Monday, May 20, 2013

Map - Year 7, Turn 4

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty Fourth Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, Scrivener to the King. The Seventh Year and Fourth Campaign Month of the Great War.

Communications had broken down and some dark fugue had come over the Bretonnian forces. The forces on Norslatch and Asur’s Rest held close to their basecamps. Meanwhile the errantry force holed up in the fortress of Western Elswood held its breath as the forces of the primordial annihilator marched up to the walls. The screaming Norscan horde settled in to starve out the grim defenders.

The Siege of Western Elswood (C14)
Besieged: 2,380 Bretonnian troops led by their King
Besieging force: 3,964 Norse troops led by their King

There was no respite for the Undead on Norslatch. The Undead 6th army and the Dwarf 4th army clashed on the plains to the east of the Red River. The Dwarfs barrelled their way relentlessly through the Ghoul defenders and all the way to the mouth of the River. Not a single Undead survived the onslaught. It was a massacre. The other Dwarf banner in Mousillon (D3) marched in to occupy Wolf Crag (E2) where it was joined by the Dwarfs two northern fleets.

Elsewhere the Dwarfs moved to reorganise. The banner on Dolmen’s Island moved south to North Morswald (F3) while the Slayers moved south to Direbogs (I6) and the site of the old Ogre massacre.

The banner on Asur’s Rest (G8) split into three smaller banners while the combined southern fleet steamed east to control the strait (H8) between Asur’s Rest and Kanesdue Isle. In response the Undead fleet sailed south to Rockguts (H7).

Things went less well for the Dwarfs at The Tusk (I8). A communications breakdown prevented the Dwarfs from redeploying and this allowed the nearby Undead army to march unimpeded into the old Ogre capital (I7). On Smith’s Isle the banner in Ostermark (G16) was delayed by torrential rain although the army in Talabheim (G14) marched east to take Averland (G15)

The time had arrived and the Liche made his move. In one fell swoop the Undead forces moved in to occupy the old High Elf capital of Lothern (I11) and the old Dark Elf capital of Naggarond (I15).

…and far to the north a lone Undead banner marched north into the desolate Plain of Ruin (C11)

Casualties300 Undead destroyed by Dwarfs at the Red River (D2)
50 Dwarfs destroyed by Undead at the Red River (D2) 

Dwarfs take the Red River from the Undead (D2) – barren
Dwarfs take Wolf Crag from the Undead (E2) – village

Undead take the Great Hall from the Dwarfs ((I7) – Ogre capital and throne
Undead take Lothern from the Dwarfs ((I11) – razed High Elf capital and throne
Undead take Naggarond from the Warriors of Chaos (I15) – razed Dark Elf capital and throne
Undead take the Plain of Ruin (C11) from the Bretonnians – barren
Undead take Averland from the Warriors of Chaos (G15) razed village


  1. I am in awe of the fortitude of your gaming group to keep a campaign of this magnitude going for so long. I thought we were doing well to keep 5 players interested in a 15 turn Border Princes campaign, but this is quite a feat.

    1. I'm kind of amazed myself. It's coming to a head now though, this is probably the penultimate year. Reminds me, I have a map update to do!