catch breath. 

The Ogre commander withdrew his last forces to the great fortress of The Tusk (I8) while the Dwarf lord withdrew his H8 troops to the villages of Rockguts province (H7).

Dwarfs withdraw to Rockguts (H8)
Dwarfs lose 250 troops – army has 1115pts left
Ogres withdraw to The Tusk (I8)
Ogres lose 250 troops – army has 959pts left (remember musters respawn before battles)

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Map - Year 4, Turn 5 continued

 The dark elves continue to cling on, destroying the monstrous chaos host before the gates of Lothern.

"Join us? please?", he regarded them, the trance fading now and the world regaining it's colour.  he squatted with the others and accepted the food. He had spent the late afternoon giving thanks to Khaine for today's victory and the fresh marks on his arms were clearly visible. He inclined his head once in thanks and the buzz of conversation returned.

They had arrived in the late afternoon to see the last of the city guard arrayed in a long line about to sell their lives dearly to a huge chaos hell cannon and a group of the dragon ogres.  Racing to join the dark riders, the two lined up near the ogres and with a wordless command the dark riders and executioners had charged, fury and hate powering their already over tired bodies forward.  It had been a slaughter, the massive ogres were no match for the deft elves.  they fell quickly but not before one massive male had cut a bloody path through the dark riders, felling two riders and their beautiful black horses. 

The guard were joining the fray now, moving quickly towards the hell cannon, firing, reloading, moving again.  One lucky shot hit it somewhere vital and it bellowed in rage.  The riders and executioners closed on the hell cannon, black ichor barely missing them.  The guards were not that lucky, losing seven of their brothers but nothing would stop their charge now.

The riders were closing now, the executioners in hot pursuit, the cannon no longer able to draw fire on them, too close, the cannon was flinching under a hail of bolts now from the guards. It was over quickly, no more dead elves.  The executioners surrounded the demon, the last of their strength flowed through them and they finished it. Blow after blow rained down and it was silent. quiet, just the breathing of tired warriors

on the spit, part of the dragon ogre turned, the smell of roasting flesh filling his nose.  the first of the prisoners was brought forward a squat dwarf creature in garish armour.  All of the elves regarded him waiting for his order.  "be careful this time when you put him on the spit, I believe we could have a record breaker in this one"

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Map - Year 4, Turn 5

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty First Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fourth Year and Fifth Campaign Month of the Great War.

Ogre Kingdoms and Dwarfs
Morg Greatbelly surveyed his people’s ancient capital. They had pounded the city walls now for a
full month with their ramshackle siege equipment and the city’s defences lay in tatters. The hairy
half creatures were finally coming out to face them. It was just in time. Morg’s army had somehow
managed to survive with much belt tightening and cannibalism wasn’t far away. The hairy ones
would make a fine feast.

A roar went up from both sides. Everyone knew the fate of Kanesdue Island and the two very
different Kingdoms would rest on the outcome of this famous battle.

The Battle for Kanesdue

1209 points Ogres plus 300 points Ogre muster vs 1365 Dwarfs
Battle is for I7 – the former Ogre capital

Tabletop or GM dice roll – need I even ask...there would be no modifier on any GM dice roll.

Off the coast of Kanesdue the Ogre fleets sailed north and east to Rockguts (H7), in hot pursuit
of the remaining Dwarf fleet, which itself was last seen in the straits of Shattered Stone Bay (H8).
The wither-shinned Dwarfs trapped in the Creeping Caves finally escaped. They stumbled upon an
undefended city at the edge of the Plain of Woe (K8) and quickly marched in to assert control over
the coastal city.

