Monday, December 19, 2011

End of First Year, ChaosInc

As a direct result of the over exposure by Empirical Dividends Plc to the collapsed Mournwood Banks Ltd, Marauder Inc has offered a comprehensive package to stabilise the Imperial economy consisting of the purchasing of real-estate at pre-collapse prices and the loan of skilled employees to complete capital construction projects. Fresh food supplies provided by His Most Benevolent Majesty Harakj VII have also been welcomed by refugees fleeing the economic collapse of Dark Elflund. The Royal Border Control Agency FBH (feck-off-back-home) have reported a marked increase in requests for political asylum from prominent Imperial Nobility fleeing the recent political unrest. Meanwhile the Royal Foreign Ministry WYM (what's-yours-is-mine) has reported improved relations with Beastonia. For all your up to date news from Chaostastica watch CampaignHammer!

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