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Battle on the Bastion Hills - Lanprak's Last Stand

In an amazing shock result, the dark elves defeat a chaos army twice their size and break through the chaos line...

In your face, chaos boys
It always struck Turan how noisy an army was, it was like every unit was clamouring to be the noisiest unit in the army and the one he observed below was one of the noisiest he'd seen. A child could have seen them coming from ten leagues away and smelt them at five.  He signed a message back to the other groups who sat waiting patiently in their hides giving final numbers and positions.  All was ready, the marauders could have stood beside them and still not seen the scouts. 

On the plain below Lanprak the sorceress steadied her horse, the riders nearby sat easy in their saddles, their horses unconcerned grazing on the long grass.  This everything important in her life this was a big gamble, but she was running out of options and having avoided the men of chaos for weeks she decided this was their only chance to break free of the encircling armies.  She slipped the channelling staff from its leather sheath and felt a static crackle; it gave a magnetic pull to the north then pulled this way and that no doubt aware of other magic users in the area. She tightened her grip on it and tried not to think about the strange dark dreams from last night.  On the left flank a second unit of riders sat at their ease regarding the monstrous creature’s relentless march forward.  They had chosen their ground, the time and waited for the enemy, it all depended on Khaine's will now. Not that she believed that for a second. 

The plan was simple, avoid direct combat and try and slow them down with missile and magic fire.  They had no illusions about glorious combat with a hated enemy.  The chaos army halted looking at the two units of riders ahead of them, no doubt surprised that so few stood to face them.  the centre unit held warriors in grotesque armour, the ones known as chaos warriors, she could make out one huge pale warrior in the centre no doubt the general and a robed figure radiating unsteady corrosive magic beside him.  A fug hung over the unit making it hard to see them properly. A second unit of warriors, a motley crew of lightly armoured stood to the right of them again with a magic caster among them.  To her left an abomination.  Some sort of massive living war machine straining at its bonds being goaded by dwarf men in coloured armour.  the creature at its heart stopped it's trashing for an instant and turned its sinister attention on her, she felt a chill run through her like someone had stepped over her grave.  Her mind clouded with visions of disease and death, terror and regret, and then it was passed. Unable to contain it's fury it trashed against its bonds once more.  Black ichor dribbled from its maw and it bellowed with a deafening animal voice, calling her by name. To the left of them stood two groups of twisted massive hounds of some fashion, she felt happier now about being to the right than she had earlier. Horns and conches, bellows and snorts signalled the start of their march but in an instant she had signalled all of the scouts with her first spell and they added their fire to hers.  

The first spell leapt from her fingers and connected with the chaos warriors splitting armour and snapping bones, not waiting to see the results she unleashed a massive wave of magic at the same unit. She could feel the slithering minds of their magic users trying to prevent it but she pushed through. This time the effects were much more pronounced, men fell to their knees their armour twisting and snapping tight on them changing and strangling the life from them in an instant, their flesh hardening and seizing. Turan's men erupted from their hides on the hillside, the two other units in unison.  They were close to the mauraders, really close.  They fired at will, reloading and keeping a steady fire on the surprised unit. A full half of them fell before they realised what was happening.  On the plains the riders on the right fired on the same marauders their light armour no match for the withering fire of darts from both sides.  They were reforming trying to get ready to charge the scouts up the hill. Their wizard was desperately trying to compose himself to launch spells but the fire was hampering him. on the left the other riders loosed bolts the massive hounds, reloaded and loosed again, three fell the others to stupid or too frenzied ignored the producing darts and continuing to close the distance with the riders.

The chaos wizards were returning fire now, something touched her mind and she felt a maggot intelligence struggling to control her, she pushed hard and it stopped. She was sweating now. She urged her horse forward circling the chaos warriors and coming up on their unprotected flank, again she unleashed a massive wave of magic on them again their chaos wizards struggled to stop her but she would not be denied, men collapsed becoming one with their armour or fell  blood running from mouths and eyes.  She felt that mind again this time distracted by her own spells she couldn’t stop it, she felt something popped behind her eye and her head exploded in white pain, blood ran from her nose and her right eye became dim, she struggled to keep her saddle aware that the chaos machine couldn’t fire at her as she rode so close to it.  It’s handlers were struggling to keep it in check.
On the right hand side the scouts were still trying to take down the marauders, they dropped but there was just so many of them and they were mindless to how many were being killed.  A bolt of magic seared two of the scouts but it only stopped their brother’s fire momentarily. 

