Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Year 2 - Autumn Spells & Winter Quarters

And so the heralds went across the land. The men of the cold North and worshippers of dark Gods
enter into an unholy pact with the Witch King.

Darl Elves and Warriors of Chaos are now officially allied.

Autumn Spells

The Slaughtermasters wove their spells well. The armies would eat well over winter. A Bumper Crop
was reported across the Ogre kingdoms with wheat stalks growing as tall as buildings. The Ogres will
receive three additional revenues to spend this winter.

The Vampire Counts and the Dwarfs unleashed a fury on the Ogre realm. From Karaz-a-Karak the
Dwarfs released a deluge on The Twins (G7) causing the river to swell, forming a tidal wave of
destruction. The village in G7 is razed. The Vampire wrath descended on the Ogres with appalling
force. They unleashed a trail of magical wind and storm (Howling Doom) on Gash Kardak (H9). The
magical storm destroyed 30pts of Ogre troops in Gash Kardak before spinning through Bloodpeak
(H10) and Chrace (H11). The howling tempest finally came to rest in Lothern (I11) the old High Elf
capital and now second seat of the Dark Elf Empire. No further losses or damage was taken. The
Vampire sorcery continued with an Inundation of Blood pouring down over The Ogres Great Hall
(I7). Immense damage was done and agriculture and trade wrecked. 100 points of Ogre troops were
swept away in the deluge of blood while no revenue can be produced by the capital this winter.

The Dark Elves sought to honour their new pact with their northern allies by using Shrouding Mists
to protect the Norscans and bring them safely home. Unfortunately the Dark Elf sorceries proved
difficult to control and the spell failed. Obviously an unfortunate mishap (2D6 roll = snake eyes).

Despite this mishap the victories of the northern hosts and the sacrifices to the dark gods drew
mighty champions to swear allegiance to the Chaos Lord in the hope of achieving eternal glory (Call
of Heroes). 800pts worth of Lords and Heroes offer their aid to the Chaos Lord.

Finally the Bretonnian King ordered days of fasting and retreat to celebrate their great victories. High
in the mountains above Couronne a vision of the Lady of the Lake appeared in a secluded lake to a
goat herder. She presented the boy with items of mighty power and grace. The better to defend and
purify the land... The Bretonnians receive 140pts of forged magic items as a gift from the Lady.

Winter Quarters

Everyone must now return their banners and fleets to Winter Quarters (see page 39 of the Mighty
Empire Rulebook.

Note the rules for billeting of army banners under the ‘Subsistence’ heading. The year-end total number of troops left for each empire (including the losses to spells and winter retreats) is shown below in random order.

Warriors of Chaos 2,720 Army + 1 Fleet
Bretonnia 3,242 Army + 1 Fleet
Dark Elf 1,170 Army + 1 Fleet
Ogre Kingdoms 3,770 Army + 1 Fleet
Dwarves 2,580 Army + 3 Fleet
Vampire Counts 3,225 Army + 1 Fleet
Beastmen 500 Army + 1 Fleet

Fleets are billeted for winter in coastal tiles – max 1 per tile or 2 per tile in the case of cities.

Winter retreat – only 1 banner on the map is forced to make a winter retreat – all other banners
make it home safely.

Warriors of Chaos banner in Talabheim (G14) is forced to stay there for winter. As the troops
struggle they lose 280 points worth of troops to the ravages of the encroaching winter.

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