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Map - Year 4, Turn 3

 History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty First Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fourth Year and Third Campaign Month of the Great War.

The War on Kanesdue Ignites

Ogres and Dwarfs
Enraged by the taunts from the Ogre army outside the walls the Dwarf Thane Thorek Grim-face
ordered his messenger to give his response to the Ogre General. They would meet the foul creatures
in open battle outside the walls of the fortress. They would settle this finally - Dwarfs counterattack
the Ogres outside the fortress at the Creeping caves (J7):

Battle for the Creeping Caves

2000 Ogres (+150pt homeland muster) versus 2365 Dwarfs

Open battle at (J7) – Ogre homelands

Simulate (no modifiers) or tabletop?

If fought on the tabletop the Ogres get a 150pt muster (a single core unit that gets the scout rule)

The other Ogre army on Kanesdue continued to try and bring the Dwarf interlopers to battle. With
this intent they advanced north to the great fortress of the Tusk (I8). The Dawi had already moved
on and the Ogres recaptured the citadel. The Ogres had been outmanoeuvred and the Dwarf second
army marched unopposed into the Ogres Great Hall (I7). Stealing the Ogre throne! Rumours of this
dramatic event convulsed the Ogre Kingdoms. While all the Ogre armies and fleet remained loyal,
both Tor Elyr (J9) and Tor Achare (I10) cast off the yoke of Ogre oppression, while Slave-Slaughter
(I9) also declared its independence.

Unaware of the drama to the east the Ogre navy continued its pursuit of the remnants of the Dwarf
fleet. They pushed on to Direbogs (I6) but the Dwarfs had already fled to Rockguts (H7).

On Asur’s Rest the brave Ogre defenders of Bloodpeak (H10) continued to hold out against the
Undead forces outside the walls. The stronghold continued to be undermined but overall suffered
just minor damage.

Almost triumphant on Asur’s Rest the Undead continued their slow and steady conquest of the
central island. The two banners based in Shattered Stone Bay (H8) went their separate ways. The
fifth army pushed east to annexe Gash Kardak (H9) while the sixth army moved west boarding the
fleet at the Twins (G7) before sailing south to the coast off the Coast of Claws (H6) where they

discovered an independent and hostile village. Back on Asur’s rest the fourth army moved south
and east from Mist Gorge (H8) to occupy the Great Crater (F9). Up on Norslatch the two armies
continued their explorations until finally a success on Hel Fenn (B3) with the undead Templars
discovering an occupied Wizard’s Tower beside a strangely coloured glacier. However the belligerent
Wizard Lord pointedly refused an audience with the dead Knights. Finally the northern fleet sailed
south to Straddlebrook (F5).

The two armies gathered at the Bastonne mines (B7) shared a great feast with their remaining
baggage and then marched on the Fimul Plain (C8) to restore the honour of the King. They raised the
Fleur de Lys over the devastated fortress. Having dealt with their bandit troubles the cavalry force
at Brayherd (C10) galloped to retake Brionne (B8) from the Druchii but the Dark Elves were gone.
On the Isle of mists the western army marched south from the Place of Dark Rain (D10) to the Skull
lands (D9)

Dark Elves
Mean while the Druchii corsairs and reavers on Norslatch continued to cut a bloody swathe and
made a daring dash for the Bretonnian capital. These troublemakers were last reported to have
destroyed (razed) the King’s mines at Bastonne (B7) and to be advancing on the royal seat at

Far to the south things looked less promising. With bad weather disrupting the Dark Elf plans the
only movement was by the garrison at Karond Kar (J14) which continued its retreat from the hordes
of Chaos only to regroup in Tiranoc (J13).

Warriors of Chaos
The barbarian despoilers of Naggarond (I15) continued their advance and marched into the newly
abandoned Karond Kar (J14) with the Chaos Lord furious at his inability to bring the Elves to battle.

The Dark Elves were finally brought to battle in the Bastion Hills (H12) as the Caledor (H13) army
advanced into the mountains. It was a perilous route and the Norse army lost 100 troops and some
of their baggage on the dangerous and narrow mountain pathways. Finally, in the high mountains
the two armies clashed for possession of Smith’s Isle.

Battle on the Bastion Hills

1400 Warriors versus 620 Dark Elves

Open battle at (H12) – Hilly terrain with a river

Simulate (+2 Warriors) or tabletop?

Meanwhile the monstrous fleet continued its long slow trip south down the Western coastline of
Smith’s Isle, pushing as far as Chrace (H11). The second wave on Smith’s Isle resumed their own
southward advance with the banners at the Walls of Azul (F13) and in Ostland (F15) marching down
to Ghrond (G13) and Talabheim (G14) respectively. The banner in Averland (G15) took minimal

losses to starvation (10 troops), pontooned across the strait to Kinsblood Isle and then made camp in
Hag Graef (H15).

Back on the Isle of Mists the Norse redeployed southwards with the army at Hell Coast (B12)
marching to Beast Rock (C12) while the cavalry army in Beast Rock (C12) rode down to the Herding
Plain (E12). Last of all, the Norse homeland army tightened their belts against starvation but were
unable to discover any wonders in the frozen north.

Storm of Magic
The Great Storm of Magic rolled east to Tor Achare (I10). The Elven inhabitants were still celebratingtheir emancipation from the Ogres and in a cruel twist of fate were caught unawares as the magical tempest ripped through the newly liberated land. The villages of Tor Achare are razed.

Ogres take the Tusk (I8) from the Dwarfs – fortress

Dwarfs take the Great Hall (I7) from the Ogres – capital city

Independents take Tor Elyr (J9) from the Ogres – village

Independents take Tor Achare (I10) from the Ogres – village
Independents take Slave-Slaughter (I9) from the Ogres – village

Vampires take Gash Kardak (H9) from the Ogres – barren

Bretonnians take Plains of Fimul (C8) from the Dark Elves – razed fortress
Bretonnians take Brionne (B8) from the Dark Elves – village

Dark Elves take Bastonne (B7) from the Bretonnians – barren but containing a Mine

Warriors take Karond Kar (J14) from the Dark Elves – fortress


Independent village discovered on the Coast of Claws (H6). This means every tile on the board has now been discovered.

Warriors lose 110 troops


Tor Elyr, Tor Achare and Slave-Slaughter are currently in a state of anarchy. Any army moving in to
occupy any of these provinces during the next campaign month will not face any resistance.

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