With the defeat of the Ogres finally secured and almost total control over Asur’s Rest barring a few
Bretonnian enclaves in the north, the Undead finally started to turn their attentions on the Lost City.
The survivors of Blood Keep returned west to Shambletown (G9) to meet up with the two armies’
already camped there and to prepare for the long trek into the mountains. However the southern
army in Gash Kardak (H9) suffered a mishap with their scouts falling prey to ambush...presumably
from Ogre guerrillas. Meanwhile the army on Burning Isle re-boarded their ships and sailed north to
the coast off Karak Kadrin (G6) while the other ghost fleet sailed back west to Straddlebrook (F5).
Back on Norslatch the dead Templars re-entered the territory claimed by the mysterious wizard of Hel Fenn (B3) but the home army (D2) got delayed by localised storms and could not make it back
home to the undead capital.

Warriors of Chaos
The Norse gambit to take the old Beast capital continued to play out with the army galloping across
the bridge and into Brayherd (C10). The Chaos Lord ordered his other army on the Isle of Mists
south to conquer Black Deeps (E11) – in the last two years alone the devastated city had been
ruled by the Beasts, the Kurgan, the Bretonnians and now the Norse. On Smith’s Isle the Norse 6 th
army in Caledor advanced west to finally claim the Bastion Hills (H12) from the Dark Elves while the Daemon host in Altdorf marched south west to the ancient Walls of Azul (F13). On Kinsblood the
Norse despoilers continued their reign of terror with Tiranoc (J13) and Har Ganeth (J15) falling to
the northern hordes. The fall of Har Ganeth cleaved the Druchii kingdom in two cutting off the east
from the west. At Lothern (I11) the monstrous host opted to end its siege and instead move on the
Fortress of the Dawn (J12)...only to be intercepted by a Druchii army before it got very far. The fleet
anchored off Lothern sailed east to Cothique (I12) to avoid the Storm of Magic.

Dark Elves
The Witch King finally had a chance to catch the chaos forces with the odds on his side and he would
be damned if he would miss the opportunity. He ordered the garrison at the Fortress of the Dawn
(J12) west to intercept the monstrous host and ordered the defenders of Lothern (I11) to sally out
to crush the invaders. If the Druchii lost then their kingdom was finished. However disaster struck
his plans as a desperate starvation had set in amongst the defenders of the besieged city. Over two
thirds of the garrison were already dead with 300 Druchii succumbing to the terrible conditions.

The Battle for Lothern
560 point Dark Elf army plus 140 point Dark Elf army vs 400 point Chaos Host
Battle for I11 – Lothern – the old High Elf capital

Dark Elf army may have a king.

Chaos Host may only include monsters from the Warriors of chaos book and/or chaos creatures from
the storm of magic book.

Tabletop or GM dice roll – Dark Elves would be +1 on the dice roll.

If tabletop then one of the Dark Elf forces deploys on a random side table edge – troops deploy at
least 12” from opposing forces.

Meanwhile the pirate raiders on Norslatch continued their buccaneering across the giant island. This
time they captured the fortress of Montfort (B5) in a daring night raid. Putting the inhabitants to the slaughter they turned the fortress into a blazing beacon that could be seen for hundreds of miles in
every direction.

Betrayed by the Norsemen the Bretonnian King ordered his fastest troops in Bastonne (B7) to ride
east to defend the old Beast capital. They rode nonstop until they reached the Blood Grounds (B9).
The remaining troops in Bastonne pushed west to Bordeleaux (B6) where they reclaimed the now
devastated province for the Bretonnian king. Finally the army on the Isle of Mist continued their
pursuit of the Norse invaders and by month’s end they had reached the desolate Plain of Ruin (C11).
Battle was coming soon... 

Territorial changes
Dwarfs take the Plain of Woe from the Ogres (K8) – city

Warriors take Brayherd from the Bretonnians (C10) - village
Warriors take Black Deeps from the Bretonnians (E11) - city
Warriors take Bastion Hills from the Dark Elves (H12) - village
Warriors take Tiranoc from the Dark Elves (J13) - village
Warriors take Har Ganeth from the Dark Elves (J15) - village

Dark Elves take Montfort from the Bretonnians (B5) – fortress

Bretonnians take Bordeleaux from the Dark Elves (B6) – razed villages
Bretonnians take Plain of Ruin from the Warriors (C11) – barren

Dark Elves raze the fortress of Montfort (B5)

Tally of the Dead
300 Dark Elf troops are lost to starvation.

