Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year 2 - Deployment & Espionage

The armies emerge from Winter quarters...

2 dark elves sent to undead capital - 1 caught but the other kills 300 points of undead.
2 dark elves sent to dwarf capital - 1 caught by the dwarf network but the other kills 120 points of dwarfs.
1 strigoi sent to kill ogres but is overwhelmed and devoured by a clutch of agents.

Military power at the beginning of year 3:
Undead = 4625 troops + 2 fleet
Norse = 4620 troops + 2 fleet + 1 siege
Bretonni = 4382 troops + 1 fleet
Ogre = 3870 troops + 2 fleet
Dawi = 3148 troops + 4 fleet
Druchii = 2770 troops + 3 fleet
Beasts = 1400 troops + 1 fleet

Dawi and druchii = 11
Norse = 9
bretonni and ogre = 8
beasts = 0

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Year 2 - End of Year, Pre-Deployment

And so the armies of the realms have pulled back for Christm...ah, Winter. Soon, however, the back-stabbing and double-dealing of the espionage phase will liven things right back up.

Merry Christmas to all the Campaignhammer crew!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Year 2 - Autumn Spells & Winter Quarters

And so the heralds went across the land. The men of the cold North and worshippers of dark Gods
enter into an unholy pact with the Witch King.

Darl Elves and Warriors of Chaos are now officially allied.

Autumn Spells

The Slaughtermasters wove their spells well. The armies would eat well over winter. A Bumper Crop
was reported across the Ogre kingdoms with wheat stalks growing as tall as buildings. The Ogres will
receive three additional revenues to spend this winter.

The Vampire Counts and the Dwarfs unleashed a fury on the Ogre realm. From Karaz-a-Karak the
Dwarfs released a deluge on The Twins (G7) causing the river to swell, forming a tidal wave of
destruction. The village in G7 is razed. The Vampire wrath descended on the Ogres with appalling
force. They unleashed a trail of magical wind and storm (Howling Doom) on Gash Kardak (H9). The
magical storm destroyed 30pts of Ogre troops in Gash Kardak before spinning through Bloodpeak
(H10) and Chrace (H11). The howling tempest finally came to rest in Lothern (I11) the old High Elf
capital and now second seat of the Dark Elf Empire. No further losses or damage was taken. The
Vampire sorcery continued with an Inundation of Blood pouring down over The Ogres Great Hall
(I7). Immense damage was done and agriculture and trade wrecked. 100 points of Ogre troops were
swept away in the deluge of blood while no revenue can be produced by the capital this winter.

The Dark Elves sought to honour their new pact with their northern allies by using Shrouding Mists
to protect the Norscans and bring them safely home. Unfortunately the Dark Elf sorceries proved
difficult to control and the spell failed. Obviously an unfortunate mishap (2D6 roll = snake eyes).

Despite this mishap the victories of the northern hosts and the sacrifices to the dark gods drew
mighty champions to swear allegiance to the Chaos Lord in the hope of achieving eternal glory (Call
of Heroes). 800pts worth of Lords and Heroes offer their aid to the Chaos Lord.

Finally the Bretonnian King ordered days of fasting and retreat to celebrate their great victories. High
in the mountains above Couronne a vision of the Lady of the Lake appeared in a secluded lake to a
goat herder. She presented the boy with items of mighty power and grace. The better to defend and
purify the land... The Bretonnians receive 140pts of forged magic items as a gift from the Lady.

Winter Quarters

Everyone must now return their banners and fleets to Winter Quarters (see page 39 of the Mighty
Empire Rulebook.

Note the rules for billeting of army banners under the ‘Subsistence’ heading. The year-end total number of troops left for each empire (including the losses to spells and winter retreats) is shown below in random order.

Warriors of Chaos 2,720 Army + 1 Fleet
Bretonnia 3,242 Army + 1 Fleet
Dark Elf 1,170 Army + 1 Fleet
Ogre Kingdoms 3,770 Army + 1 Fleet
Dwarves 2,580 Army + 3 Fleet
Vampire Counts 3,225 Army + 1 Fleet
Beastmen 500 Army + 1 Fleet

Fleets are billeted for winter in coastal tiles – max 1 per tile or 2 per tile in the case of cities.

Winter retreat – only 1 banner on the map is forced to make a winter retreat – all other banners
make it home safely.

Warriors of Chaos banner in Talabheim (G14) is forced to stay there for winter. As the troops
struggle they lose 280 points worth of troops to the ravages of the encroaching winter.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Sangrin Hopetaker looked at the scroll before him then looked at the robed emissary that brought it and waited patiently for him to sign. He had not seen the emissary's face, nor had he wanted to, the smell was enough, no amount of rose water or whatever that smell was could hide the unmistakable stink rot underneath. The emissary had appeared before the city gates that morning, never saying a word but he had 
been expected. Sangrin's bodyguards stared coldly at the emissary. He reached for his quill, signed it then handed it to assistant who passed it back for the emissary. a pale white hand, much tattooed took it and it disappeared into his robes, he turned then padded out of the throne room much to the relief of all those there. So, an alliance with the powers of chaos. strange days indeed. this had better be worth it.

This being a record of agreements reached at the third summit at the City of Naggarond.  It is decided; that the lands owned by the Elves and Norse shall be inviolate, that if called upon their respective armies will muster in support of each other realms, that passage will be provided through each Kingdom for winter retreat, that neither will inhibit the well being of the others realm through mean corporeal or mystic.  It is agreed that these restrictions and alliances shall be binding for no more than the period of one campaigning season and furthermore whomsoever shall contravene, despoil or violate this concord shall henceforth be known as Oathbreaker and Violator.
Harakj          Sangrin

Monday, December 19, 2011

Vampire Counts - The Old Man Returns

 The keep at Horrick's gap had long been an shunned ruin, a mere capstone to the skaven lair beneath. Since the ratmen had been purged from their stinking tunnels, the castle had been restored to something of it's former glory. Tireless skeletal workers had set to work on the ancient stones, oblivious to fatigue, and rebuilt the keep with frightening speed.

Stephane Dreux poured over a map laid out in an enormous wooden table in the great hall. A fire blazed in the massive hearth, throwing mad shadows around the cavernous room and illuminating ancient, silent warriors as they stood motionless. The vampire was heedless of it's warmth. The former Bretonnian's brow knitted in consternation as he drew his conclusions. Innately sensitive to the vampire lords thoughts, his wights bones creaked as their withered hands tightened unconsciously on their weapons.

Stephane's moody reverie was ruined as the doors to the room swung open, hefted back by a pair of enormous zombies. A familiar figure made his way into the room, his feeble, limping gait a little too exaggerated for believability. Morbius made his way to a leather chair near the fire and groaned dramatically as he flopped into it.

"My word, that was a long walk, I can tell you. My feet are worn down to the bone." 

Stephane, long since having grown used to Morbius' love of drama, (the liche did not actually appear to walk anywhere, but drifted a few inches above the ground. In fact, Stephane was not even sure he had feet) let out a tremendous sigh and walked over to another rather comfortable looking chair and set himself down. Were one to inspect the leather of the chair, one would discover many furred patches and the odd tattoo. Stephane regarded the old creature. "I was unsurprised to receive your message, though the loss of Andre does pain me, he was under my protection."

Morbius took a mug of steaming liquid from a shuffling attendant. "Well..." he commented as he took a sip. "You may take that up with the powers of the great city. Ten times our number would have been ground to dust."

"And yet you alone survived." The vampire was in a foul humour.

