Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Liche Decides

 The vampires make their decision:

The purple flag on the black tent snapped in the wind that howled up the pass. Many such tents were clustered around the base of the cliffs, while outside in the gale the ghouls howled and mewled as they vented their frustration at the delay. In one such tent the liche sat, considering.

Morbius had ordered the army to camp the day before while the tried to scry the nature of the power he felt in the valley. Thus far, all his attempts to glean any knowledge of what lay ahead had failed. In frustration he sent more scouts forward, but none had yet returned. All very vexing. Morbius sat in his favourite chair, sipping his 'tea' when his reveries were interrupted. A bestial warrior stepped into the tent, the hackles in his back rising as he squatted down near the entrance. The vampire Andre spoke with effort, the language seemingly unfamiliar to the creature, but it soon mastered the words as memory of speech returned.

"We cannod sday here. De packs ar growing more difficuld to gondrol as each hour passes. We have to go back before they turn on us entirely."

Morbius sighed, and set his tea on a spindly table. Rising, he made his decision. "Andre, so nice to see you in a form fit to converse with. As much as I appreciate your prowess as a raging horror, there are few to discuss the finer points of strategy with since we left the coast. You must be concerned indeed to come here in your old shape. But, not to worry, I have made a decision. We are moving on. Whatever this power is, there is no retreating now. It's far too late."

A tremor of rage shook Andre as he fought to control himself. With a grunt, he stood and spoke once more. "As you wish, but we are marching to our deaths." With that he loped from the tent, his roar lost in the whipping winds. "Too late for that too, I fear." the liche whispered.

A wight leant over from his post and closed the tent flap. A small wight, perhaps one of The Dawi that had fallen near the coast, Morbius mused. He shook the meandering thought from his head. The decision was made. They would strike camp and move on into the valley, to whatever end.

Map - Year 2, Turn 4

Another realm is destroyed, the isles are ablaze.

Empire & Warriors of Chaos:

The Battle of Talabheim
The Blacksmith knew his men rode to their doom. But what was the alternative... to live as slaves?
Not for him. They would die as heroes. The last Empire Army rides north from Talabheim (G14)
to the ruins of Altdorf in (F14)...where they are met by the hordes descending south from that
benighted city (both banners in F14). Great was the killing that Midsummer’s day. The Empire
Knights crashed into the waves of mutated Northmen as Outriders unleashed volleys into the
armoured masses. But too great were the endless waves of locusts they pushed
forward and finally beset on all sides the overwhelmed Empire lines began to crack. The Empire
army was scattered to the winds. So ended the Reikland Empire in the 39th year of the second age
ushering in a period of terrible and stygian darkness... great was the lamentation of the women.

Empire army destroyed but manage to kill 200pts of Warrior Troops

The Warriors Army in Northern Elswood (B15) returns south to the Cauldron in C15

Beasts of Chaos and Bretonnia:
The two Beast Fleets located off Lyonesse (D8) sailed west to attack the Bretonnian fleet
in Aquitaine (D7) only to be caught in a pincer by the two Bretonnian fleets converging on
Lyonesse (D8) from L’Anguille (C7) and Aquitaine (D7). The fleets eventually meet in the open
sea where the Bretonnian Corsairs and Galleons use their long range broadsides to gain an early
advantage...crippling one of the Chaos fleets. A cat and mouse ensues with the ranged weaponry of
the Bretonnians contrasting the close-in power of the Chaos Deathgalleys. Neither side can gain a
true advantage, but wherever the Beast ships are able to close with the Bretonnians they massacre
the crew in devastating boarding actions. Fully half the Bretonnian ships go down in this manner.
After six hours of intense fighting the weather conditions start to deteriorate and both sides are
pushed apart by severe storms

1 Beast Fleet destroyed and 1 Bretonnian Fleet destroyed – surviving Beast fleet is pushed back to
Lyonesse (D8) while the surviving Bretonnian fleet is pushed back to L’Anguille (C7)

On land the Beastlord arrays his force to resist the impending invasion from the west. He orders his
Army in Brayherd (C10) to move north to The Dark Tower (B10) and his Army in The Skull Lands (D9) to force-march north east to The Plain of Ruin (C11). Both armies move to comply without losses.