The last few marauders fell and the single wizard bellowed and charged head down for the already battered scout unit, his armour and surprising burst of speed besting the bolt fire.  Just before he contacted them he raised his head roared at them and blasted them with raw magic wiping them out to a man. Exhausted he stopped, resting on one knee and gasping for breath.  His armour couldn’t save him now from the vengeful fire that came from the other scouts.

The riders on the left side charged the hounds, dodging through a gap between them at the last moment and quickly reforming behind them, the riders on the right added their fire against the warriors with little effect, the powerful miasma confusing their aim.

Black tar exploded in the ranks of the riders on the left, two riders fell and the unit fled and panicked just recovering themselves at the last moment, but it was too late the hounds were on them.  They fought to the end holding up the hounds and taking four to Khaine’s arms with them Blood ran freely now from the Lanprak's left eye and ear.  Her head rang but she forced herself to keep going, again she seared the chaos warriors with her magic, this time their general and wizard feeling the full brunt of her skills.  She was spent now her fight all but gone.

A black glob of tar exploded in the ranks of the other riders and more magic from the wounded chaos wizard taking the last of the horsemen to Khaine’s embrace.  The remaining two scout units on the right flank jogged to join the remaining battle in the centre.  It was now just the wounded sorcerer and the two scout units, two chaos warriors the wounded chaos wizard and the general, the unhurt hell cannon and two reduced groups of warhounds, all racing to finish it in the centre. Then it happened.

Unable to contain itself the demon finally slipped its bounds with catastrophic effect.  For a second the twisted demon at the centre of the cannon could be seen then it exploded, unable to contain itself billowing out in gouts of black and red flame.  It’s handlers imploded within their colour armour. Wider, wider the flames and power erupted from the cannon.  Lanpraks mind was on fire, she expired in an instant.  The remaining warriors, general and wizard and a unit of hounds were consumed and destroyed completely.

The scouts continued to jog forward reloading as they did; the remaining war hounds confused by everything fell to the still accurate fire of the scouts.

As the smoke cleared, just two units of shades remained, somehow unharmed.  Aware that more chaos armies would be coming, they quickly gathered as many bolts as they could carry along with any food they could find and slipped away into the hills, blending in with the now falling shadows.  It wasn’t over.

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Map - Year 4, Turn 3

 History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty First Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fourth Year and Third Campaign Month of the Great War.

The War on Kanesdue Ignites

Ogres and Dwarfs
Enraged by the taunts from the Ogre army outside the walls the Dwarf Thane Thorek Grim-face
ordered his messenger to give his response to the Ogre General. They would meet the foul creatures
in open battle outside the walls of the fortress. They would settle this finally - Dwarfs counterattack
the Ogres outside the fortress at the Creeping caves (J7):

Battle for the Creeping Caves

2000 Ogres (+150pt homeland muster) versus 2365 Dwarfs

Open battle at (J7) – Ogre homelands

Simulate (no modifiers) or tabletop?

If fought on the tabletop the Ogres get a 150pt muster (a single core unit that gets the scout rule)

The other Ogre army on Kanesdue continued to try and bring the Dwarf interlopers to battle. With
this intent they advanced north to the great fortress of the Tusk (I8). The Dawi had already moved
on and the Ogres recaptured the citadel. The Ogres had been outmanoeuvred and the Dwarf second
army marched unopposed into the Ogres Great Hall (I7). Stealing the Ogre throne! Rumours of this
dramatic event convulsed the Ogre Kingdoms. While all the Ogre armies and fleet remained loyal,
both Tor Elyr (J9) and Tor Achare (I10) cast off the yoke of Ogre oppression, while Slave-Slaughter
(I9) also declared its independence.

Unaware of the drama to the east the Ogre navy continued its pursuit of the remnants of the Dwarf
fleet. They pushed on to Direbogs (I6) but the Dwarfs had already fled to Rockguts (H7).

