Friday, April 27, 2012

Map - Year 4, Turn 5 continued 2

The two armies met on a rocky plain to the north east of the city amidst heavy rain and gale force
wind. The Dwarfs initially drew themselves up in defence as a storm of cannonade, shot and bolt
ripped into the onrushing Ogre charge. The hail of lead was interrupted by a sneak attack from
behind as Ogre guerrilla fighters rampaged through the Dwarf lines and made the Dwarf artillery
go silent. The armies clattered into each other in a maelstrom of flesh, steel and sweat as axe and
hammer clashed with club and ironfist. All semblance of order quickly broke down as the battle
degenerated into a series of smaller skirmishes. The wind continued to whip up denying the Dwarf
air force the chance to take to the skies though the Slayers at least found great sport against the
Ogre Yhetees only to be wiped out themselves at the hands of an Ogre Bruiser and his band of
merry Maneaters. The brutal back and forth campaign was to continue for a whole month across the
ragged scrubland of western Kanesdue with neither side able to gain a truly decisive advantage. The
blood-oaths on both sides grew steadily day on day. The end was coming but not yet... the battle
for the Great Hall would continued with both sides retreating to catch breath. 

The Ogre commander withdrew his last forces to the great fortress of The Tusk (I8) while the Dwarf lord withdrew his H8 troops to the villages of Rockguts province (H7).

Dwarfs withdraw to Rockguts (H8)
Dwarfs lose 250 troops – army has 1115pts left
Ogres withdraw to The Tusk (I8)
Ogres lose 250 troops – army has 959pts left (remember musters respawn before battles)

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