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Map - Year 2, Turn 4

Another realm is destroyed, the isles are ablaze.

Empire & Warriors of Chaos:

The Battle of Talabheim
The Blacksmith knew his men rode to their doom. But what was the alternative... to live as slaves?
Not for him. They would die as heroes. The last Empire Army rides north from Talabheim (G14)
to the ruins of Altdorf in (F14)...where they are met by the hordes descending south from that
benighted city (both banners in F14). Great was the killing that Midsummer’s day. The Empire
Knights crashed into the waves of mutated Northmen as Outriders unleashed volleys into the
armoured masses. But too great were the endless waves of locusts they pushed
forward and finally beset on all sides the overwhelmed Empire lines began to crack. The Empire
army was scattered to the winds. So ended the Reikland Empire in the 39th year of the second age
ushering in a period of terrible and stygian darkness... great was the lamentation of the women.

Empire army destroyed but manage to kill 200pts of Warrior Troops

The Warriors Army in Northern Elswood (B15) returns south to the Cauldron in C15

Beasts of Chaos and Bretonnia:
The two Beast Fleets located off Lyonesse (D8) sailed west to attack the Bretonnian fleet
in Aquitaine (D7) only to be caught in a pincer by the two Bretonnian fleets converging on
Lyonesse (D8) from L’Anguille (C7) and Aquitaine (D7). The fleets eventually meet in the open
sea where the Bretonnian Corsairs and Galleons use their long range broadsides to gain an early
advantage...crippling one of the Chaos fleets. A cat and mouse ensues with the ranged weaponry of
the Bretonnians contrasting the close-in power of the Chaos Deathgalleys. Neither side can gain a
true advantage, but wherever the Beast ships are able to close with the Bretonnians they massacre
the crew in devastating boarding actions. Fully half the Bretonnian ships go down in this manner.
After six hours of intense fighting the weather conditions start to deteriorate and both sides are
pushed apart by severe storms

1 Beast Fleet destroyed and 1 Bretonnian Fleet destroyed – surviving Beast fleet is pushed back to
Lyonesse (D8) while the surviving Bretonnian fleet is pushed back to L’Anguille (C7)

On land the Beastlord arrays his force to resist the impending invasion from the west. He orders his
Army in Brayherd (C10) to move north to The Dark Tower (B10) and his Army in The Skull Lands (D9) to force-march north east to The Plain of Ruin (C11). Both armies move to comply without losses.

The Beast army in The Black Deeps (E11) moves south to Hergig (F11). The villagers offer tribute to
the monsters in their midst and the Beastmen take the province

The Bretonnian King sets his chess pieces to best execute the invasion. He sends the army in The
Beast Paths (C9) north to The Blood Grounds (B9) thereby taking the barren waste from the Beasts.

Meanwhile the mounted cavalry hordes in Couronne (C6) gallop east and north east to prepare in
Brionne (B8) and The Plains of Fimul (C8)

Vampires and The Anathema:

The Vampire Fleet off the coast of The Twins (G7) moves south to Rockguts (H7) to engage the OgreFleet but cannot fight locate the Ogre Navy. Both armies in Castle Drakenhof (C3) trudge southeast to Castle Templehof (D4). But it is on the Fabled Island of Asur’s Rest that the real action occurs. The Undead force in Karak Kadrin (G6) moves north to Horrok’s Gap (F6) only to find a blasted waste. For miles around the place is strewn with the bones of humans, dwarfs and elves – as well as creatures of unknown origin. The whole place reeks of evil.

Finally, Morbius takes his Army inThe Giant’s Bed Mountains (F7) southeast and across a hidden route in the mountains where he believes the Lost City of the Old Ones is located. Drawn to a hidden valley by an energy source of unimaginable power...but also perhaps unimaginable danger, Morbius is wracked with indecision. He makes camp to decide. With such power he could become ruler of the sundered isles yet his bodyguard, the formidable Andre, cautions him not to proceed.

A Question for Morbius (Vampires) – Do you still wish to enter the province?

Ogres and Dwarfs:
Glutted on Elf flesh the Ogre Tyrant orders a month of celebration and feasting to celebrate their
total victory. All Ogre armies stand. However, the Ogre Admiral of the Fleet in Rockguts (H7) moves
northeast to Shattered Stone Bay (H8) thereby evading a Vampire attack. The Vampire hunt for Red
Ogretober continues.

Meanwhile the Dwarven King prepares his forces deploying them aggressively against the Ogres
on the Burning Isle. The Army in Flayed Rock (J2) successfully force marches east across the desert
through The Scorched Wastes (I3) and into The Scorpion Wastes (J4) which they take over from
the Ogres. With the sun beating down on the armoured Dwarf some weakling younglings collapse
with exhaustion. Dwarfs lose 20pts of troops. The Dwarf King sends his remaining troops south onto
the Burning Isle using the fleets. The Army in Karaz-a-Karak H3 uses the fleet to cross the water
southeast to Fort Grungni (I4) while the Army in Barak Varr (G5) uses the fleet to cross the water
south to Kazad Thrund (H5)

Dark Elves and High Elves:
The Witch King moves to consolidate power before the restive territories assert independence.
The Army in Lothern (I11) moves southeast to occupy The Fortress of the Dawn (J12). The Army in
Naggarond (I15) moves southwest to reoccupy Karond Kar (J14) while the Army in The Black Pillar
(H14) moves southwest to occupy the city of Caledor (H13). The Dark Elf fleet in Lothern (I11) sails
northeast to observe rebel movements in Cothique (I12)

The remaining High Elf provinces assert their full independence... Yvresse (J11), Nagarythe (I13),
Tiranoc (J13) and Saphery (K12) all declare independence on Kinsblood Isle while Cothique (I12)
declare independence on Smith’s Isle.

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