Monday, June 27, 2011

Campaign ToDos

To the ball rolling for the rest of us (it's already merrily rolling between Tom and Dave), I'd like to get a list together of what we think needs done to kick this campaign off. Comment away and I'll edit the article, or indeed edit it yourself, fellow contributor.
  • Tom gets final rules together
  • establish a loose set of rules / timeline for doing things in game (i.e. each game turn we should have a week to commit orders, then the rest of the month to resolve battles? - a turn a month then.)
  • communication for rules decisions and game announcements.
    I don't think this blog is the place to discuss rules decisions or make announcements
    (i.e. get your orders in! this turns orders deadline is tomorrow, that means you playerX)
    that you need players to read. Players might not read this blog to catch these things.
    Possible options (I'd prefer the 3rd option):
    • a forum
    • large email threads
    • a campaign specific google group
  • agree on some way of getting folks attention, if we need to make a vote or decision about something we'd I'm sure we'd rather not wait weeks for resolution
  • I'd would see this blog (and feel free to disagree with me here) as a place for turn summaries, drawing attention to player situations, discussion as to why they chose specific orders, thoughts before and after order submission & turn resolving, and above all, the backstabbery!
  • players pick start points on map!
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