Friday, December 9, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 5

The year enters it's closing phases, and Winter is coming...

Bretonnia and Beastmen

The Beast fleet in Lyonesse (D8) moved to intercept the Bretonnian fleet off Aguitaine (D7). Victory
would cut off the Bretonnians on Asur’s Rest from winter quarters. However the wiley Bretonnian
admiral withdrew to Bordeleaux (D6) to avoid an engagement.

The Beast army in the south (F11) continued their march through the Isle of Mists. The fearful
villagers in Osthof (F12) swore fealty to the occupying Beast troops.

The Beast army in the Plain of Ruin (C11) crossed the channel to Brayherd (C10) and prepared itself
for the inevitable invasion.

After weeks of dallying the Bretonnian King announced the beginning of the invasion. The cavalry
troops in the Plains of Fimul (C8) returned to the capital in Couronne (C6). The invasion was to be
launched by the cavalry army in Brionne (B8) and by the army in the Blood Grounds (B9). However
sickness swept the army in the Blood Grounds (scouting roll 5) and the banner lost 10 troops. The
army in Brionne pushed on and rode into Brayherd (C10) with righteous fervour

Battle for Brayherd - (village in C10)

1500pts of Bretonnian troops vs. 500pts of Beastmen troops

Bretonnian force known to be a cavalry army – 1500pts

Beast force raises a temporary muster of 150pts for the battle (see muster rules) – thus 650pts

JK and Noel – tabletop or let GM make the roll? (Modifier on a GM roll would be +2 for the Brets)


The plans had been meticulously prepared. This time they would not be tricked by the hairy footed
ones. They would begin the incursion before dawn while the indolent Halflings still slept. And so
the might of the Dwarven steel legions moved north east from the Scorpion Wastes (J4) to attack

the Free Villages (I5). The Halflings were ready and resisted strongly using guerrilla tactics to lure
the Dwarf forces into multiple ambushes. But the Dwarf juggernaut was too strong and the Halfling
resistance was broken. The Dwarfs ‘pacify’ the Free Villages. 250 Dwarf troops fell in the conquest
while all 100 of the Halflings irritants were destroyed.

Meanwhile the Dwarf King moved his forces in Fort Grungni (I4) back northwest to the capital in
Karaz-a-Karak (H3)

Dark Elves

The Dark Elves continued with their campaign to restore the Witch King’s control over the remaining
provinces still in rebellion on Kinsblood Isle. The army garrisoned in the Fortress of the Dawn (J12)
destroyed the rebels in Tiranoc (J13) but at a cost... with 150 of the Witch King’s men falling in the
effort to retake the province.

The remaining Dark Elf forces moved to consolidate. The forces in Karond Kar (J14) returned to the
capital in Naggarond (J15) while the army in the city of Caledor (H13) moves to take the village in (H12).

Warriors of Chaos

Having crushed the weak southern empire the Chaos lord was still hungry to devour more territory
in the name of his dark gods. He split his combined forces in Talabheim (G14) with one army moving
east to conquer Averland (G15) while the rest kept a watchful eye on the Elf kingdom to the south.
The hordes overwhelmed the newly styled border princes in Averland (losing 100 troops in the
process) and planted the banner of the eight sided star through the heart of the would-be princeling.


The captain of the Red Ogretober cursed the skies. His Slaughtermaster told him the unnatural storm
was the doing of the Vampire Counts. It was he could do the keep the fleet together. He cursed the

The Ogre fleet in Shattered Stone Bay (H8) is pushed off course by the Vampire’s magical storm. It
eventually escapes to the calmer water off The Twins (G7) after some dashing feats of shipman-ship
by the Ogre admiral.

The Ogre army in Direbogs (I6) send scouts north to investigate the Coast of Claws (H6). Along the
way the scouts run into a mercenary band of 100 troops which agrees to join the Ogre army to the
south. They move to join the Ogre forces in Direbogs (I6). The Coast of Claws (H6) remains uncharted
territory (scouting roll 10).

Meanwhile the Ogre forces in Mist gorge (F8) withdraw south east to the fortress beside the
Glowing Crater (F9) while the army in Tor Elyr (J9) moves west to Slave slaughter (J8)


Determined to unearth the local mystery the Undead scoured the province of Horrok’s Gap (F6).
Finally, the reports came back. There was a deep system of mines that at first appeared to be
disused (disused mine). Heady with the thoughts of what secrets lay beneath the Undead were
ordered deeper. Only then did the mistake become clear. It was a Skaven den (independent fortress).
The Skaven ambushed the scouts and announced their presence.

Decision for Vampires –

1. Storm the walls of the fortress
2. Batter the walls of the fortress, or
3. Withdraw to either Karak Kadrin (G6) or Giant’s Bed Mountains (F7)

In addition, the vampires continued their endless marching back and forth between Castle
Templehof (D4) and Castle Drakenhof (C3). By month’s end each fortress was garrisoned with an
army of the Undead. Meanwhile the ghost fleet stationed off Rockguts (H7) drifted south west to
move off the coast of Direbogs (I6).

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