Monday, February 18, 2013

Map - Year 7, Spring Spells

Betrayed and bruised, but fuelled by an aching bitterness, the Liche ordered his magical defences.
Gifted with the power of raw magic from his new alliance with the northern warriors of chaos
and their dark gods, his coven of necromancers brought this raw magic into a deadly coalescence,
bending the laws of nature and spewing a vortex of chaos over the Eerie Downs (E5). Next, the
coven unleashed a debilitating plague of nightmares and waking qualms of terrifying intensity over
the Grey Mountains (C5).

Far to the east the sorcerer lords of chaos invoked the power of grandfather Nurgle. Papa Nurgle
blessed Northern Elswood (C14) with a beautiful and colourful rot. Four months’ worth of Brettonian
supplies immediately decay and are destroyed.

The Dwarves reputation for weak magical prowess was once again borne out as their attempt to
restore life and abundance to Mousillon (D3) surprisingly failed.

Finally, the storm of magic roiled west and settled over Chrace (H11).

Spell effects (all last for the campaign year)

Chaos Void is over the Eerie Downs (E5)
  • Any banner or fleet moving in is automatically destroyed

Portents of Terror is over the Grey Mountains (C5)
  • Any force in the tile must roll 4+ on D6 or be trapped in the tile for the turn

Rot is over Northern Elswood (C14)
  • Any baggage that enters the tile is automatically destroyed

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