"Only under their sufferance!" A flash of irritation crossed Morbius' face. "Such arrogance they possess, and what's worse, with good reason! But enough of that. I did return with at least something of a prize." Morbius' eyes flicked up as more figures made their cautious way into the room.

"There are many hidden dangers on these isles, but I did not imagine anything of this power lay hidden. Pity the fools who unearth them. We must keep these places far from our ambitions." Another sip, and the mug was set down. 

"I did, however, meet the most intriguing of travelling companions on the road North." The liche and the vampire rose as the newcomers approached.

Stephane had heard tales of the creatures, but had never before seen one. These were larger by far than men, and would be yet taller if they stood upright. Great clubbed tails tipped with spikes swayed behind them as they walked. The wore leather and bronze, and most were covered in spiralling tattoos. What was of most note, however, was their hairless, snouted head with it's single eye. The fimir were indeed creatures of the wilds.

The apparent leader of the delegation made his way to the pair of undead lords. He leant on a great gnarled wooden staff. He was similar in aspect to the others, but bore a pair of great horns, and wore a long red robe covered in the filth of sacrifice. 

"I have the name of Murdach, and I bring tidings from my mistress. She offers us to aid your cause. Tell us, what do the dead lords offer in return?"

This would be a long night, Stephane mused.

Map - Year 2, Turn 6, Year's End

And so year 2 draws to a close with the smell of burning goat and the watery graves of ogres...

A brief battle report from the Heart of The Dark.

Commander Delecroix look out at his next battle and despaired. "Where is the glory in this?" It was the voice of Julian La Roux, youngest of the Grail Knights. He had taken his vows after the storming of Kislev. Not even six months ago. Since then hard riding and little else. One ambush aside, all they had faced on this journey were bemused villagers eager to join their cause and wasteland. These men would ride with him in hell for a righteous cause. They feared not battle nor death. The lack of these things made them grow restless however. A quality unbecoming of a sworn knight of Bretonnia. The question needed answering. "First you honour our Lady, then you fulfill your duties to the Realm. Glory will follow soon enough."

Forces at play

The Bretonnian outriders had informed Delecroix that the Beasts ranks were depleted and that their attempts to rally support were mostly unsuccessful.( rolled a two on the muster table, Noel decided on a single chariot.)The  Beasts leader was a Doombull, and his personal guard would make up the bulk of the opposition.(1 doombull with heirloom and magic items, 3 minotaurs great weapons, unit champion.) The remainder was made up of chariots (3 i believe). There as no magic detected by the Damsel.

At Commander Delecroix disposal were 9 sworn knights of the Grail. (full command, war banner.) Two units of Peagus Knights (3 knights in each full command I think in each). His own guard rounded out his force. (6 Knights of the Realm fc, 1 lvl 1 damsel, 1 paladin bsb virtue of duty, 1 Bret Lord with heirloom.)

The Battle

First we honour our Lady.

Beastmen go first and move straight across the table full march move. The Minotaurs lead with all three chariots tuck in just behind. Noels entire army delivers impact hits if they charge. This forces me to charge them in response rather then wait to get hit. My first turn, the KotR pass their fear test and charge the minotaurs. The Grail Knight do likewise. One unit of PK charges a Chariot the
other fails its charge roll and goes forward 4 inches instead. The fight for all the marbles. My general calls out his general. Noel answers with his unit champ. I score one wound on the champ. Then the frenzied champ with his 5 str 7 attacks misses with all of them. Sweet. I forget to call out his general with anyone of the Grail Knights so he goes to town on them. 6 str 5 hits out of 7. Amour save 4 of them and ward save 1. Oh on, they killed Julian. In return i do 8 wounds to the the remaining minotaurs, win combat by at least ten. Noel fails his break test, i run him down and overrun into his two ramaining chariots. Noel concedesa and burns his capital out from under me.

I got very lucky with this fight. At the very least i probably should have lost my general too. If one of the units of Knight had not made the charge roll i was in big trouble also.

Still better lucky then good.

The Return - Raising of Altdorf

A breath of wind stirs in the far frozen Northern wastes, high in the heavens, so high, brushing the great darkness.  If the breath cared it would find itself moving South over frozen ice sheets the size of continents.  It does not care.  Ice sheets transform into fractured sea ice, to frozen sea, so cold little can survive.

The breath does not care.

Over raging ocean it moves, becoming a gentle breeze, still so high.  Far below, if it cared to see, something breaks the surface of the raging waters, a fin, tenticles, it broaches creating massive waves, if the breeze cared it would see the monster was as massive as a city.

The breath does not care.

Further South the breath goes.  Lower now, warmer, becoming a wind, a fresh strong wind smelling of salt and sea.  The wind does not care.  Land, cold almost frozen land and barren.  A massive city full of strange beasts not all two legged, a banner cracks, onward South to a fortress, its walls covered in blood written letters, if it cared.  Lower it comes, no longer smelling of sea, no longer fresh, faster it becomes.

Suddenly it moves East, something is drawing it in, it cares not.  Out over sea it goes lower and increasing in speed.  A storm is in the distance, crackling with power, it destroys all it touches, lashing out streams of power the wind is drawn in.  It cares.  Something awakens, tainted.  West, it turns West. Increasing speed, land.

Another city, different to the last. Smoke billows, flames dying.  This city, once of man now devoid of man.  Fingers of stone reach for the skies, blackened and blasted.  On the highest point a creature stands.  Mightiest of his breed, if winds cared for such things.  No longer sea and salt, but sulfur and death, rage has come.

The wind storms, no longer caring, it writhes in fury.

His Most Benevolent Majesty Harakj VII turns, surveying the ruination of man.  He smiles to himself, sacrifice he understands, but this human concept of self sacrifice is something he fails too, he muses over the seemingly unquenchable hope that man has.  The Banner of Woe is beside him and still, it flutters, it snaps taught.  He turns, his clerics have finished another line of prophesy, written on fire blacken walls.  He reads, DROP DOWN YE HEAVENS FROM ABOVE AND LET THE SKY POUR DOWN RIGHTEOUSNESS. A mighty gust blows, knocking Harakj off his feet. The smell of sulfur, burning and death is magnified one thousand fold.  The crack of stone deafens. For the first time in an age Harakj fears.  He looks up.  Red and black, mighty and powerful, muscle and wings.

"I am come"

Hope is despair.

Reunification of the Land

And so it was the ending of the first year of the reform. The winter had passed uneventful, at least on the home island. His Most Benevolent Majesty Harakj VIIstands on the battlements of Fortress Zravk and takes a deep breath. He can still smell the remnants of the previous occupants, the untouched humans have a unique stink of their own. He throws the newest reports from the Royal Ministry of Intelligence, IKWYKBYD (I-know-what-you-know-before-you-do). He laughs. The Beastmen are ripe for the picking a breath of wind and they fall, the Elves have dissolved into a war of genocide, the mad undead king lashes out at friend and foe alike, walls crumble, monarchs cower, fleets are smashed to match wood. Do the true gods, the chaos, whisper in the ears of these lesser races, is this what drives them to this madness, this genius Harak muses. His mind wanders, across vast plains and oceans. The cloud that is the creator and destroyer swallows a village, young and old alike are devoured. He turns, written on the keep wall in man high letters, written in blood of man, ork, goblin is the prophesy. Here it is all explained, the future is now, it is happening even as he reads, more is added by the hour, ecstasy brings the cries of the dying and those yet to. It ends, it begins it is now!

