Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Map - Year 7, Turn 1

 Macdanalus, Scrivener to the King. The Seventh Year and First Campaign Month of the Great War.

On Asur’s rest the Bretonnians swept down from the Challenge stone (E7) to seize the Twins (F7)
from the Undead. Back on Norslatch they signalled the invasion of the dead king’s realm. All did not
go to plan. The Necromancers’ portents of terror had created a pall over the Grey Mountains (C5)
which prevented the army from moving. More successful was the Montfort (B5) battalion which
marched into the Iron Hills (C4) and burned the Blood Knights’ temple to the ground while securing
control of the province.

The Dwarf invasion came from the south and the west. Both armies in Krag Bryn (F2) stormed
into Licheburg (E3) trailed by their two fleets offshore. The Straddlebrook expeditionary force (F5)
boarded ship and set sail for Karak Kadrin (G6) while the Karaz-a-Karak (H3) clansmen force marched north through South Morswald (G3) and into North Morswald (F3). The brutal march put paid to 40 Dwarf troops. On Kanesdue the Dwarf 2nd army marched out of the old Ogre capital (I7) and into the Tusk (I8) while the Slayers from Dreary Wood (J7) moved into the Great Hall (I7) to try board ship. Unfortunately localised storms prevented the ship and its ginger haired crew of psychopaths sailing out of port.

Vampire Counts response
The dead King scrambled to respond to the Dwarf and Bretonnian invasion. He ordered the army in
Bloodpeak (H10) west into Shambletown (G9) to protect the Lost City while the fleet in Bloodpeak
was sent south west into Gash Kardak (H9) to cut off the Dwarf invasion from Kanesdue Isle. The
Caledor (H13) fleet and army sailed south east into the coast off Nagarythe (I13) while the army
in Bastion Hills (H12) marched into Caledor (H13). With his diplomacy in tatters the undead king
suffered mutiny from within his own army. While the mutiny was crushed it prevented the army
moving out of Talabheim (G14). The king then split the Talabheim army into two smaller banners.

To the north the Altdorf (F14) army quietly boarded ship and was last seen off the coast of Nordland
(E13). The army in Mousillon (D3) prepared its defences for the coming siege.

War on the Foot
After enduring six months of devastating chill and one month of continuous bombardment the
Norse Lord (C15) finally got the signal he had been waiting for. The Kvellig (D14) relief force was
on its way led by Krogar Fell-Hand himself. The Cauldron itself had been reduced to rubble by the bombardment and was now all but useless as a defensive position. It was time to quench his thirst
with Bretonnian blood. He ordered his armies to prepare to sally forth.

Outside the walls the cavalry hordes of the Bretonni looked like a sea of bright colour and glittering
metal over the blackened and cursed earth (C15). The scouts reported that Duc Manfred had almost
arrived with his army from Western Elswood (C14). Apparently it had been a harsh month with 120
brave men succumbing to starvation. It was almost time…

To the south-east the Norse plans had gone awry. Their army in Aesling (D16) had scouting
difficulties and trouble with mercenaries. Although 100 troops were recruited to the banner they
would not be able to arrive in time for the second battle of the Cauldron…

Territorial Changes
Bretonnians seize The Twins (F7) from the Vampire Counts – village
Bretonnians seize the Iron Hills (C4) from the Vampire Counts – temple is destroyed

Dwarfs seize the Tusk (I8) from the Vampire Counts – fortress
Dwarfs seize North Morswald (F3) from the Vampire Counts – village
Dwarfs seize Licheberg (E3) from the Vampire Counts – village

Casualties and Reinforcements
Bretonnian 2nd army loses 120pts to starvation
Warriors of Chaos 3rd army recruits 100pts of mercenaries
Dwarf 1st army loses 40pts to forced march

The second battle of the Cauldron (known in later years as ‘The Crimson Fields’)

Bretonnian forces (2,880pts):
Bretonnian 1st army (led by the King) – 1,500pts
Bretonnian 2nd army – 1,380pts

Chaos forces (2,940pts):
Warriors of Chaos 1st army (led by the King) – 1,440pts
Warriors of Chaos 2nd army – 1,500pts

Armies containing the King can spend unlimited points on characters but must still have a minimum
of 25% on core. The King gets a free magic item (heirloom) from the magic item section of his army
book that does not count to the total points of the army, or to the maximum he can spend on magic
items. Kings are +1 Leadership (or +1 Weapon Skill if already Leadership 10).

Monday, February 18, 2013

Map - Year 7, Spring Spells

Betrayed and bruised, but fuelled by an aching bitterness, the Liche ordered his magical defences.
Gifted with the power of raw magic from his new alliance with the northern warriors of chaos
and their dark gods, his coven of necromancers brought this raw magic into a deadly coalescence,
bending the laws of nature and spewing a vortex of chaos over the Eerie Downs (E5). Next, the
coven unleashed a debilitating plague of nightmares and waking qualms of terrifying intensity over
the Grey Mountains (C5).