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Map - Year 4, Turn 4 continued

The ogres of Bloodkeep are wiped out, as are the last remnants of the dark elves on the Smith's isle.

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The Battle for Blood Keep

Golgor stumbled and crashed heavily onto the sand. He heaved himself upright and stared out across the dunes to check for signs of pursuit. There was nothing but the wind stirring the long sand-grass. He turned and jogged on, the days events still racing through his mind. The undead had been waiting for them on the beach before the castle for weeks, never moving, never faltering in their patience. The ogres knew they could not hold on, and with no sign of help coming, decided to sally out. They met on the shore, and driven mad by hunger, the ogres had charged headlong into a greater force, knowing it was either fight or starve, and for an ogre that's no choice at all.

The battle had started well, the yhetees and Golgor's lads catching a horde of rotten zombies in a pincer move and smashing them apart along with the hissing corpse-man who led them. Even the putrid zombies had looked appetising after weeks of nothing but scraps, and the yhetees didn't even hesitate to feed. On the dunes though, the vampire and his skeletons overwhelmed the bulls and the firebelly, the wraiths riding them down as they broke, leaving them dead in the surf. Golgor and the yhetees tried to charge them, but the screams of the banshee culled them before they even connected. Soon Golgor realised he was alone. The dead made no attempt to pursue but simply stood over his dead comrades as he turned to flee back to the empty fortress.

The sun was setting as Golgor climbed onto the old road to the causeway, the castle dark and silent before him. As he climbed, he saw a single rider sitting atop a ghostly steed in front of the open gates. It carried a long scythe that seemed to flicker in the dying light of the day. As Golgor made his way onto the causeway, the creature lifted it's head to regard him.

Golgor sighed. Ogres didn't fear death as men do, but still, it was a terrible thing to die hungry. "My old mum told me this kind of thing would happen some day." Golgor said to nobody in particular as the creature jerked it's mount into a trot. His pistols were soaked, and empty anyway, so he pulled out his trusty old club instead. He knew it was useless, but it felt better than nothing.

Expelling a last great sigh, Golgor charged.

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Map - Year 4, Turn 4

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty First Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fourth Year and Fourth Campaign Month of the Great War

...and so it was that total war enveloped the Sundered Isles...

Redbeard looked back one last time. His lads had won and they would be just fine under Craggson’s
leadership. They had won but he had failed them. He had run from the Ironguts and he could never
make up for the shame. Hefting his family’s heirloom over his shoulder the Slayer turned east to find
his doom.

Duke Louis awoke from his dream with a start. They were betrayed. Arise, arise! We ride north to
the Plain of Ruin.

The dead men were not going away. Even Golgfag could figure out their plan. He wasn’t going to die
behind some damn wall. The waiting was over the Ogres would go to war!

Harkon smiled. He loved the smell of roasted Bretonnian in the morning. It smelled like...

Asavar Oathbreaker looked up from the note. “We go west. Begin the invasion.”

The Liche stared wistfully at the mountains that hid the Lost City of the Old Ones. With it’s secrets in
his grasp he could rule this world.

Dark Elves
The Druchii Commander made his decision. His band of reavers could never hold Couronne for
long against the mon-keigh. Instead they would push north to Bordeleaux (B6). He would lead the
humans a merry chase. And so the reavers marked a red ruin in every village they found. Such was
the devastation they left in their wake that the province of Bordeleaux was effectively razed. Far to
the south the heroes of the Bastion Hills (H12) came down from the mountains to try and retake the
mighty city of Caledor (H13) from the Norse. On Kinsblood itself the Druchii armies continued their retreat west. The army in the Fortress of the Dawn (J12) withdrew back to defend the new capital at
Lothern (I11) while the army at Tiranoc (J13) withdrew back to the Fortress of the Dawn (J12).