End of First Year, ChaosInc

As a direct result of the over exposure by Empirical Dividends Plc to the collapsed Mournwood Banks Ltd, Marauder Inc has offered a comprehensive package to stabilise the Imperial economy consisting of the purchasing of real-estate at pre-collapse prices and the loan of skilled employees to complete capital construction projects. Fresh food supplies provided by His Most Benevolent Majesty Harakj VII have also been welcomed by refugees fleeing the economic collapse of Dark Elflund. The Royal Border Control Agency FBH (feck-off-back-home) have reported a marked increase in requests for political asylum from prominent Imperial Nobility fleeing the recent political unrest. Meanwhile the Royal Foreign Ministry WYM (what's-yours-is-mine) has reported improved relations with Beastonia. For all your up to date news from Chaostastica watch CampaignHammer!

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A Dwarfs Tale, Ch 1 : The Direbog Massacre

Made in Karak-a-Karazfrom girders.
[As occurred in Year 2 Turn 6 and Turn 6b.]

It had been an expensive victory.
"Victory! Pah!", Beran Ironjaw thought, while spitting over the cliff edge. "A massacre more like".
He leaned over, the biting wind whipping his beard around, and watched the gob of spittle fall until it eventually landed on in the waves - turned dark red with Ogre blood. He shuddered as he saw a stealthy fin briefly appear amidst the churning bloody waters.
"That's no death, don't no one deserve that", he murmured.

He got himself an ale from the victory keg, sat down and lit his pipe. The early mornings battle wouldn't stop replaying in his minds eye...

They had marched hard through the night. Given no respit after bringing the sinful Halfings to heel, they had trudged to the south east then north. If they could make the distance before dawn, the plan was to catch the Ogres by surprise.
"Sure'n doesn't everyone know that Ogres are slower in the early morning?"

Still, a hard march to the Hissing Coast and then a slog north through the Direbog marshes. Many a good Dwarf had fallen, and for what? This piss poor piece of land that the Ogre's lived on?  Beran knew he should be happier. The Dwarves had just pushed the Ogre's off the Burning Isle, one of the nine islands, thereby ensuring the safety of the many clans in their Hold for the coming year.

Their Dwarven comrades had marched in from the north and they had caught the ogres between them. The Ogre's fought valiantly, and for many hours it looked like those brave large few might hold against the vast throng of Dwarves. But their end was inevitable. The Ogres were pushed back to the cliffs, then to the cliff edge, then to their watery grave.

He stood, and again looked over the cliff edge.  His stomach churned as the waves beneath him.  If you had Elven eyes, you might have seen a single tear, following the spittle down to the water.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 6 continued - The Direbogs Massacre

The battle of Direbogs was a calamitous day for the Ogre colonies on the Burning Isle. Vastly
outnumbered and caught in a pincer they were driven hour by hour through the dank bog and
toward the sea. Both sides fought bitterly with those falling in the swamp lost forever beneath the
mire. With nowhere to retreat to the last surviving Ogres were massacred. None survived.

Dwarfs take Direbogs village (I6) from Ogres.

200pts of Dwarf troops dead.
600pts of Ogre troops dead (no Ogre province to retreat to).

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 6

War in the Sundered Isles – Year 2, Month 6

Recognised Alliances: None

Chronology of Ended Wars:

Druchii conquer the Asur.
Norse conquer the Reiklanders.

Bretonni crusade against the Lost and the Damned.
Dawi in desert warfare against the Ogre Kingdoms.

What makes a man turn neutral?

Ask the Vampire Counts.

War in the desert

Dwarfs versus Ogres

The Dwarven king sent forth the order. The steel legions were to invade the realm of the Ogres. They
would march on Direbogs (I6) from north and south. Both armies took a fast pace. But this pace was
too gruelling even for the hardy Dwarfs after their huge battle against the Halflings. The Army in the
Free Villages (H5) swept east to the Hissing Coast (Dwarfs take Hissing Coast J6 from Ogres) before
cutting north to Direbogs (I6). The journey was terrible with many dangers – 300 Dwarf troops die
on the journey. The other Dwarf army decided to sweep straight into Direbogs where they hoped to
catch the Ogres in a pincer attack.

Battle for Direbogs Village (I6) – Part of the central Ogre realm.

(2016 worth of Dwarfs) v (600 + muster roll worth of Ogres)

Muster rolls are shown on the Race rule sheet – see attached.

Lads – tabletop or GM dice roll?

Pincer attack rules (see page 53 of ME rulebook to find out when the second Dwarf army arrives –

roll randomly to see which one arrives late – Dwarf armies are 1283pts and 733pts)

Meanwhile back on Kanesdue Isle and unaware of the great betrayal by the Dwarfs the Ogre army
in Dreary Wood (J8) returned in triumph to the Great Hall (I7) with their booty from the captured Elf
provinces. The banner in Tor Achare (I10) moved west to Gash Kardak (H9) while the banner at the
Glowing Crater (F9) moved south to Shambletown (G9). The fleet moved southeast from The Twins
(G7) to Shattered Stone Bay (H8).

Vampire Counts

The Undead force in Castle Templehof (D4) withdrew to the capital in Mousillon (D3) to prepare for
winter spells. The banner in Castle Drakenhof (C3) moved north to Hel Fenn (B3) but with no time
left to thoroughly explore the wilderness. The Undead fleet continued its southward journey and
arrived off the Hissing coast (J6).

A familiar figure arrives in Horrok’s Gap (F6) with important information...

Dark Elves

The victorious but diminishing forces of the Witch King continued their campaign to restore order
to Kinsblood Isle. The army in Tiranoc (J13) moved to occupy Saphery (K12) and were successfully
able to restore control before winter – despite losing 200 troops to anarchist Mages. The army in the
Bastion hills (H12) is forced to halt by localised storms (bad scout roll).

Chaos Warriors

The Norse continued their campaign of terror through the old Reiklander Empire – this time it was
the villages in the Ostermark (G16) which felt their wrath. Despite losing 150 troops the Norse
imposed their will on the hardy village folk.

War in the North

Bretonnia versus Beasts

All the remaining Beast forces left on Norslatch Isle withdrew to the outskirts of the tainted Heart
of the Dark (B11). There they waited to prepare for the coming wave. A few short days later the
Bretonnian forces in the Blood Grounds (B9) moved in to occupy the recently vacated Dark Tower
(B10). The main force of horsemen in Brayherd (C10) left a trail of devastated Beast settlements on
the way to the heart of the dark...each horror worse than the last. Yet none were prepared for the
nightmare vision of hell they beheld...the Beasts were rebuilding their unholy citadel to the Dark
Gods. They would need to crush them quickly before the Beasts could fully rebuild the Heart and
retreat to safety behind the walls.

Battle outside the Heart of the Dark (B11) – The Beast capital.

(1250 worth of Bretonnians – all cavalry) v (680 + muster roll worth of Beasts).

Chart for muster rolls is shown on the Race rule sheet – see attached.

Don’t forget the heirloom!

Meanwhile the Bretonnian fleet continued to evade their Beast pursuers. The Bretonnians circle
back to Acquitaine (D7) while the Beasts finish the year off Horrok’s Gap (F6).

The Beast army in The Isle of Mists moves west to The Black Deeps (E11).

Winter Quarters

Dwarf winter quarter watch.

Notes – No issues – All armies currently safe.

Ogre winter quarter watch

Notes – Army on the Burning Isle is in the home realm so is fine – Army in Asur’s Rest is the only one in trouble but can be shipped back to its realm by the remaining Ogre fleet – All armies currently

Vampires winter quarter watch

Notes – Army in Asur’s Rest is the only one in trouble but can be shipped back to its realm by the
remaining Undead fleet – All armies currently safe.

Dark Elf winter quarter watch

Notes - Army in Smith’s Isle can be shipped back to its realm by the remaining Dark Elf fleet – All
armies currently safe.

