Thursday, April 26, 2012

Map - Year 4, Turn 5 continued

 The dark elves continue to cling on, destroying the monstrous chaos host before the gates of Lothern.

"Join us? please?", he regarded them, the trance fading now and the world regaining it's colour.  he squatted with the others and accepted the food. He had spent the late afternoon giving thanks to Khaine for today's victory and the fresh marks on his arms were clearly visible. He inclined his head once in thanks and the buzz of conversation returned.

They had arrived in the late afternoon to see the last of the city guard arrayed in a long line about to sell their lives dearly to a huge chaos hell cannon and a group of the dragon ogres.  Racing to join the dark riders, the two lined up near the ogres and with a wordless command the dark riders and executioners had charged, fury and hate powering their already over tired bodies forward.  It had been a slaughter, the massive ogres were no match for the deft elves.  they fell quickly but not before one massive male had cut a bloody path through the dark riders, felling two riders and their beautiful black horses. 

The guard were joining the fray now, moving quickly towards the hell cannon, firing, reloading, moving again.  One lucky shot hit it somewhere vital and it bellowed in rage.  The riders and executioners closed on the hell cannon, black ichor barely missing them.  The guards were not that lucky, losing seven of their brothers but nothing would stop their charge now.

The riders were closing now, the executioners in hot pursuit, the cannon no longer able to draw fire on them, too close, the cannon was flinching under a hail of bolts now from the guards. It was over quickly, no more dead elves.  The executioners surrounded the demon, the last of their strength flowed through them and they finished it. Blow after blow rained down and it was silent. quiet, just the breathing of tired warriors

on the spit, part of the dragon ogre turned, the smell of roasting flesh filling his nose.  the first of the prisoners was brought forward a squat dwarf creature in garish armour.  All of the elves regarded him waiting for his order.  "be careful this time when you put him on the spit, I believe we could have a record breaker in this one"

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