On Asur’s Rest the brave Ogre defenders of Bloodpeak (H10) continued to hold out against the
Undead forces outside the walls. The stronghold continued to be undermined but overall suffered
just minor damage.

Almost triumphant on Asur’s Rest the Undead continued their slow and steady conquest of the
central island. The two banners based in Shattered Stone Bay (H8) went their separate ways. The
fifth army pushed east to annexe Gash Kardak (H9) while the sixth army moved west boarding the
fleet at the Twins (G7) before sailing south to the coast off the Coast of Claws (H6) where they

discovered an independent and hostile village. Back on Asur’s rest the fourth army moved south
and east from Mist Gorge (H8) to occupy the Great Crater (F9). Up on Norslatch the two armies
continued their explorations until finally a success on Hel Fenn (B3) with the undead Templars
discovering an occupied Wizard’s Tower beside a strangely coloured glacier. However the belligerent
Wizard Lord pointedly refused an audience with the dead Knights. Finally the northern fleet sailed
south to Straddlebrook (F5).

The two armies gathered at the Bastonne mines (B7) shared a great feast with their remaining
baggage and then marched on the Fimul Plain (C8) to restore the honour of the King. They raised the
Fleur de Lys over the devastated fortress. Having dealt with their bandit troubles the cavalry force
at Brayherd (C10) galloped to retake Brionne (B8) from the Druchii but the Dark Elves were gone.
On the Isle of mists the western army marched south from the Place of Dark Rain (D10) to the Skull
lands (D9)

Dark Elves
Mean while the Druchii corsairs and reavers on Norslatch continued to cut a bloody swathe and
made a daring dash for the Bretonnian capital. These troublemakers were last reported to have
destroyed (razed) the King’s mines at Bastonne (B7) and to be advancing on the royal seat at

Far to the south things looked less promising. With bad weather disrupting the Dark Elf plans the
only movement was by the garrison at Karond Kar (J14) which continued its retreat from the hordes
of Chaos only to regroup in Tiranoc (J13).

Warriors of Chaos
The barbarian despoilers of Naggarond (I15) continued their advance and marched into the newly
abandoned Karond Kar (J14) with the Chaos Lord furious at his inability to bring the Elves to battle.

The Dark Elves were finally brought to battle in the Bastion Hills (H12) as the Caledor (H13) army
advanced into the mountains. It was a perilous route and the Norse army lost 100 troops and some
of their baggage on the dangerous and narrow mountain pathways. Finally, in the high mountains
the two armies clashed for possession of Smith’s Isle.

Battle on the Bastion Hills

1400 Warriors versus 620 Dark Elves

Open battle at (H12) – Hilly terrain with a river

Simulate (+2 Warriors) or tabletop?

Meanwhile the monstrous fleet continued its long slow trip south down the Western coastline of
Smith’s Isle, pushing as far as Chrace (H11). The second wave on Smith’s Isle resumed their own
southward advance with the banners at the Walls of Azul (F13) and in Ostland (F15) marching down
to Ghrond (G13) and Talabheim (G14) respectively. The banner in Averland (G15) took minimal

losses to starvation (10 troops), pontooned across the strait to Kinsblood Isle and then made camp in
Hag Graef (H15).

Back on the Isle of Mists the Norse redeployed southwards with the army at Hell Coast (B12)
marching to Beast Rock (C12) while the cavalry army in Beast Rock (C12) rode down to the Herding
Plain (E12). Last of all, the Norse homeland army tightened their belts against starvation but were
unable to discover any wonders in the frozen north.

Storm of Magic
The Great Storm of Magic rolled east to Tor Achare (I10). The Elven inhabitants were still celebratingtheir emancipation from the Ogres and in a cruel twist of fate were caught unawares as the magical tempest ripped through the newly liberated land. The villages of Tor Achare are razed.