Far to the east the sorcerer lords of chaos invoked the power of grandfather Nurgle. Papa Nurgle
blessed Northern Elswood (C14) with a beautiful and colourful rot. Four months’ worth of Brettonian
supplies immediately decay and are destroyed.

The Dwarves reputation for weak magical prowess was once again borne out as their attempt to
restore life and abundance to Mousillon (D3) surprisingly failed.

Finally, the storm of magic roiled west and settled over Chrace (H11).

Spell effects (all last for the campaign year)

Chaos Void is over the Eerie Downs (E5)
  • Any banner or fleet moving in is automatically destroyed

Portents of Terror is over the Grey Mountains (C5)
  • Any force in the tile must roll 4+ on D6 or be trapped in the tile for the turn

Rot is over Northern Elswood (C14)
  • Any baggage that enters the tile is automatically destroyed

Friday, February 15, 2013

Map - Year 7, Espionage


The plans had been in motion for years. The Dwarf operatives based in the Great Wall on Rusty Plain (G2) and the world renowned operatives of Couronne moved into action quickly once the signal came down. The Dawi spies wiped the Vampire operatives from the map in a single night of clean yet thorough destruction. At least it was almost thorough…   

A single Lahmian spy intercepted orders being delivered to the Straddlebrook (F5) expeditionary force which provides vague information about troop numbers and movements.

Meanwhile, the Dawi had been perfecting their zombie impersonation techniques. Fortunately Dwarfs have a high tolerance for poor personal hygiene. While some spies vanish without trace the Dwarfs gradually learn a great deal about the movements and size of three separate Undead armies.
The Bretonnians moved quickly to throw the Undead forces on Norslatch into disarray. In a dawn raid led by the heroes Jacques Crow and Jean Charpentier, the Bretonnians caught the Blood Knights of Iron Hills (C4) while they were sleeping in their sarcophagi. Not a single vampire survived and the entire banner is effectively destroyed for this campaign year. Charpentier alas was last seen falling from a cliff while wrestling with Valek the leader of the Blood Knights. His body was never found.  The assassins sent against the Vampire capital were also successful. A senior Liche was destroyed by lord Flash-hart while preparing an equinox spell. Flash-hart later escaped the citadel after a daring carriage chase through ghoul town.

The Chaos worshippers were better prepared for the Bretonnian black ops and only a single assassin was able to outwit the Norse agents and breach the walls of the Cauldron. A few troops died but the damage was contained.

The Norse were less well prepared for the band of Bretonnian saboteurs that attacked Kvellig (D14). The saboteurs poisoned the fortress food stores destroying all baggage in the province. They also set fire to the fortress causing immense damage and killing many people. Kvellig is razed to the ground though the banner is unaffected and the fleet escapes just in time.  

Game effects (in the order shown – I randomised)

Vampire Counts temple banner in the Iron Hills (C4) is destroyed.
Vampire Counts banner in Mousillon (D3) loses 250 troops.
Warriors of Chaos banner in the Cauldron (C15) loses 60 troops.

All baggage in Kvellig (D14) is destroyed.
The fortress at Kvellig (D14) is razed.

Dwarfs must reveal to the Vampire Counts the point value of the Straddlebrook expeditionary force (Banner in F5) and must also reveal to the Vampire Counts where the banner and fleet in Straddlebrook (F5) intend to go during the first campaign month. Then Vampires must reveal to the Dwarfs the remaining point value of their banners in Mousillon (D3), Bloodpeak (H10) and Caledor (H13) and must also reveal where these banners and their fleets are going to move during the first campaign month.

Spring Spells
  • Vampire Counts: Chaos Void, Portents of Terror
  • Bretonnians: Na
  • Warriors:  Rot
  • Dwarfs: Abundance

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Map - Year 7, Deployment

As dawn broke on the Isle of Smiths a rider spurred his mount onward over the low hills and into the pasture land beyond. The ruins of the human town was the rider's goal, there to convey news of the most base of treacheries to his master.

For a day after hearing the reports from the West, Morbius quietly seethed. 

Honour, honour the humans and dwarves rattled on about. Honour the dwarves had spoken of as he gave them the ogre's fortresses. Honour was the word of the day when his assassins had sunk the drow ships on Norslatch. Granted, they had given the humans a greater headache after being marooned, but the intention had been to help. Overall.

Eventually, Morbius rose and gave a great sigh. Perhaps it was time to find a new friend. One that did not harp on about honour so much. He looked out the shattered window at the silent ranks of his undead followers, patiently awaiting his will.

"Ultimately, one supposes, this is what comes of treating with the living." Morbius spoke aloud, to nobody in particular.

As one, his entire army broke from it's reverie, pivoted on the spot in perfect unison, and began the long march West. All but the rider, who now had another message to deliver.