The game of cat and mouse with the Druchii reavers continued on Norslatch. The cavalry army on
the Plain of Fimul (C8) galloped west to defend Couronne (C6) while the other two armies advanced
on Bastonne (B7). Pickings were slim on the barren and depressing Plain of Fimul and 50 Bretonni
troops lost their lives to starvation amidst rumours of strange swamp creatures.

Guided by a vision from the Lady, the Bretonnian camped on the Skull Lands (D9) raced north and
west. At first things went well but while attempting a second push the scouts were waylaid forcing
the army to set camp at the Place of Dark Rain (D10).

Warriors of Chaos
The signal for the invasion was passed down and the hordes of Chaos deployed on the Isle of Mists
pushed west across the border and into Bretonnian territory. The Beast Rock army (C12) seized the
Plain of Ruin (C11) while the army garrisoned on the Herding Plain (E12) seized the sylvan villages
located within the Forest of Eyes (D11).

However the southern campaign was not going as well as planned. The fourth command had been
completely wiped out in the Bastion Hills. Keen to avenge their fallen brothers the garrison at
Ghrond (G13) pushed south to intercept the Druchii survivors outside Caledor (H13). This time the
Druchii were outnumbered four to one.

The Caledor Incident
160 Dark Elf troops versus 660 Warriors of Chaos troops.
Warriors of Chaos are a cavalry army.
Tabletop or dice roll? Dice roll = Dark Elves at -3.

Bad weather ruined the Norsemen’s attempt to wipe out the Druchii on Kinsblood before winter as
mysterious storms prevented the Armoured Warriors (J14) advancing west from Karond Kar. To the
east in Hag Graef (H15) the 7th army pushed south to occupy Naggarond (I15). The Daemon army
(G14) moved north to Altdorf (F14) while the homeland army returned to the great Cauldron (C15).
But it was at Lothern where the great tales would be written. The sights that beheld the Druchii
defenders on the walls of the great city were a nightmare vision as a force out of hell spewed up
from the beaches. The assault on Lothern had begun.

The Nightmare of Lothern
440 Dark Elf troops versus 400 Warriors of Chaos troops.
Warriors of Chaos army is a monstrous host – use chaos creatures from Storm of Magic.
Dark Elves must choose – withdraw behind the walls or fight in open battle?

The Dwarf fleet continued to evade its Ogre pursuers and steamed north to the Twins (G7). In the
aftermath of the bloody conflict over the Creeping Caves the newly merged Dwarf army (J7) held
great ceremonies of mourning for their dead leader. It was not yet time to move on. The rituals must
be observed. Meanwhile in the Ogre Great Hall (I7) the leader of the Dwarven interlopers renamed
the Ogre capital ‘Ogri-Gnollengrom’ which means: “Ogre’s respect due to a Dwarf who has a longer
and more spectacular beard”.

Ogre Kingdoms
The remaining Ogre troops left on Kanesdue converged on the site of the former Ogre capital (I7)
with bloody vengeance in mind. No Ogre would rest while the affront created by the hairy short
bearded ones lasted. The Ogre armies merged their forces before battle.

Battle for Kanesdue

1209 Ogre Kingdom troops + 300 Ogre muster versus 1365 Dwarf troops.

With control of the Ogre capital at stake a unit of Ogre core troop worth 300pts musters to defend
its homeland. The unit gets the scout rule or the vanguard rule (choose which) to represent their
knowledge of the local terrain.

Dwarf King must choose – open battle or retreat behind the walls?

Meanwhile the Ogre defenders of Blood Keep (H10) sallied out to meet their glorious doom against
the Deadite hordes.

