Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Map - Year 7, Turn 6

The End approaches...

The warriors of chaos and the Bretonnians both stood as the world awaits news of the Vampire's coup. In the far north the rattle of bones is heard. The omens are good as the deadites march unhindered into the old Beastman capital.

Macdanalus, Scrivener to the King

Crucially the Vampire Counts now hold 5 capitals. Enough for victory in the campaign.

Only the Dwarfs can prevent the Liche from seizing the Imperial Crown and Lordship on the Sundered Isles. The Dwarf army in Shattered Stone Bay force marches down to help push through the siege of the Great Ogre Hall. 30 troops are lost on the long march south. 

The Last battle
Attacker: 2 separate Dwarf armies (A) Survivors of the last battle - same list; (B) The force marching army - 470pts (normal army selection rules) Attacker can buy new siege equipment and loses old siege equipment - total is 470 + surviving value of the first army

Defender: Surviving Vampire Counts troops. Defender gets new siege equipment equal to the value of the surviving troops and loses old siege equipment

- models with lost wounds are restored to full wounds e.g. characters, monstrous infantry and war machines - new units disappear, e.g. zombies, and units cannot start with more models than in their original army list.