Ogres take the Tusk (I8) from the Dwarfs – fortress

Dwarfs take the Great Hall (I7) from the Ogres – capital city

Independents take Tor Elyr (J9) from the Ogres – village

Independents take Tor Achare (I10) from the Ogres – village
Independents take Slave-Slaughter (I9) from the Ogres – village

Vampires take Gash Kardak (H9) from the Ogres – barren

Bretonnians take Plains of Fimul (C8) from the Dark Elves – razed fortress
Bretonnians take Brionne (B8) from the Dark Elves – village

Dark Elves take Bastonne (B7) from the Bretonnians – barren but containing a Mine

Warriors take Karond Kar (J14) from the Dark Elves – fortress


Independent village discovered on the Coast of Claws (H6). This means every tile on the board has now been discovered.

Warriors lose 110 troops


Tor Elyr, Tor Achare and Slave-Slaughter are currently in a state of anarchy. Any army moving in to
occupy any of these provinces during the next campaign month will not face any resistance.

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Map - Year 4, Turn 2 continued

Ogres and Vampire Counts agreed to simulated the opening battle for the fortress of Bloodpeak. The 1000 worth of Undead troops gave them a +1 advantage over the 690 worth of Ogre infantry.
Accurate historical records of the early stages of the Bloodpeak campaign were scattered. What we do know is that the attacking force of Undead met the Ogre forces on a blackened scree slope one mile south of the fortress itself. It was a joyless battle for the Ogres as there is just no proper eating in the Undead while Ghouls are too stringy to be satisfying. On the other hand the Ogre imagination is much too limited to truly appreciate the horror of the living dead. The two armies are reported to have crashed into each other head on with little thought for tactics. At first things went well for the Ogres as their sheer strength and beligerence cut through hundreds of the enemy. They didn't think it too many. Zombies, Skeletons and Ghouls all fell before their wrath. What the Ogres failed to see was their foes rising back up again to slowly encircle them. Foul magic! After a full hour of fighting it was Festivus Finefellow the Ogre Firebelly that first realised the fiendish tactics of the Undead. He could see the Bulls in the centre of the line were doomed and when a flying beast crashed into them from above he realised the jig was up. Though they had caused immense casualties on the Undead side this battle was unwinnable. Festivus sounded the call to retreat to Bloodpeak fortress.  The Undead had the field. The Ogres were able to successfully cover their retreat, in part because the shambling hordes were too slow to catch them.

The undead decided to spend the rest of the month battering the walls and undermining the foundations.


Vampire Counts defeat Ogres - VC lose 150 troops while Ogres lose 150 troops. Pursuit roll = 5 = no effect. Bloodpeak is now under siege - VC have battered the wall doing minor damage - if Bloodpeak fortress is assaulted in the next campaign month then its defensive bonus will be reduced to x2 850 Undead outside the walls versus 540 Ogres inside the walls.

Creeping Caves: 
Meanwhile down to the south the Ogre bombardment of Creeping Cave fortress resulted in minor damage to the Dwarven fortifications - if the Creeping Caves are assaulted in the next campaign month then its defensive bonus will be reduced to x2 2000 Ogres outside the walls and 2365 Dwarfs inside the walls.

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Map - Year 4, Turn 2

 History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty First Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fourth Year and Second Campaign Month of the Great War

Warriors of Chaos
Naggarond (I15) was left defenceless against the marauding hordes from the north as the Chaos fifth
army swept down from Hag Graef (H15). The gates were left open by the fearful citizens as a sign
of submission in an attempt to save the undefended ancient capital from destruction. At first none
resisted the invaders. But then the killing frenzy began as the chaos lord allowed his men to reap
their harvest of skulls. Fully one third of the population was butchered before darkness fell and the
killing stopped. The eight sided star was raised above the witch king’s palace and the Elven court
transformed into a charnel house. The Norse seventh cavalry tries to use the local fleet to move
south from ruined Averland (G15) in a bid to support the advance forces on Kinsblood Isle – however squalls and storms prevent the crossing and the army remained stuck in Averland. The troops stationed at Black Pillar (H14) marched south to seize the gleaming port city of Caledor (H13) from the Elves. The rest of the troops on Smith’s Isle moved north to protect Altdorf against a Druchii counterattack - the force in Ghrond (G13) swept down from the mountains to occupy the Wall’s of Azul (F13) while the Daemon host spirited itself north from Averland (G15) to Ostland (F15).