Battle for Blood Keep
540 Ogre Kingdoms versus 850 Vampire troops.
Tabletop or dice roll? Dice roll = Ogres at -1.

Finally the Ogre fleet was paralysed by rumours of the death of the Ogre king and unsure what to do
they failed to move.

The northern Undead forces on Asur’s Rest (F9 and G10) poured south into Shambletown (G9) to
reinforce the blockade of Blood Keep, while the Undead in Gash Kardak (H9) spent a fruitless month
searching for hidden secrets. Back on Norslatch, the dead templars beat a hasty retreat from the
wizard’s tower and pushed north into the frigid territory of Naubonum (A3) while the homeland
army conducted some fruitless explorations. Meanwhile, the Undead began their naval invasion of
the burning isle with a beach assault on the Coast of Claws (H6). The attack on the villages proved
costly but after a sustained campaign of attrition the Undead succeeded in enslaving the region. 200
Undead troops were lost in the campaign of terror. Finally the northern ghost fleet sailed south to
Karak Kadrin (G6).

Territorial Changes
Dark Elves take Bordeleaux (B6) from Bretonnia – village
Bretonnians take Bastonne (B7) from Dark Elves – barren
Warriors of Chaos take the Plain of Ruin (C11) from Bretonnia – barrenWarriors of Chaos take the Forest of Eyes (D11) from Bretonnia – villageVampire Counts take the Coast of Claws (H6) from Independents - villageDark Elves raze Bordeleaux (B6)

Tally of the Dead
50 Bretonnian troops
200 Vampire count troops

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Battle at Creeping Caves

[as occurred in Year 4 Month 3]

Dwarf (2365 point) versus Ogres (2000 point + 150 point core troop muster)

Caveat: I'm the Dwarf player, this report may be biased and my knowledge of Ogre army or rules is limited.


At the start of the year, the Dwarves landed in force and occupied large parts of the Ogre Isle of Kanesdue, taking multiple provinces from the Ogres. The Ogre's then attempted to oust the Dwarven foothold in the Fortress at the Creeping Caves. The Dwarves retreated behind the walls, which the Ogre's then bombarded for a full month.

While the Ogre's were occupied battering the fortress, another much smaller Dwarf batallion had walked into the undefended Ogre capital. The Dwarves rejoice, but Ogre army is still at full strength and gunning for revenge. The Ogre's halt their bombardment, and attempt to move north to take back their Capital. The Dwarves in the Fortress at Creeping Caves sally forth and attack.

The Ogre's fight for their very empire, should they beat the larger battallion of Dwarves they will then outnumber the Dwarves in their Capital and can take it back easily. This would set the Dwarves back severely in their advance on Kanesdue.

An Ogre loss could mean the end of their Empire.

Army Lists: 

Note that these army lists are chosen as a single large legal army list per Empire. The Empire then divides up the larger one into smaller banners, which do not have to be legal on their own.

Ogres, 2000 point + 150 point core muster: 

From left to right in the Deployment Picture:
Deployment #1

- 3 Leadbelchers
- Rhinox + Scraplauncher & 7 Gnoblars on board
- 5 Ogres, FC, GWs + Butcher
- 5 IronGuts, FC, GWs + Hero with BSB
- 3 Leadbelchers - 5 IronGuts(?), FC, GWs + Lord (=General & King)
- 5 Mournfang Cavalry
- 5 Ironguts (150 points of mustered core troops)
Deployment #2
Mustered Ironguts on far right flank

Dwarf (2365 points): 

- 115: Thane with RoStone and MRoSpite (=General & King)
- 145: Thane with BSB & Strollaz's Rune
- 351: Runelord with Anvil, MRoGromril, RotFurnace
- 440: 30 Hammerers, FC,MRoGrugni
- 420: 30 Hammerers, FC, RoCourage
- 254: 19 Miners with FC + Steam Drill
- 254: 19 Miners with FC + Steam Drill
- 120: Organ Gun - 125: Cannon with RoForging
- 140: Gyrocopter Dwarves win the roll and go first.