The Beast army in The Black Deeps (E11) moves south to Hergig (F11). The villagers offer tribute to
the monsters in their midst and the Beastmen take the province

The Bretonnian King sets his chess pieces to best execute the invasion. He sends the army in The
Beast Paths (C9) north to The Blood Grounds (B9) thereby taking the barren waste from the Beasts.

Meanwhile the mounted cavalry hordes in Couronne (C6) gallop east and north east to prepare in
Brionne (B8) and The Plains of Fimul (C8)

Vampires and The Anathema:

The Vampire Fleet off the coast of The Twins (G7) moves south to Rockguts (H7) to engage the OgreFleet but cannot fight locate the Ogre Navy. Both armies in Castle Drakenhof (C3) trudge southeast to Castle Templehof (D4). But it is on the Fabled Island of Asur’s Rest that the real action occurs. The Undead force in Karak Kadrin (G6) moves north to Horrok’s Gap (F6) only to find a blasted waste. For miles around the place is strewn with the bones of humans, dwarfs and elves – as well as creatures of unknown origin. The whole place reeks of evil.

Finally, Morbius takes his Army inThe Giant’s Bed Mountains (F7) southeast and across a hidden route in the mountains where he believes the Lost City of the Old Ones is located. Drawn to a hidden valley by an energy source of unimaginable power...but also perhaps unimaginable danger, Morbius is wracked with indecision. He makes camp to decide. With such power he could become ruler of the sundered isles yet his bodyguard, the formidable Andre, cautions him not to proceed.

A Question for Morbius (Vampires) – Do you still wish to enter the province?

Ogres and Dwarfs:
Glutted on Elf flesh the Ogre Tyrant orders a month of celebration and feasting to celebrate their
total victory. All Ogre armies stand. However, the Ogre Admiral of the Fleet in Rockguts (H7) moves
northeast to Shattered Stone Bay (H8) thereby evading a Vampire attack. The Vampire hunt for Red
Ogretober continues.

Meanwhile the Dwarven King prepares his forces deploying them aggressively against the Ogres
on the Burning Isle. The Army in Flayed Rock (J2) successfully force marches east across the desert
through The Scorched Wastes (I3) and into The Scorpion Wastes (J4) which they take over from
the Ogres. With the sun beating down on the armoured Dwarf some weakling younglings collapse
with exhaustion. Dwarfs lose 20pts of troops. The Dwarf King sends his remaining troops south onto
the Burning Isle using the fleets. The Army in Karaz-a-Karak H3 uses the fleet to cross the water
southeast to Fort Grungni (I4) while the Army in Barak Varr (G5) uses the fleet to cross the water
south to Kazad Thrund (H5)

Dark Elves and High Elves:
The Witch King moves to consolidate power before the restive territories assert independence.
The Army in Lothern (I11) moves southeast to occupy The Fortress of the Dawn (J12). The Army in
Naggarond (I15) moves southwest to reoccupy Karond Kar (J14) while the Army in The Black Pillar
(H14) moves southwest to occupy the city of Caledor (H13). The Dark Elf fleet in Lothern (I11) sails
northeast to observe rebel movements in Cothique (I12)

The remaining High Elf provinces assert their full independence... Yvresse (J11), Nagarythe (I13),
Tiranoc (J13) and Saphery (K12) all declare independence on Kinsblood Isle while Cothique (I12)
declare independence on Smith’s Isle.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 3 continued

The first realm falls!

In despair the dying Phoenix King looked out over the walls of Lothern. How had it come to this? Elf arrayed against Elf. Brother against brother. He would raise the white flag. This war must end. They
had already lost their territories on Kanesdue Isle to the barbarian creatures of the west. While word
from the north told of their erstwhile allies being crushed in the north.. He would give the Dark Elves
Lothern... He would give up his throne

The riders went out. The armies of the Phoenix king were ordered to disperse and submit to the rule
of the Witch King. The siege of Naggarond ended before it really began. Order would be restored
and the Elves would be united. Only through unity could the Elves gain rulership of the sundered
isles. The Kinstrife would end.