Meanwhile the Northern command ordered their armies on the Isle of Beasts to hold position while the home army marched out from the Cauldron (C15) to Northern Elswood (B15) in search of ancient mysteries. And all the while the monstrous fleet continued its slow journey south from Hersig (F11). It had reached the Silver River estuary (G11) by month’s end.

Dark Elves
The Druchii continued to marshall the defence of their homeland against the encroaching horde.
The preparations for the coming storm continued in the garrisoned fortress of Karond Kar (J14)
while the other army on Kinsblood Isle tightened their belts and moved to garrison the old Asur
built Fortress of the Dawn (J12). The Elf force on Smith’s Isle (G12) pushed south to the Bastion
Hills (H12) to cut off the Norse advance. On Norslatch the veterans of Fimul feasted on the finest
Bretonnian delicacies before pushing north to the frigid coast of Brionne (B8) where these dire
reavers proceeded to terrorise the local population and seize control of the province.

The Bretonnian King redeployed his forces in central Norslatch following the debacle at the Ruins
of Fimul. The armies in Couronne (C6) and Brionne (B8) gathered at the great mines of Bastonne
(B7) to consider their options. Meanwhile the eastern cavalry made to gallop west from Brayherd
(C10) to reinforce Norslatch but their scouts were lost amidst rumours of bandit activity in the area.
The campaign to pacify the Kurgan continued as the fourth army moved north from the Skull Lands
(D9) to the Place of Dark Rain (D10). There they brought a Kurgan force to battle and destroyed the defenders at the cost of 200 troops.

Vampire Counts
Deadite rule of Asur’s rest continued to expand slowly in typically methodical fashion. The twin
armies in The Twins (G7) grabbed Shattered Stone Bay (H8) without experiencing Ogre resistance.
Meanwhile the Liche ordered his forces in Shambletown (G9) to attack the Ogre army garrisoning
Bloodpeak (H10)

Battle for Bloodpeak
1000 points of Vampire Counts versus 690 points of Ogres

Decision for Deccie – Do you want to fight an open battle or to retreat behind
the fortress walls and make it a siege?

The temple warriors on Norslatch rode west to Hel Fenn (B3) while those Undead armies based in
barren lands were ordered to go exploring - both were to return empty handed from their searches.
Finally, the ghost ships continued their passages south to end the month off the Eerie Downs (E5)
and the Twins (G7).

Ogres and Dwarfs
The cold war on Kanesdue started to heat up. The Ogre fleet in the Creeping Caves (J7) overcame
their withershins and pursued the Dwarf fleet into the Hissing Coast (J6). But the Dwarfs had already
pushed north to safety off the coast of Direbogs (I6). This time the horde of the Great Hall (I7) was
able to overcome the portents of terror. The Ogre fourth army rushed out to engage the Dwarf army
in Dreary Wood (J8) but in the intervening time the stunties had moved north to seize the great
fortress known locally as the Tusk (I8). With the Dwarfs seemingly refusing every engagement the
enraged Ogre Tyrant moved his second and third armies to assault the tricksy Dwarfs at the Creeping
Caves. Would we finally have an open battle between the two Kingdoms?

Conflict at the Creeping Caves
2000 points of Ogres versus 2365 points of Dwarfs

Decision for Craig – Do you want to fight an open battle or to retreat behind
the fortress walls and make it a siege?

On Dolmen Isle the Dwarf home army (G3) returned back to Karaz-a-Karak (H3).


The Lord of Chaos wrests the throne of Naggarond from the Witch King. He now requires just two
more thrones to be crowned Emperor of the Sundered Isles.