Turn 0+1a - Dwarves

Turn 0+1a - Dwarves
Strollaz moves Dwarven units in turn 0, turn 1 Dwarves keep on marching. The Dwarven Cannon hits the Rhinox+ScrapLauncher and causes 4 wounds. Only 1 wound left! The Anvil attempts to finish it off with the Rune of Wrath and Ruin, but fails to cause a single wound.

Turn 1b - Ogres

Turn 1b - Ogres - Scrap launcher hits but scatters just enough..JPG
Scraplauncher gets a hit in.

Ogres move up. Scrap launcher hits but scatters just enough, hits 6 Hammerers (one in each unit), kills 3. Butcher being near the wizards tower knows all the spells in his book. The Dwarves don't even notice the tickle of whatever was cast.

Turn 2a.1 - Dwarves - 'in which shit gets real'

Turn 2a.1 - Dwarves - Steady!.JPG
- Both units of miners show up, one behind the Tower, and one behind the right hand unit of Leadbelchers.
- Oh noes! The Gyrocopter is in the way of Hammerers charging. He knew his duty, he went to his certain doom by charging the Leadbelchers on the right thus clearing the path for the Hammerers.
- Both units of Hammerers charge, #1 takes out the unit of Ogres with Butcher, #2 takes out the IronGuts with BSB overrunning into the Leadbelchers.
- Cannon kills a Mournfang after this shot, but fails to wound the second. The cannon ball bounces off it's flank!
- Anvil lets the newly emerged Miners charge into the back of the Leadbelchers which the Gyro is attacking.
- The Organ gun lines up the incoming Mournfang and lets loose. BOOOOM! 2 hits. 1 wound. Spectacular .
- Hammerers#1 fail to catch Ogres + Butcher.
- Hammerers#2 catch the fleeing IronGuts and BSB are caught, and overrun into the Leadbelchers which the Miners and Gyro are in combat with. The Leadbelchers kill the Gyro, but lose Combat Resolution fleeing the table. Miners pursue and catch them, but are off the table. Hammerers#2 also pursue
Turn 2a.2 - Dwarves - charge results #2.JPG

Turn 2b.1 - Ogres - 'The Mournfang Menace'

Turn 2b.1 - Ogres

- Fleeing Ogre+Butcher rally and turn to face Hammerers#2.
- Scraplaunchers moves forward trying to escape the Miners behind the Tower.
- Leadbelchers on the left move towards Anvil and fire, causing no wounds.
- The Mournfang charge the Organ gun for it's impudence.
Turn 2b.2 - Ogres.2

- The Ogre King's unit attempts to charge Hammerers#1 (on the far left) but fails and moves 3".
Turn 2b.3 - Ogres.
- The Mournfang reform after wiping out the Organ gun in a single turn.

Turn 3a.1 - Dwarves 

Turn 3a.1 - Dwarves - Cannon targets Ogre General, but rolls a 1, not even denting his breastplate
look! it's a really crappily pasted in skyline! 
- Dwarves The Dwarf cannon targets Ogre General, but rolls a 1, not even denting his breastplate.

Turn 3a.2 - Dwarves 

Turn 3a.2 - Dwarves - Miners killed off the Scrap launcher, Hammerers#1 reform.2 - Miners killed off the Scrap launcher, Hammerers#1 reform
- Dwarves Miners charge and kill the Scrap launcher, Hammerers#1 reform.

Turn 3a.3 - Dwarves 

Turn 3a.3 - Dwarves - The state of play. Miners#2 come back onto the field. Hammerers reform.
- Dwarves Miners#2 come back onto the field.
- Hammerers reform to face the Ogre King.
- The Anvil hits the Mournfang with Wrath and Ruin, causing no wounds by halving their movement next turn - in the hope that they can't reach the Cannon when charging.