Warriors of Chaos winter quarter watch

Notes – A portion of the Isle of Mists is in the Warriors of Chaos home realm so that army is fine -
One army in Smith’s Isle can be shipped back to its realm by the remaining Warriors fleet – One armyin Smith’s Isle is currently facing the prospect of a Winter Retreat (see page 39 of ME).

Bretonnia winter quarter watch

Notes - Army in Asur’s rest can be shipped back to its realm by the remaining Bretonnian fleet – All
armies currently safe – Possible complications if the Beasts can hold out long enough to reach winter
alive because the quake effect ends after month six - so conflict in B11 would turn into a siege – see page 47 for rules on sustaining sieges.

Beastmen winter quarter watch

Notes – All armies currently safe - Possible complications if the Beasts can hold out long enough to
reach winter alive because the quake effect ends after month six - so conflict in B11 would turn into
a siege – see page 47 for rules on sustaining sieges.

Territorial changes so far:

Dwarfs take Hissing coast (J6) from Ogres.

Dark Elves take Saphery villages (K12) from independent forces.

Warriors of Chaos take Ostermark villages (G16) from independent forces.

Bretonnians take the Dark Tower fortress (B10) from Beastmen.


Dwarfs lose 300 troops to Force March.

Dark Elves lose 200 troops.

Warriors of Chaos lose 150 troops.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 5 continued 2

Turn 6 is go, with the beastmen fleeing back to the dubious safety of their capital.

The Bretonnian general surveyed the field. Banks of debased goatlike humans were arrayed in ban on the plain. What had happened to the people of this land? The land itself wept. He ordered the charge.

Bretonnians defeat and scatter the beastman army after a particularly brutal battle. The beasts retreat in panic from brayherd. The Bretonnians shadow the retreating force picking off stragglers and isolated groups.

Bretonnians take and occupy brayherd village (C10).
Beasts retreat to their capital in B11.

250 Bretonnians troops killed.
400! Beast troops killed.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 5 continued

 The vampire counts storm the fortress at Horrok's Gap (F6).

Keen to establish a stronghold on Asur's rest the vampire lord ordered the attack. Weeks of fighting followed above and below ground. The clan moulder mutants were a fearsome foe but with his necromantic powers the undead hordes kept rising back up. Eventually The undead stormed the walls scattering the vermin within. It was a terrible battle with 250 undead troops ground to dust.

Vampires take the independent fortress of Horrok's Gap from the skaven. Lord Dreux has his foothold.

Map - Year 2, Turn 5

The year enters it's closing phases, and Winter is coming...

Bretonnia and Beastmen

The Beast fleet in Lyonesse (D8) moved to intercept the Bretonnian fleet off Aguitaine (D7). Victory
would cut off the Bretonnians on Asur’s Rest from winter quarters. However the wiley Bretonnian
admiral withdrew to Bordeleaux (D6) to avoid an engagement.

The Beast army in the south (F11) continued their march through the Isle of Mists. The fearful
villagers in Osthof (F12) swore fealty to the occupying Beast troops.

The Beast army in the Plain of Ruin (C11) crossed the channel to Brayherd (C10) and prepared itself
for the inevitable invasion.

After weeks of dallying the Bretonnian King announced the beginning of the invasion. The cavalry
troops in the Plains of Fimul (C8) returned to the capital in Couronne (C6). The invasion was to be
launched by the cavalry army in Brionne (B8) and by the army in the Blood Grounds (B9). However
sickness swept the army in the Blood Grounds (scouting roll 5) and the banner lost 10 troops. The
army in Brionne pushed on and rode into Brayherd (C10) with righteous fervour

Battle for Brayherd - (village in C10)

1500pts of Bretonnian troops vs. 500pts of Beastmen troops

Bretonnian force known to be a cavalry army – 1500pts

Beast force raises a temporary muster of 150pts for the battle (see muster rules) – thus 650pts

JK and Noel – tabletop or let GM make the roll? (Modifier on a GM roll would be +2 for the Brets)


The plans had been meticulously prepared. This time they would not be tricked by the hairy footed
ones. They would begin the incursion before dawn while the indolent Halflings still slept. And so
the might of the Dwarven steel legions moved north east from the Scorpion Wastes (J4) to attack

the Free Villages (I5). The Halflings were ready and resisted strongly using guerrilla tactics to lure
the Dwarf forces into multiple ambushes. But the Dwarf juggernaut was too strong and the Halfling
resistance was broken. The Dwarfs ‘pacify’ the Free Villages. 250 Dwarf troops fell in the conquest
while all 100 of the Halflings irritants were destroyed.

Meanwhile the Dwarf King moved his forces in Fort Grungni (I4) back northwest to the capital in
Karaz-a-Karak (H3)

Dark Elves

The Dark Elves continued with their campaign to restore the Witch King’s control over the remaining
provinces still in rebellion on Kinsblood Isle. The army garrisoned in the Fortress of the Dawn (J12)
destroyed the rebels in Tiranoc (J13) but at a cost... with 150 of the Witch King’s men falling in the
effort to retake the province.

The remaining Dark Elf forces moved to consolidate. The forces in Karond Kar (J14) returned to the
capital in Naggarond (J15) while the army in the city of Caledor (H13) moves to take the village in (H12).

Warriors of Chaos

Having crushed the weak southern empire the Chaos lord was still hungry to devour more territory
in the name of his dark gods. He split his combined forces in Talabheim (G14) with one army moving
east to conquer Averland (G15) while the rest kept a watchful eye on the Elf kingdom to the south.
The hordes overwhelmed the newly styled border princes in Averland (losing 100 troops in the
process) and planted the banner of the eight sided star through the heart of the would-be princeling.


The captain of the Red Ogretober cursed the skies. His Slaughtermaster told him the unnatural storm
was the doing of the Vampire Counts. It was he could do the keep the fleet together. He cursed the

The Ogre fleet in Shattered Stone Bay (H8) is pushed off course by the Vampire’s magical storm. It
eventually escapes to the calmer water off The Twins (G7) after some dashing feats of shipman-ship
by the Ogre admiral.

The Ogre army in Direbogs (I6) send scouts north to investigate the Coast of Claws (H6). Along the
way the scouts run into a mercenary band of 100 troops which agrees to join the Ogre army to the
south. They move to join the Ogre forces in Direbogs (I6). The Coast of Claws (H6) remains uncharted
territory (scouting roll 10).

Meanwhile the Ogre forces in Mist gorge (F8) withdraw south east to the fortress beside the
Glowing Crater (F9) while the army in Tor Elyr (J9) moves west to Slave slaughter (J8)


Determined to unearth the local mystery the Undead scoured the province of Horrok’s Gap (F6).
Finally, the reports came back. There was a deep system of mines that at first appeared to be
disused (disused mine). Heady with the thoughts of what secrets lay beneath the Undead were
ordered deeper. Only then did the mistake become clear. It was a Skaven den (independent fortress).
The Skaven ambushed the scouts and announced their presence.

Decision for Vampires –

1. Storm the walls of the fortress
2. Batter the walls of the fortress, or
3. Withdraw to either Karak Kadrin (G6) or Giant’s Bed Mountains (F7)

In addition, the vampires continued their endless marching back and forth between Castle
Templehof (D4) and Castle Drakenhof (C3). By month’s end each fortress was garrisoned with an
army of the Undead. Meanwhile the ghost fleet stationed off Rockguts (H7) drifted south west to
move off the coast of Direbogs (I6).

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rules - Winter Retreat over Sea

Rules from White Dward 135 for winter retreat over sea.