But the writ of the Phoenix King ran weak. In truth central authority had long collapsed. The so called
Sea Elf territory of Chrace (H11) was first to secede and declare independence. Chrace was quickly
followed by Avelorn (J10) and Eataine (K10). They too declared independence and a time of peace –
free from the yoke of Kings, Tyrants and other potentates.

The Witch King would have to move fast to restore complete order to the Elven Kingdoms lest other
provinces decided to declare independence...

“Game effect – High Elf Kingdom fully collapses at the end of Month 4 – after
that all former High Elf settlements not conquered will declare independence
– former High Elf provinces occupied in Month 4 will not resist and will join
whichever Kingdom occupies them – after Month 4 the newly independent
provinces will resist as normal”

Note: All High Elf Armies have dispersed and are immediately removed from the map

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 3

Turn 3 sees the action hotting up as there is furious activity from all armies, except the disintegrating Empire.

 Warriors of Chaos:
Chaos Army in Northern Elswood (B15) sends out rangers and trackers following rumours of
ancient ruins but find nothing. But all this is just a sideshow. The Great Host (armies in F15 and E13)
completed the ritual of festivus with the traditional feats of strength and descended on Altdorf
(F14). The 500 defenders were outnumbered 5-to-1 and their commander Maximillian von Genscher
knew that doom was nigh. He sent out riders to bring warning to the southern armies. When the
hosts arrived Von Genscher put his plan into operation. The high walls of Altdorf were seeded with
explosives and key points were booby trapped. The city is razed as part of a coordinated defence.
What followed was a massacre. All the defenders were wiped out by the rampaging horde although
they sold their lives magnificently – killing 300points of the Chaos horde. Altdorf is sacked and the
forces of chaos raise their blasted standard over the ruined city.

Woe and despair wracks the Empire. Averland and Ostermark secede from the Empire forming the
new independent Border Princes. The army and fleet in G15 desert and disperse. But one army holds
true. A young blacksmith rallies the forces in Talabheim and raises the banner of the Empire one last
time. Under his banner they plan to move on Altdorf to avenge the city.

The Beastman Fleets in The Skull Lands and the Beast Paths (C9 and D9) converge on the coast off
Lyonesse in D8. Army in Beastheart (E9) moves north to the Skull Lands (D10). Army in B11 moves
out of the Heart of the Dark (B11) and south west to Brayherd (C10).

The Bretonnian army in The Beast Paths (C9) sends out scouts. They encounter a merchant convoy
carrying food and supplies and acquire 5 baggage points. However the forces are delayed and they
fail to scout out Brayherd to the north east. The cavalry armies in Kislev (B4) ride south east through
Montfort province and then back to the capital Couronne (C6). The Bretonnian army in Aquitaine
(C9) rides south to The Challenge Stone where they encounter friendly villagers. The villages swear
fealty to the Bretonnian King.

The two Armies in Castle Templehof (D4) make their way across the mountains and arrive in Castle
Drakenhof (C3) to the north-west. The army in Karak Kadrin (G6) moves east to The Giant’s Bed
Mountains where they encounter fearful villagers. The villagers offer obeisance to the Undead and
the Vampires take the province. The remaining Vampire army lands successfully in Karak Kadrin (G6) amidst strong and unnatural winds.

The army of miners moves south-east from The Empty Coast H2) to the capital in Karaz-a-Karak (H3) while the army in Pigbarter (K2) moves north to Flayed Rock (J2). The Dwarven Admiral redeploys his fleets with the fleet in Karaz-a-Karak (H3) moving west to Silverspear (H4) while the fleet in Fort Grimnir (I2) moves west to Karaz-a-Karak.