Turn 3b - Ogres

 - Ogres Unfortunately the Ogre King fails another charge (I think this is what happened, I'm a little hazy).
Turn 3b - Ogres - fail their charge against the mid unit of Hammerers
- The Mournfang with their half movement also fail their charge against the cannon. Turns out they couldn't have made it even with full movement.
- Ironguts keep moving and firing on the Anvil, but fail to cause any wounds.

Turn 4a.1 - Dwarves - 'Kingly Kombat'

 - Dwarves Both units of hammerers charge the Ogre General's unit
Turn 4a.1 - Dwarves - Both units of hammerers charge the Ogre General's unit

The Dwarf King challenges the Ogre King! He confidently accepts, why wouldn't he? He has an awesome weapon which allows him to always strike first!
Turn 4a.2 - Dwarves - Kingly Battle, the Dwarf King challenges, Ogre King accepts

The Ogre King lines up the little Dwarf, and lets fly causing 3 wounds. The Dwarf King saves 2 with Armour, and 1 with a ward save. The Dwarf King lets loose with his own attacks, 2 of 3 hit, but both fail to wound. Meanwhile the Hammerers take their blows from the Ogre Kings unit, but then wipe it out so that only the King is left. The King needs a double 1 to pass his combat res roll, and fails.

Turn 4a.3 - Dwarves

 - Hammerers beat and run down the Ogre King
Turn 4a.3 - Dwarves - Hammerers beat and run down the Ogre unit

Turn 4b.1 - Ogres

- You can't see them, but there's a unit of 5 Iron guts moving towards the front right unit of Hammerers.
Turn 4a.4 - Dwarves - the state of play.4 - Dwarves - the state of play

Turn 4b.2 - Ogres

Turn 4b.1 - Ogres - Leadbelchers charge the Anvil, Mournfang charge the cannon.
- Ogres Leadbelchers charge the Anvil, Mournfang charge the cannon.

Turn 4b.3 - Ogres

Turn 4b.2 - Ogres - Anvil does battle, both take a wound.
- Leadbelchers & Anvil do battle, both take a wound. Mournfang charge and wipe out the Dwarf Cannon in a single turn, but miss their overrun roll to get into the cannon.

Turn 5a - Dwarves 

All the units are too far away to help the Anvil now, it's on it's own.

Turn 5b.1 - Ogres

- Mournfang charge Anvil
Turn 5b.1 - Ogres - Mournfang charge Anvil

Turn 6a - Dwarves

- The Miners keep moving towards the Anvil, but they already know they won't make it on time.
- The Hammerers form up to take a charge by the 150 points of mustered IronGuts. They are feeling over-confident since they killed the Ogre King...

Turn 6b.1 - Ogres

- The Anvil stands (barely!).
Turn 6b - Ogres - The Anvil stands (barely)

Turn 6b - Ogres - 'a prelude to mortality'

Turn 6b - prelude
- The right hand Hammerers unit takes the charge from the Ogre mustered Iron guts, and gets wiped out except for King and BSB - they fail their CombatRes roll(they need snake eyes), but Flee 10 inches. Ogres don't catch, but you can't rally in turn 6 so the King and BSB are wiped out.

The Tallyman cometh, a count of dead and wounded: 

The Ogres kill 1229 points of Dwarves, killing the Dwarf King.
The Dwarves kill ~1800 points of Ogres, killing the Ogre King. 

The Ogres had been kept from retaking their capital. A mortal wound dealt to the Ogre Empire...but at what cost? The Dwarven King fled from a valiant unit of hungry ogre farmers, his cowardice witnessed by all...he has only one choice. He shaves his beard and breaks out the emergency supply of bright orange dye - joining the cult of the Slayers and leaving his kingdom in a state of disbelief and shock.

Map - Year 4, Turn 3 continued

The ogres and dwarves butcher each other, leaving both kings dead. The ogres are pushed back, paving the way for the dwarven advance.