Warriors take Naggarond (I15) from the Dark Elves – capital city
Warriors take Caledor (H13) from the Dark Elves – city
Warriors take the Wall’s of Azul (F13) from independents – barren

Dark Elves take Brionne (B8) from Bretonnia – village

Bretonnians take the Place of Dark Rain (D10) from independents – village

Vampire Counts take Shattered Stone Bay (H8) from the Ogres – village

Ogres take Dreary wood (J8) from the Dwarfs – barren

Dwarfs take the Tusk (I8) from the Ogres - fortress

Simulated Battles
Bretonnians lose 200 troops at the Place of Dark Rain

Pending Battles
Conflict at the Creeping Caves
• 2000 points of Ogres versus 2365 points of Dwarfs

Battle for Bloodpeak
• 1000 points of Vampire Counts versus 690 points of Ogres

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The Battle of Fimul Plains

Black father had been dead many times, too many to remember, he had given the death speech to his brothers as he had many times before and they had stood stock still to hear his words, the only sound the crackle of the fire by the tower, the city guards men had stopped their work and even the sorcerer stopped her industrious chalking to listen. The speech was always the same but the words carried power and his men needed it. His men recited the verse "We enter battle as dead men, we are not worthy to serve lord Khaine!".  These men had served him for many years some of them with him since he was a youth.  "We offer to you lord of murder!".  He regarded each of them in turn. They were tired but their eyes still gleamed.  "The fallen before us!" The sound of hoofs were close now.  The hag looked shaken, no doubt from one of her draughts, but she regained her composure and joined the group reciting the verse "grant us victory lord!", the chant had risen in volume.  It always amazed him that declaring himself dead before battle commenced he never felt so alive. The hag unfurled the banner, it seemed to shimmer in the weak morning sun.  He felt the aches and pains from the nights rough sleep seep from his muscles.  "LEST WE FORGET!" the elves roared in unison.  he exhaled and found his centre and he was ready.  Black Father, champion of executioners took his place and unslung his blade from his back.  In unison the rest of his company did likewise. they were ready, come what may.

They had left the burning ships behind and struck off north hoping to avoid the patrols.  They had reached the ruins of the keep their brethren had taken not a few months ago, it was a blackened ruin but they had walked this far and decided it was as good a place as any to mount a final stand,  with little food they had no chance of ever seeing home again. As the youngest member of the city guard that had travelled here he felt it his duty to show bravery in the face of adversity and his mask had not slipped once.  He counted off the quarrels in his quiver again checking the trigger mechanism of his crossbow for the hundred time.  The fires had been lit late night, no point in hiding now and their last days should be as comfortable as possible.  They had feasted on the last of their supplies praying to their gods and talking of happier, simpler days.

The sorcerer had been awake since early morning the company stole glances as she chalked runes first inside the tower than around the outside, letters that they couldn't read and made them uncomfortable when they looked directly at them.  She had not spoken to them and they knew very little of her but a thousand rumours had been whispered about her since they had left home where she was known as the black widow. One of the city guard had brought food to her that morning, entering the tower smiling, then coming back out pale and shaken. 

The hag had spent her morning with a pestle mixing up one or her brews, cursing the lack of roots and herbs
available to her in this foreign land, a dozen guards had been sent on errands to collect the strange dark roots
and flowers she craved.  She had healed a number of men since the loss of the ships and all those she had helped were now fiercely loyal to her.  The enemy scouts no longer snuck around, they sat watching the camp in open view, beyond bow range, riders thundering off and returning fascinated by what they saw.  They knew when the sun had risen fully the main army would arrive. 

Midday, all preparations had finished and the archers had taken position, the executioners now strangely silent in the centre waiting, then the banners had appeared. Coming from the north the thunder of hooves and the beat of drums and shrill of trumpets marked the arrival of someone important.  the early sun glinted on polished armour and now they could hear the snort and whiney of horses.  One of the guard joked how he would enjoy a fresh horse steak before being silenced by a glance from the hag.

The horses started into a slow trot, the outriders breaking away and taking their places to watch the proceedings from safety. The executioners never stirred, standing stock still in the valley not even glancing at the oncoming force. Kai waited for the order then let fly with his crossbow, more bolts joined in from the tower and the first company of knights was peppered with darts.  The darts feel harmlessly away some finding their mark but being turned aside impossibly at the last second, signils glowed around the necks of the knights and their banner seemed to ripple in the windless morning. Kai reloaded quickly and waited for the order to fire again, then he saw it a crackle of lighting from the tower, and explosion among the knights and some of them were down their horses screaming. he wet his lips and fired again on the order. The executioners remained stock still the horses now breaking into a canter, he could make out individual shields now, beautiful paintings with no uniformity, again the crack of energy from the tower and more knights were falling, clutching their throats, some of them flailing on the ground trying to pull off burning armour, horses running crazily.  "LOAD!".  The horses were bearing down on the executioners now in full gallop, he had never seen a the executioners in battle but he knew them by reputation as everyone did, they weren't moving.  "KHAINE!!!!" a massive roar arose from the executioners and they were moving, faster than he had seen elves move before, sprinting as one to the wall of horses.