Banners separated from their realm by sea may move to Winter Quarters without suffering the hardships of a Winter Retreat if there is sufficient sea transportation in the empire. For every ship counter in the empire, the player may retreat 1 banner across the sea. In order to return successfully to Winter Quarters the banner must still be able to trace a route from its position at the end of the year to a coast tile, and from the coast on the other side to  its own realm. Banners returning to Winter Quarters from overseas  do not have to trace their route via harbours - any coastal tiles in their empire will do. Note that the process involved is not a literal one of a specific ship carrying a specific banner, rather the number of ship models is taken as standing for the general maritime capacity of the nation and its ability to move troops and supplies overseas. Banners unable to retreat in this way must make a Winter Retreat representing the haphazard requisitioning of boats and supplies from local sources.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 4 continued

Turn 4 sees the vampire counts liche Morbius discover the lost city of the old ones, but it's mysteries remain undiscovered as the undead army vanishes without trace...

Mighty Empires - Consolidated Archipelago and Other Rules

Exploring Wilderness

(51-60) Wizard’s Tower, (61-70) Necropolis, (71-80) Temple and (81-100) Mine. These rules are all in white dwarf and usually help you. 11-50 is empty and 01-10 is a chaos portal

Chaos portal – On the tabletop your army fights an exalted greater daemon – alternatively you can
have the GM make a dice roll and your army loses D6 x 100pts

Wilderness tiles can only be explored in this way once per year

Allies and Enemies

One of the Ogre’s 2 special race rules allows them to ally with anyone.

Non Ogres may ally with any race from the same side (order or destruction). The ordinary people
would never tolerate a traitorous ruler willing to ally with a hated enemy (Dwarfs and Warriors of
Chaos buddying up just isn’t going to happen) – and that king would be immediately usurped

Order: Bretonnia, Dwarf, Empire, High Elf

Destruction: Beastmen, Dark Elf, Vampires, Warriors of Chaos

Ogre: Anyone they goddamn please

Alliances are announced by both players at the start of any campaign turn (announcing to the GM is

Banners can march across allied territory unhindered without taking over tiles although they cannot
use allied settlements for subsistence. They can also take part in sieges together.

Anyone not an ally is technically an enemy (obviously kings can ally secretly but even so they still
cannot move across each other’s territory without taking control of it - the local people won’t
tolerate it)

See page 22 under ‘scouting a known tile’ to see what happens when moving into a rival (non-ally)

player’s tile - (paragraph 2 and paragraph 4)

Winter Quarters – dusted off from over a decade back

Banners need to get back to your realm. Your realm is your 7 starting tiles. Besieged and besieging
banners use special rules for winter retreats – they do not use these rules – see rules for sustaining
sieges on page 47 for these banners

Moving across the sea is equivalent to moving across a river with the exception that the route roll
always fails

In order for a banner to retire unhindered to winter quarters it must be able to trace a clear route
through its own side’s territory (or that of an ally) to any un-razed tile in its own realm. There
must be no blocking mountains or rivers/seas (river sections with bridges are ok – cities always
have bridges). A route home may not be traced through enemy territory (i.e. non-allies), unknown
territory or razed territory. If a banner cannot make a route back to its realm (in its own territory)
then it must make a special winter retreat before it may move to winter quarters.

It should be obvious that razing territories is a viable tactic for fucking over enemy banners.

Fleets can help banners reach winter quarters in a number of ways (A) they can form pontoons
to ‘bridge’ islands (B) Alternatively a fleet can carry 1 banner in the same or an adjacent province
back home to the realm across the seas provided the fleet can itself make its way home without
moving through enemy territory (the unmarked open seas that ring the map are considered friendly
territory for everyone)

Undead are not immune to the consequences of winter retreat

The capital can support 4 banners, other cities in the realm support 2 banners and fortresses/villages
in the realm support 1 banner - razed tiles cannot support banners over winter – any excess banners
are destroyed

The winter retreat table is on page 39

The rules I have been using to simulate naval engagements are as follows:

Each fleet has 2 wounds.

Each round I roll a number of D6s for each side equal to its number of fleets. Whichever side rolls
highest does 1 wound to the other side. If it is a draw then both sides lose a wound. As fleets get
wiped out they obviously roll less dice each round.

At the end of each round I roll a D6 and if the dice roll plus the number of rounds is 7 or higher the
engagement ends.

The basic rules for this are on page 42. All 10 capitals are worth 4 crowns to the controller. Other
cities are worth 2 crowns and fortresses/villages are worth 1 crown. Tiles with Razed settlements
give you no crowns while razed. Forested tiles also provide timber which is required for certain
purchases (it should be pretty clear from the map which tiles are forested – if in doubt ask the GM)

Diplomatic missions = 1 crown
Recruitment of troops = 1 crown per 100pts of troops
Recruitment of fleets = 3 crowns +1 timber per fleet
Recovery of razed tiles = 1 crown to add +1 to a dice roll after it has been made (4+ restores
villages and 6+ restores fortresses and cities
Upgrade a village to a fortress = 5 crowns + 1 timber
Upgrade a barren tile to a fortress = 10 crowns + 1 timber
Upgrade a village to a city = 15 crowns
Baggage = 1 crown per D6 baggage points (note players must roll a D6 for each of their
besieging forces and pay that much baggage or the besiegers are destroyed and the siege
lifted – on the other hand besiegers don’t have to make winter quarters)
Assassin = 1 crown
Spies = D6 per crown
Saboteur = 1 crown
Agents = 1 crown
Siege Batteries = 2 crown + 1 timber (these are used offensively - siege rules are being
released on December 3 so will be able to nail down the special rules then for tabletop
battles – if the GM is rolling it basically reduces the fortress bonus to a city bonus and
eliminates a city bonus altogether – 2 batteries eliminate a fortress bonus altogether)
Great walls = 3 crowns (walls go across 1 of the edges of a hex – barren tiles only – wall section faces outside). Rules are on pp 21-22 of citadel journal no 5
o A) walls bar enemy troops from passing and will defend – the wall is breached on 4+ (attacker usually loses D6 x 100pts win or lose)
o B) unless the enemy empire has a non-walled tile adjacent to you it kills all enemy espionage trying to enter your empire on a D6 of 1-3
Bridge = 1 crown + 1 timber

Independent Empires

Each contiguous group of independent provinces comprises an independent empire. You may send
a mission to any independent empire adjoining your territory. A successful diplomacy roll gives you
control of each province in the independent empire.

The Lost city of the old ones is a unique independent city at the centre of the board. It is a razed
city containing a wizard’s tower and it generates 4 crowns for the controller despite being raised.

It also counts as one of the capitals for the purposes of winning the game and allows its controller
to buy magic items which is normally not allowed. The Lost city cannot be won through diplomacy.
The Lost city does not roll randomly for the number of defenders each turn – it always has the same
defensive force – which is very tough – tougher than rolling a 5 for an independent city but not as
tough as rolling a 6 for an independent city. The Lost city cannot be retreated into like a normal city
and does not help for defensive sieges.


There are two tiles which link islands and are moved across like rivers – these are H14 and C10

The storm of magic moves at the beginning and at the end of the campaign season, as well as at the
end of turn 3.

Control of a Wizard’s tower allows the player to force a reroll of the storm’s movement.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Liche Decides

 The vampires make their decision:

The purple flag on the black tent snapped in the wind that howled up the pass. Many such tents were clustered around the base of the cliffs, while outside in the gale the ghouls howled and mewled as they vented their frustration at the delay. In one such tent the liche sat, considering.