The Ogre King decides that now is the time. He orders his armies to annexe the High Elf colonies
on Kanesdue Isle. Ogre armies move in from The Plain of Woe (K8) and Slaveslaughter (I9) where
they occupy the fertile lands of Tor Elyr (J9) and Tor Achre (I10). The Ogres claim total control over
Kanesdue Isle. The Ogres also move to crush the Halfling Free Peoples however dissent breaks out
in the ranks as mutinous troops refuse to attack their ancient allies. The force fails to move as it is
paralysed by indecision. Finally, the army based in The Glowing Crater (F9) moves north west to
occupy the Mist Gorge (F8). They find the province empty and barren.

Dark Elves and High Elves:
The Dark Elves end the siege on Caledor (H13). Dark Elf Army A withdraws to The Black Pillar (H14) but Army B is much more daring. They take ship across the seas moving west with the wind before landing outside the High Elf capital of Lothern( I11)...they are met outside the walls of the city by the High Elf Army moving north from Yvresse (J11).

Battle outside the walls of Lothern...winner takes/holds the High Elf capital.

500pts Dark Elves versus 500pts High Elves

Meanwhile the High Elves continue their advance through the Dark Elf heartlands. The army in
Tiranoc (J13) moves east to Karond Kar (J14) while the army in Karond Kar (J14) reaches the walls of Naggarond.

Siege of Naggarond...winner takes/holds the Dark Elf Capital.

1500pts High Elves besieging 670pts Dark Elves

Awaiting High Elf orders – storm the walls or starve the defenders?

Storm of Magic
The Storm of Magic Moves south enveloping Karak Kadrin (G6). One of the Vampire fleets is ripped
to pieces like matchstick (destroyed). The other is blown far from shore and settles off the coast of
the Ogre held province known as The Twins (G7). The Vampire Army in Karak Kadrin holds fast in the villages.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 2 continued

The latter part of turn 3 see the dark elves in Karond Kar (it got wrecked by the quake remember) in J14 (karond kar) withdraws to the dark elf capital in I15 (Naggarond) to prepare for the inevitable siege in future months.

The high elves pursue the withdrawing force through karond kar killing 50 points worth of dark elf troops. The high elves take Karond Kar. The dark elf army moves to the high walls of I15 (Naggarond - dark elf capital).

The supreme dark elf commander of the forces sent to take Caledor has opted to starve out the high elf defenders and batter the walls. Settlements under siege do not provide subsistence. When the high elves run out of food (baggage) the serious rolls will begin.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 2

The map for the second turn of year 2 sees a marked increase in conflict. Here's the breakdown for each realm:

Warriors of Chaos:
The armies invaded in the night. Great was the lamentation of the villagers as the northern hordes
poured ashore... The Chaos troops landed in Nordland (E13) and Ostland (F15) occupying both
provinces without serious effort... the once proud Empire, now bereft of leadership was falling apart.
With Chaos armies to the west and east of Altdorf things looked bleak indeed. The two Chaos fleets
moved to take Altdorf harbour (F14) only to be met by fierce resistance as Admiral Schenker moved
to delay the invasion. The squadrons of Wolfships sold themselves dearly but eventually succumbed
to the overwhelming power of the Black Fleet as the waters ran red with blood. Despite severe
losses Chaos took the bay while the soon to be besieged populace looked on in horror.

None of the electors are able to restore command as the political vacuum continues. All unengaged
armies and fleets stand.

The fleet in C10 (Brayherd) continued west through the channel to C9 (The Beast Paths) to close off
the choke point between Norslatch Isle and The Isle of Mists

The Bretonnian army in Lyonesse (D8) moved east and crossed the border into the empty plains
of C9 (The Beast Paths) occupying it in the name of the Bretonnian King. The army stationed in
L’Anquille (C7) uses the two fleets to pontoon south across the sea to Aquitaine (D7).

The siege of Kislev continues for another two weeks. The Bretonnian armies held their discipline in
the face of decreasing supplies. Eventually the Tsar’s Cossars buckle on the walls and the Bretonnian
King’s Troops Foot knights storm through. Realising defeat is inevitable the Tsar sues for peace.
Preferring an ally on his northern flank the King accepts. Peace is agreed and Kislev accepts its vassal status. The cost was heavy as another 200points of Bretonnian troops fall in battle.