Black father was in a sprint now his company beside him, the hag at his left, her eyes were rolling in her head and he was happy there was a safe gap between him and her as she unsheathed her poisoned blades, screaming and bawling. The first horse was on him, he sidestepped, rolled blade out, taking the legs off the horse in front below the knee before coming up and disembowelling the horse to the right in one swing. The charging horses faltered, horses from behind crashing into those in the front, he was laughing now, his draich light in his hands, a part of his body as it always felt at times like this, he vaulted on a fallen horse taking the head off a knight as he soared and danced, at that moment time slowed and he knew where every executioner was on the battlefield, their movements their actions, a massive complex dance, he felt proud.  He deflected a lance spinning and planting his elbow in the knights face with a satisfying crunch, the knight would never regain his feet.  The hag was beside him now, stabbing at open visors, kicking, screaming and raining blows with inhuman strength.  The knights panicked, some trying to turn, getting knotted up in fallen horses, orders being screamed uselessly, the executioners flowed over them them, vaulting over bodies, carving effortlessly through armour and shield.  They were too fast for the clumsy knights used to fighting their own.  A unit champion screamed a challenge but was cut off before the words were out of his mouth.  Black father laughed. Behind a unit of flying knights looked on, shocked at the carnage unable to believe what they were seeing and they were on them too. He saw the hag leap behind a knight, catch him around the waste like a pillion and her blade flash out again and again, his armour no match for her mania. The Pegasus fought their riders orders to stand, panic washing through the company, the draichs were on them carving armour, wing and bone, none could withstand them. in seconds the unit was destroyed executioners everywhere dispatching men, first the fighting ones then the knights tangled up or wounded.  Black father raised his draich above the fallen knight champion, a terrible grin on his face, he closed his eyes and felt the blade slice through the knights neck.  Khaine would be pleased.  he exhaled.

Kai watched in horrid fascination as the knights rode toward them, he had dropped his bow and drawn his sword for all the good it would do, he remembered his shield lost in the ship fires and though it would make little difference now.  He saw the horses, their faces, the ground shaking and felt a massive pressure on his chest, then slept in the arms of Khaine.

in the tower the sorceress was hurting, she wiped blood from her left eye, her head rang like she had been struck by a hammer, she staggered out into the sun away from the tower, her ears ringing, she could see the bodies of elves and caught a glimpse of men and elf locked in deadly embrace. she was on her knees now vomiting.  her head cleared and she saw the mayhem of the battlefield, the executioners were winning. that crazy witch was in the thick of it, leaping stabbing, she didn't feel well enough to hate her at the moment. deep breaths.  find her centre.  the knights were falling back, she knew she was done for but in that instant decided that she would go out fighting. Running out into the mayhem she recited the spell as loud as her voice would let her and again armour cracked and exploded in their ranks, she caught sight of a woman, her face in panic, one of their wizards from her aura, oh how I would like to teach you magic girl she thought, then she was down again vision blurred, coughing blood and gasping for air.  The winds of magic had been kind but took a terrible toll. she stood, made a sign in the air but the knights were running. turning and thundering away to the north.  she could see the executioners land the final few blows then they were gone.

Black father regarded the knights as they left, leaning heavily on his draich, they had not been prepared for what they met in the valley and had paid the price. sweat soaked his shirts and he felt the smart of some earlier blows. The hag was collapsed on the ground in convulsions, some of the elves were tending her, administering an antidote to the draught she'd ingested before the battle, she would live.  He looked around the battlefield, they would dine on horse tonight, he spotted the sorcerer staggering back to the tower, they regarded each other and a smile flashed between the two followed by a clumsy salute from the sorcerer.  He hefted his draich and walked back towards the tower, at the very least songs would be sung about him. it was then he decide that since he was dead anyway he might as well take his chances with the sorcerers charms, there would be few nights after this one.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Map - Year 4, Turn 1 continued

The Druhii beat back the Bretonnians in an unexpected victory on the blood soaked stones of the ruins on the plain of Fimul.