Morbius had ordered the army to camp the day before while the tried to scry the nature of the power he felt in the valley. Thus far, all his attempts to glean any knowledge of what lay ahead had failed. In frustration he sent more scouts forward, but none had yet returned. All very vexing. Morbius sat in his favourite chair, sipping his 'tea' when his reveries were interrupted. A bestial warrior stepped into the tent, the hackles in his back rising as he squatted down near the entrance. The vampire Andre spoke with effort, the language seemingly unfamiliar to the creature, but it soon mastered the words as memory of speech returned.

"We cannod sday here. De packs ar growing more difficuld to gondrol as each hour passes. We have to go back before they turn on us entirely."

Morbius sighed, and set his tea on a spindly table. Rising, he made his decision. "Andre, so nice to see you in a form fit to converse with. As much as I appreciate your prowess as a raging horror, there are few to discuss the finer points of strategy with since we left the coast. You must be concerned indeed to come here in your old shape. But, not to worry, I have made a decision. We are moving on. Whatever this power is, there is no retreating now. It's far too late."

A tremor of rage shook Andre as he fought to control himself. With a grunt, he stood and spoke once more. "As you wish, but we are marching to our deaths." With that he loped from the tent, his roar lost in the whipping winds. "Too late for that too, I fear." the liche whispered.

A wight leant over from his post and closed the tent flap. A small wight, perhaps one of The Dawi that had fallen near the coast, Morbius mused. He shook the meandering thought from his head. The decision was made. They would strike camp and move on into the valley, to whatever end.

Map - Year 2, Turn 4

Another realm is destroyed, the isles are ablaze.

Empire & Warriors of Chaos:

The Battle of Talabheim
The Blacksmith knew his men rode to their doom. But what was the alternative... to live as slaves?
Not for him. They would die as heroes. The last Empire Army rides north from Talabheim (G14)
to the ruins of Altdorf in (F14)...where they are met by the hordes descending south from that
benighted city (both banners in F14). Great was the killing that Midsummer’s day. The Empire
Knights crashed into the waves of mutated Northmen as Outriders unleashed volleys into the
armoured masses. But too great were the endless waves of locusts they pushed
forward and finally beset on all sides the overwhelmed Empire lines began to crack. The Empire
army was scattered to the winds. So ended the Reikland Empire in the 39th year of the second age
ushering in a period of terrible and stygian darkness... great was the lamentation of the women.

Empire army destroyed but manage to kill 200pts of Warrior Troops

The Warriors Army in Northern Elswood (B15) returns south to the Cauldron in C15

Beasts of Chaos and Bretonnia:
The two Beast Fleets located off Lyonesse (D8) sailed west to attack the Bretonnian fleet
in Aquitaine (D7) only to be caught in a pincer by the two Bretonnian fleets converging on
Lyonesse (D8) from L’Anguille (C7) and Aquitaine (D7). The fleets eventually meet in the open
sea where the Bretonnian Corsairs and Galleons use their long range broadsides to gain an early
advantage...crippling one of the Chaos fleets. A cat and mouse ensues with the ranged weaponry of
the Bretonnians contrasting the close-in power of the Chaos Deathgalleys. Neither side can gain a
true advantage, but wherever the Beast ships are able to close with the Bretonnians they massacre
the crew in devastating boarding actions. Fully half the Bretonnian ships go down in this manner.
After six hours of intense fighting the weather conditions start to deteriorate and both sides are
pushed apart by severe storms

1 Beast Fleet destroyed and 1 Bretonnian Fleet destroyed – surviving Beast fleet is pushed back to
Lyonesse (D8) while the surviving Bretonnian fleet is pushed back to L’Anguille (C7)

On land the Beastlord arrays his force to resist the impending invasion from the west. He orders his
Army in Brayherd (C10) to move north to The Dark Tower (B10) and his Army in The Skull Lands (D9) to force-march north east to The Plain of Ruin (C11). Both armies move to comply without losses.

The Beast army in The Black Deeps (E11) moves south to Hergig (F11). The villagers offer tribute to
the monsters in their midst and the Beastmen take the province

The Bretonnian King sets his chess pieces to best execute the invasion. He sends the army in The
Beast Paths (C9) north to The Blood Grounds (B9) thereby taking the barren waste from the Beasts.

Meanwhile the mounted cavalry hordes in Couronne (C6) gallop east and north east to prepare in
Brionne (B8) and The Plains of Fimul (C8)

Vampires and The Anathema:

The Vampire Fleet off the coast of The Twins (G7) moves south to Rockguts (H7) to engage the OgreFleet but cannot fight locate the Ogre Navy. Both armies in Castle Drakenhof (C3) trudge southeast to Castle Templehof (D4). But it is on the Fabled Island of Asur’s Rest that the real action occurs. The Undead force in Karak Kadrin (G6) moves north to Horrok’s Gap (F6) only to find a blasted waste. For miles around the place is strewn with the bones of humans, dwarfs and elves – as well as creatures of unknown origin. The whole place reeks of evil.

Finally, Morbius takes his Army inThe Giant’s Bed Mountains (F7) southeast and across a hidden route in the mountains where he believes the Lost City of the Old Ones is located. Drawn to a hidden valley by an energy source of unimaginable power...but also perhaps unimaginable danger, Morbius is wracked with indecision. He makes camp to decide. With such power he could become ruler of the sundered isles yet his bodyguard, the formidable Andre, cautions him not to proceed.

A Question for Morbius (Vampires) – Do you still wish to enter the province?

Ogres and Dwarfs:
Glutted on Elf flesh the Ogre Tyrant orders a month of celebration and feasting to celebrate their
total victory. All Ogre armies stand. However, the Ogre Admiral of the Fleet in Rockguts (H7) moves
northeast to Shattered Stone Bay (H8) thereby evading a Vampire attack. The Vampire hunt for Red
Ogretober continues.

Meanwhile the Dwarven King prepares his forces deploying them aggressively against the Ogres
on the Burning Isle. The Army in Flayed Rock (J2) successfully force marches east across the desert
through The Scorched Wastes (I3) and into The Scorpion Wastes (J4) which they take over from
the Ogres. With the sun beating down on the armoured Dwarf some weakling younglings collapse
with exhaustion. Dwarfs lose 20pts of troops. The Dwarf King sends his remaining troops south onto
the Burning Isle using the fleets. The Army in Karaz-a-Karak H3 uses the fleet to cross the water
southeast to Fort Grungni (I4) while the Army in Barak Varr (G5) uses the fleet to cross the water
south to Kazad Thrund (H5)

Dark Elves and High Elves:
The Witch King moves to consolidate power before the restive territories assert independence.
The Army in Lothern (I11) moves southeast to occupy The Fortress of the Dawn (J12). The Army in
Naggarond (I15) moves southwest to reoccupy Karond Kar (J14) while the Army in The Black Pillar
(H14) moves southwest to occupy the city of Caledor (H13). The Dark Elf fleet in Lothern (I11) sails
northeast to observe rebel movements in Cothique (I12)

The remaining High Elf provinces assert their full independence... Yvresse (J11), Nagarythe (I13),
Tiranoc (J13) and Saphery (K12) all declare independence on Kinsblood Isle while Cothique (I12)
declare independence on Smith’s Isle.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 3 continued

The first realm falls!

In despair the dying Phoenix King looked out over the walls of Lothern. How had it come to this? Elf arrayed against Elf. Brother against brother. He would raise the white flag. This war must end. They
had already lost their territories on Kanesdue Isle to the barbarian creatures of the west. While word
from the north told of their erstwhile allies being crushed in the north.. He would give the Dark Elves
Lothern... He would give up his throne

The riders went out. The armies of the Phoenix king were ordered to disperse and submit to the rule
of the Witch King. The siege of Naggarond ended before it really began. Order would be restored
and the Elves would be united. Only through unity could the Elves gain rulership of the sundered
isles. The Kinstrife would end.

