Friday, February 15, 2013

Map - Year 7, Espionage


The plans had been in motion for years. The Dwarf operatives based in the Great Wall on Rusty Plain (G2) and the world renowned operatives of Couronne moved into action quickly once the signal came down. The Dawi spies wiped the Vampire operatives from the map in a single night of clean yet thorough destruction. At least it was almost thorough…   

A single Lahmian spy intercepted orders being delivered to the Straddlebrook (F5) expeditionary force which provides vague information about troop numbers and movements.

Meanwhile, the Dawi had been perfecting their zombie impersonation techniques. Fortunately Dwarfs have a high tolerance for poor personal hygiene. While some spies vanish without trace the Dwarfs gradually learn a great deal about the movements and size of three separate Undead armies.
The Bretonnians moved quickly to throw the Undead forces on Norslatch into disarray. In a dawn raid led by the heroes Jacques Crow and Jean Charpentier, the Bretonnians caught the Blood Knights of Iron Hills (C4) while they were sleeping in their sarcophagi. Not a single vampire survived and the entire banner is effectively destroyed for this campaign year. Charpentier alas was last seen falling from a cliff while wrestling with Valek the leader of the Blood Knights. His body was never found.  The assassins sent against the Vampire capital were also successful. A senior Liche was destroyed by lord Flash-hart while preparing an equinox spell. Flash-hart later escaped the citadel after a daring carriage chase through ghoul town.

The Chaos worshippers were better prepared for the Bretonnian black ops and only a single assassin was able to outwit the Norse agents and breach the walls of the Cauldron. A few troops died but the damage was contained.

The Norse were less well prepared for the band of Bretonnian saboteurs that attacked Kvellig (D14). The saboteurs poisoned the fortress food stores destroying all baggage in the province. They also set fire to the fortress causing immense damage and killing many people. Kvellig is razed to the ground though the banner is unaffected and the fleet escapes just in time.  

Game effects (in the order shown – I randomised)

Vampire Counts temple banner in the Iron Hills (C4) is destroyed.
Vampire Counts banner in Mousillon (D3) loses 250 troops.
Warriors of Chaos banner in the Cauldron (C15) loses 60 troops.

All baggage in Kvellig (D14) is destroyed.
The fortress at Kvellig (D14) is razed.

Dwarfs must reveal to the Vampire Counts the point value of the Straddlebrook expeditionary force (Banner in F5) and must also reveal to the Vampire Counts where the banner and fleet in Straddlebrook (F5) intend to go during the first campaign month. Then Vampires must reveal to the Dwarfs the remaining point value of their banners in Mousillon (D3), Bloodpeak (H10) and Caledor (H13) and must also reveal where these banners and their fleets are going to move during the first campaign month.

Spring Spells
  • Vampire Counts: Chaos Void, Portents of Terror
  • Bretonnians: Na
  • Warriors:  Rot
  • Dwarfs: Abundance

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