The dark elf second and third armies are individually now too small to remain independent and are therefore merged as per the rules on page 32 of Mighty Empires. There is now 1 dark elf banner based in the plain of fimul made up of the survivors of the battle.

Battle of Fimul Plain, Brets v D/E

The newly created daemons were making themselves useful, at least the ones with wings.  Rumours of a battle had reached the borderlands.  Man and Elf were finally facing off on the field.  It seemed the Last of Mankind were intent on revenge for the slaughter of their townsfolk at the hand of the insidious Dark Elves.

The scouts reached the field just as the sun rose over the ocean.  A shallow fog lay across the ground, dust still floated from ruins of the fortress.  Only two towers remained and they only had one floor remaining.  Of the four walls the eastern and western would still provide cover while only rubble remained of the northern, the southern walls was completely open, the ground having swallowed it entirely before closing again.  The ruins were surrounded by small hills, barley a rise in the flat plain.

Banners appeared from the Northern approach, the scouts could clearly see the Dark Elves as one unit of archers sprinted for the closest tower, another unit of Elves made for the hill on the Eastern edge of the field with a unit of  heavily armed and armoured elves taking up the ground between.  From the opposite end of the field came the Knights, the sun glinted off their shining armour so bright it almost blinded the scouts as they hovered on the warm wind.  It looked like there were two units of Knights of the Realm on the outside with a unit of Grail Knights taking the centre, a unit of four Pegasus bringing up the rear.

First move went to the Dark Elves, who stood their ground, their magic lord firing arcs of magic at the Knights of the Realm and the Grail Knights, the daemon scouts tasted the magic residue, Plague of Rust and Final Transmutation.  Rust appeared on the armour of the Grail Knights, dulling their shine,three KoR fell to the Transmutation spell, such was the casting might that the D/E wizard was knocked to her knees, appearing to be injured, but not fatally, arrows flew from the tower and hillside blackening the sky but bounced harmlessly from metal skins.  In response the Knights manoeuvred there horses, getting ready to charge home.

The intuitive passed to the Elves, the scouts couldnt believe their eyes, the Elves were charging, charging the Knights of the Realm who were caught mid manoeuvre.  Magic arced from the tower again, the wizard was back on her feet, but had no effect, even though again the power was unstoppable.  The wizard was unaffected - this time.  Another hail of arrows bounced from thick armour.  Meanwhile the elven guard were carving there way through the knights, heavy halberds making short work of the knights armour like massive can openers, many struck down in one killing blow.  Such was the ferocity of the attack that not even the spelled armour could save them.  All were cut down without a responding casualty.  The elves were almost as shocked by their success at the men were, spying there chance and mad with hatred the elves continued their charge catching the Pegasus standing on the ground and even the daemons were saddened as the magnificent beasts were mown down to the last.

Quickly overcoming the shock the knights charged the only targets available to them, with the armoured elves behind them the knights charged the crossbowed elves on the hill and in the tower.  They made quick work of both units, with only the wizard surviving from the tower, picked up her skirts and ran the tower.

Recovering quickly the wizard appeared indignant at having to run, and she a Lord and all! Turning around she summoned her might and blasted another two KoR from their horses.  Both sides trying to out move each other with little result.  With the day two thirds over the Elf Lord returned to her perch in the tower, gathering mighty magic she blasted all around her, making the armour of the knights glow in magical response, no knights fell this time.  After the dust settled the scouts could see the Elf Lord on the ground again, she was most definitely injured and seemed exhausted.

What happened next would not have been believed if not witnessed, the knights attempted to out move the armoured elves but they were highly trained and able to turn and meet ever advance of the men.  Not willing to take any more casualties and unable to catch them on the flank the knights withdrew to a safe distance, with dusk falling they turned and left the Elves masters of the battlefield.

D/E = -235/900
Bret= - 436/1500