But the writ of the Phoenix King ran weak. In truth central authority had long collapsed. The so called
Sea Elf territory of Chrace (H11) was first to secede and declare independence. Chrace was quickly
followed by Avelorn (J10) and Eataine (K10). They too declared independence and a time of peace –
free from the yoke of Kings, Tyrants and other potentates.

The Witch King would have to move fast to restore complete order to the Elven Kingdoms lest other
provinces decided to declare independence...

“Game effect – High Elf Kingdom fully collapses at the end of Month 4 – after
that all former High Elf settlements not conquered will declare independence
– former High Elf provinces occupied in Month 4 will not resist and will join
whichever Kingdom occupies them – after Month 4 the newly independent
provinces will resist as normal”

Note: All High Elf Armies have dispersed and are immediately removed from the map

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 3

Turn 3 sees the action hotting up as there is furious activity from all armies, except the disintegrating Empire.

 Warriors of Chaos:
Chaos Army in Northern Elswood (B15) sends out rangers and trackers following rumours of
ancient ruins but find nothing. But all this is just a sideshow. The Great Host (armies in F15 and E13)
completed the ritual of festivus with the traditional feats of strength and descended on Altdorf
(F14). The 500 defenders were outnumbered 5-to-1 and their commander Maximillian von Genscher
knew that doom was nigh. He sent out riders to bring warning to the southern armies. When the
hosts arrived Von Genscher put his plan into operation. The high walls of Altdorf were seeded with
explosives and key points were booby trapped. The city is razed as part of a coordinated defence.
What followed was a massacre. All the defenders were wiped out by the rampaging horde although
they sold their lives magnificently – killing 300points of the Chaos horde. Altdorf is sacked and the
forces of chaos raise their blasted standard over the ruined city.

Woe and despair wracks the Empire. Averland and Ostermark secede from the Empire forming the
new independent Border Princes. The army and fleet in G15 desert and disperse. But one army holds
true. A young blacksmith rallies the forces in Talabheim and raises the banner of the Empire one last
time. Under his banner they plan to move on Altdorf to avenge the city.

The Beastman Fleets in The Skull Lands and the Beast Paths (C9 and D9) converge on the coast off
Lyonesse in D8. Army in Beastheart (E9) moves north to the Skull Lands (D10). Army in B11 moves
out of the Heart of the Dark (B11) and south west to Brayherd (C10).

The Bretonnian army in The Beast Paths (C9) sends out scouts. They encounter a merchant convoy
carrying food and supplies and acquire 5 baggage points. However the forces are delayed and they
fail to scout out Brayherd to the north east. The cavalry armies in Kislev (B4) ride south east through
Montfort province and then back to the capital Couronne (C6). The Bretonnian army in Aquitaine
(C9) rides south to The Challenge Stone where they encounter friendly villagers. The villages swear
fealty to the Bretonnian King.

The two Armies in Castle Templehof (D4) make their way across the mountains and arrive in Castle
Drakenhof (C3) to the north-west. The army in Karak Kadrin (G6) moves east to The Giant’s Bed
Mountains where they encounter fearful villagers. The villagers offer obeisance to the Undead and
the Vampires take the province. The remaining Vampire army lands successfully in Karak Kadrin (G6) amidst strong and unnatural winds.

The army of miners moves south-east from The Empty Coast H2) to the capital in Karaz-a-Karak (H3) while the army in Pigbarter (K2) moves north to Flayed Rock (J2). The Dwarven Admiral redeploys his fleets with the fleet in Karaz-a-Karak (H3) moving west to Silverspear (H4) while the fleet in Fort Grimnir (I2) moves west to Karaz-a-Karak.

The Ogre King decides that now is the time. He orders his armies to annexe the High Elf colonies
on Kanesdue Isle. Ogre armies move in from The Plain of Woe (K8) and Slaveslaughter (I9) where
they occupy the fertile lands of Tor Elyr (J9) and Tor Achre (I10). The Ogres claim total control over
Kanesdue Isle. The Ogres also move to crush the Halfling Free Peoples however dissent breaks out
in the ranks as mutinous troops refuse to attack their ancient allies. The force fails to move as it is
paralysed by indecision. Finally, the army based in The Glowing Crater (F9) moves north west to
occupy the Mist Gorge (F8). They find the province empty and barren.

Dark Elves and High Elves:
The Dark Elves end the siege on Caledor (H13). Dark Elf Army A withdraws to The Black Pillar (H14) but Army B is much more daring. They take ship across the seas moving west with the wind before landing outside the High Elf capital of Lothern( I11)...they are met outside the walls of the city by the High Elf Army moving north from Yvresse (J11).

Battle outside the walls of Lothern...winner takes/holds the High Elf capital.

500pts Dark Elves versus 500pts High Elves

Meanwhile the High Elves continue their advance through the Dark Elf heartlands. The army in
Tiranoc (J13) moves east to Karond Kar (J14) while the army in Karond Kar (J14) reaches the walls of Naggarond.

Siege of Naggarond...winner takes/holds the Dark Elf Capital.

1500pts High Elves besieging 670pts Dark Elves

Awaiting High Elf orders – storm the walls or starve the defenders?

Storm of Magic
The Storm of Magic Moves south enveloping Karak Kadrin (G6). One of the Vampire fleets is ripped
to pieces like matchstick (destroyed). The other is blown far from shore and settles off the coast of
the Ogre held province known as The Twins (G7). The Vampire Army in Karak Kadrin holds fast in the villages.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 2 continued

The latter part of turn 3 see the dark elves in Karond Kar (it got wrecked by the quake remember) in J14 (karond kar) withdraws to the dark elf capital in I15 (Naggarond) to prepare for the inevitable siege in future months.

The high elves pursue the withdrawing force through karond kar killing 50 points worth of dark elf troops. The high elves take Karond Kar. The dark elf army moves to the high walls of I15 (Naggarond - dark elf capital).

The supreme dark elf commander of the forces sent to take Caledor has opted to starve out the high elf defenders and batter the walls. Settlements under siege do not provide subsistence. When the high elves run out of food (baggage) the serious rolls will begin.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 2

The map for the second turn of year 2 sees a marked increase in conflict. Here's the breakdown for each realm:

Warriors of Chaos:
The armies invaded in the night. Great was the lamentation of the villagers as the northern hordes
poured ashore... The Chaos troops landed in Nordland (E13) and Ostland (F15) occupying both
provinces without serious effort... the once proud Empire, now bereft of leadership was falling apart.
With Chaos armies to the west and east of Altdorf things looked bleak indeed. The two Chaos fleets
moved to take Altdorf harbour (F14) only to be met by fierce resistance as Admiral Schenker moved
to delay the invasion. The squadrons of Wolfships sold themselves dearly but eventually succumbed
to the overwhelming power of the Black Fleet as the waters ran red with blood. Despite severe
losses Chaos took the bay while the soon to be besieged populace looked on in horror.

None of the electors are able to restore command as the political vacuum continues. All unengaged
armies and fleets stand.

The fleet in C10 (Brayherd) continued west through the channel to C9 (The Beast Paths) to close off
the choke point between Norslatch Isle and The Isle of Mists

The Bretonnian army in Lyonesse (D8) moved east and crossed the border into the empty plains
of C9 (The Beast Paths) occupying it in the name of the Bretonnian King. The army stationed in
L’Anquille (C7) uses the two fleets to pontoon south across the sea to Aquitaine (D7).