The two Vampire fleets in Straddlebrook (F5) are ordered south east to take Karak Kadrin (G6). The
First Fleet (A) is caught in storms and is unable to push on (bad scout result). However the second
Fleet (B) does find its way through and lands with its army in G6. The Undead troops in the army deposited by Fleet B are reported to wipe out the Dwarven villagers before turning them into
undead playthings. Vampires take Karak Kadrin.

The Dwarf Army in Kazad Thrund (H5) moves north to defend Barak Varr (G5) while the explorers
sent out by the Army in The Empty Coast (H2) find evidence of an abandoned mine – prospectors
greedily go deeper underground to see what lies beneath. Finally, the Dwarf army in Flayed Rock
(J2) moves south along the desert coast and occupies the formerly Ogre held villages of Pigbarter

The Ogre fleet in The Great Hall (I7) moves north along the coast to Rockguts (H7). Great roars of joy are heard when the Ogre Army in Dreary wood (J8) moves south to find a friendly city in the Plain of Woe (K8). The city immediately joins the Ogre Kingdoms amidst much celebration. Finally, the army stationed in Shambletown (G9) when advancing north discovers an abandoned fortress beside a glowing crater in (F9) which it immediately occupies. Despite this boon the place feels somehow wrong and many Ogres are beset by living nightmares.

“Cold war between brother and sister turns to total war as the Asur and Druchii try and obliterate
each other.”

Dark Elves:
The With King sends his armies in The Black Pillar (H14) and Mournwood (I14) – using a fleet - to
besiege the High Elf city of Caledor (H13)

“Siege in Caledor (H13) – 1000pts Dark Elf attacking 625pts High Elves defending a city”

High Elves:
The Phoenix King sends his armies in Nagarythe (I13) to attack the Dark Elf ruins of Karond Kar (J14)

“Open Battle in Karond Kar (J14) – 1500pts High Elf attacking 720pts Dark Elves”

In other news the High Elf Army in Lothern (I11) moves south to explore Yvresse (J11) and the
High Elf Army stationed in the Fortress of the Dawn (J12) advances south east to Tiranoc (J13) and
towards the Dark Elf Border.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 1

The latest map. Noteable events are the beginning of the Bretonnian siege of Kislev, the dark elf fleet catching and sinking the last of the high elf ships at harbour, and the dwarven annexation of an ogre village in the sweltering South.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Faq 1

Settlements separated by sea from the Capital, how do they provide revenue if they are isolated?
They provide revenue just fine provided you can trace a line of control to your capital, i.e. You have an unbroken line of provinces to your capital that you control (you don't 'control' provinces that are being besieged. You also dont 'control' provinces you own if it has an enemy ship in it and you don't have an army - pirates)

Can fleets embark an army, move and land an army in the same turn?
The fleet can embark and move but it can't 'land' an army unless it's landing on a different island on the same province (hex). The exceptions are high elves and dark elves because their ships can normally move two squares.

How does a banner act in allied provinces?
To ally with a player you must sign an official peace treaty seen by the GM. 'Allied' armies cannot get subsistence from tiles they don't own. Also no revenue can be garnered from a tile with an allied army in it in the last campaign month. Finally, allied armies cannot make winter quarter in their allies realm.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Map - Espionage and Year 2 Spring Spells

Here's the map for the beginning of year 2, after the Spring spells. Spells for particular hex below.

H8 (Shattered Stone Bay): Storm
C4 (Iron Hills): Withershins
E17 (Open Sea): Chaos Void
B11 (Heart of the Dark): Quake
C8 (Plains of Fimul): Portents of Terror
I11 (Lothern ): Portents of Terror
J14 (Karond Kar ): Quake
J13 (Tiranoc): Abundance

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rules - Victory Conditions

Victory conditions are the following:
The first person to control 5 capitals at the beginning of a winter season is the winner.
Only one player can win and be crowned 'Emperor of the Reforged Isles' in the Lost City of the Old Ones (I wonder where that might be on the map). All his allies are considered tributary states and generally forgotten by history.