The siege of Kislev continues for another two weeks. The Bretonnian armies held their discipline in
the face of decreasing supplies. Eventually the Tsar’s Cossars buckle on the walls and the Bretonnian
King’s Troops Foot knights storm through. Realising defeat is inevitable the Tsar sues for peace.
Preferring an ally on his northern flank the King accepts. Peace is agreed and Kislev accepts its vassal status. The cost was heavy as another 200points of Bretonnian troops fall in battle.

The two Vampire fleets in Straddlebrook (F5) are ordered south east to take Karak Kadrin (G6). The
First Fleet (A) is caught in storms and is unable to push on (bad scout result). However the second
Fleet (B) does find its way through and lands with its army in G6. The Undead troops in the army deposited by Fleet B are reported to wipe out the Dwarven villagers before turning them into
undead playthings. Vampires take Karak Kadrin.

The Dwarf Army in Kazad Thrund (H5) moves north to defend Barak Varr (G5) while the explorers
sent out by the Army in The Empty Coast (H2) find evidence of an abandoned mine – prospectors
greedily go deeper underground to see what lies beneath. Finally, the Dwarf army in Flayed Rock
(J2) moves south along the desert coast and occupies the formerly Ogre held villages of Pigbarter

The Ogre fleet in The Great Hall (I7) moves north along the coast to Rockguts (H7). Great roars of joy are heard when the Ogre Army in Dreary wood (J8) moves south to find a friendly city in the Plain of Woe (K8). The city immediately joins the Ogre Kingdoms amidst much celebration. Finally, the army stationed in Shambletown (G9) when advancing north discovers an abandoned fortress beside a glowing crater in (F9) which it immediately occupies. Despite this boon the place feels somehow wrong and many Ogres are beset by living nightmares.

“Cold war between brother and sister turns to total war as the Asur and Druchii try and obliterate
each other.”

Dark Elves:
The With King sends his armies in The Black Pillar (H14) and Mournwood (I14) – using a fleet - to
besiege the High Elf city of Caledor (H13)

“Siege in Caledor (H13) – 1000pts Dark Elf attacking 625pts High Elves defending a city”

High Elves:
The Phoenix King sends his armies in Nagarythe (I13) to attack the Dark Elf ruins of Karond Kar (J14)

“Open Battle in Karond Kar (J14) – 1500pts High Elf attacking 720pts Dark Elves”

In other news the High Elf Army in Lothern (I11) moves south to explore Yvresse (J11) and the
High Elf Army stationed in the Fortress of the Dawn (J12) advances south east to Tiranoc (J13) and
towards the Dark Elf Border.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 1

The latest map. Noteable events are the beginning of the Bretonnian siege of Kislev, the dark elf fleet catching and sinking the last of the high elf ships at harbour, and the dwarven annexation of an ogre village in the sweltering South.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Faq 1

Settlements separated by sea from the Capital, how do they provide revenue if they are isolated?
They provide revenue just fine provided you can trace a line of control to your capital, i.e. You have an unbroken line of provinces to your capital that you control (you don't 'control' provinces that are being besieged. You also dont 'control' provinces you own if it has an enemy ship in it and you don't have an army - pirates)

Can fleets embark an army, move and land an army in the same turn?
The fleet can embark and move but it can't 'land' an army unless it's landing on a different island on the same province (hex). The exceptions are high elves and dark elves because their ships can normally move two squares.

How does a banner act in allied provinces?
To ally with a player you must sign an official peace treaty seen by the GM. 'Allied' armies cannot get subsistence from tiles they don't own. Also no revenue can be garnered from a tile with an allied army in it in the last campaign month. Finally, allied armies cannot make winter quarter in their allies realm.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Map - Espionage and Year 2 Spring Spells

Here's the map for the beginning of year 2, after the Spring spells. Spells for particular hex below.

H8 (Shattered Stone Bay): Storm
C4 (Iron Hills): Withershins
E17 (Open Sea): Chaos Void
B11 (Heart of the Dark): Quake
C8 (Plains of Fimul): Portents of Terror
I11 (Lothern ): Portents of Terror
J14 (Karond Kar ): Quake
J13 (Tiranoc): Abundance

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rules - Victory Conditions

Victory conditions are the following:
The first person to control 5 capitals at the beginning of a winter season is the winner.
Only one player can win and be crowned 'Emperor of the Reforged Isles' in the Lost City of the Old Ones (I wonder where that might be on the map). All his allies are considered tributary states and generally forgotten by history.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Map Update - Army Deployment End of Year One

Here is the army deployment for the end of year one. Only espionage left for year one now, sharpen those back-stabbery daggers...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Army Banners: Dwarf Gyrocopter

Oh-arr I 'ave been paintin'. We mentioned previously that Warmaster models would be a great option for army banners.

You are privileged to be present for the unveiling of my new all powerful army banner. I can't lose with this baby on the map.
First off, click this link, come right back and let it play in the background.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Map Update - Dying Days of Year One

Well folks, after a cracking start, we have the map for the last days of year one. We still have some deployment and espionage to sort out, but we're off! Once again, let me extend the cold and dead hand of friendship to the dwarf and bretonnian realms. Peace and love.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pre-campaign slagging taster

"...and lemme tell ya somthin' else bub!"
(Slagging: U.K: criticism: a series of insulting, mocking, or critical comments.)

Here's a sweet taster of the back and forth between some players before the campaign kicks off, and also the relevant history wherein the source of bitterness and amused hatred lies.

Come with me to a misty, chill Thursday morning. The trees creak in the wind. The grass heavy with dew. Inside, after a night of drinking, the warm air is laden with insults...

[MrSaturday] Oh, and I'll be grudging some folks, so don't forget your armies.

[RedCraig] You don't know the meaning of the word grudge, until you're a Dwarf whose just been on the wrong end of a purple sun and you reach over and put your hand into a pile of goo that was your best friend's face, you'll never know.
Forget it, MrSaturday, it's Chinatown.
-- At a previous B*astardCon MrSaturday wiped out 73 Dwarfs with a single Purple Sun. RedCraig has never been angrier, and shouted IMBA a lot. He later admitted seriously considering giving up on Warhammer. --

I hold more grudges then lonely high court judges.
Melee, MrSaturday rented house Galway
Herp Derp; i fire my cannon and deliberately overguess the range
Our Hero; wait, what?
Herp Derp; make your chariot asplode hehehehe.
Our Hero Soon......
Many years pass
Not forgiven, not forgotten.
-- About 8(?) years ago in a grand melee of 1k point armies, RedCraig killed MrFett's General on his chariot in the first turn with an 'accidentally on purpose' cannon overshoot from across the board and behind another players army. With the ability to carry a grudge like that, MrFett should be playing Dwarves, not Brettonians. --

Purple fun, won't you come and wash away Te Craiaiigg, purple fun, puuurrpllleeee fun puuurrpllllee fu-a-uuunnnn.
I'll NEVER ger tired of that memory Craig. You know, I may take vampires this time, I've a couple of appalling lists I want to inflict on people. Pure filth.
MrFett, it's your ability and sheer capacity for bitterly clinging to old worn-out wrongs that makes you one of my favourite people.

And there was me thinking you just enjoyed me for my girth.
You were quite vocal about your appreciation of it on many an occasion.

[Dec] Excuse me, get a room!!!

[MrFett] I had a room but all your shit is in it.
-- Dec is storing a large amount of stuff in MrFett's garage, while moving house. --

[MrSaturday] One does not need to shout that the sun is bright MrFett...
-- Draw your own conclusions on this one. --