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Map - Year 4, Turn 4

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty First Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fourth Year and Fourth Campaign Month of the Great War

...and so it was that total war enveloped the Sundered Isles...

Redbeard looked back one last time. His lads had won and they would be just fine under Craggson’s
leadership. They had won but he had failed them. He had run from the Ironguts and he could never
make up for the shame. Hefting his family’s heirloom over his shoulder the Slayer turned east to find
his doom.

Duke Louis awoke from his dream with a start. They were betrayed. Arise, arise! We ride north to
the Plain of Ruin.

The dead men were not going away. Even Golgfag could figure out their plan. He wasn’t going to die
behind some damn wall. The waiting was over the Ogres would go to war!

Harkon smiled. He loved the smell of roasted Bretonnian in the morning. It smelled like...

Asavar Oathbreaker looked up from the note. “We go west. Begin the invasion.”

The Liche stared wistfully at the mountains that hid the Lost City of the Old Ones. With it’s secrets in
his grasp he could rule this world.

Dark Elves
The Druchii Commander made his decision. His band of reavers could never hold Couronne for
long against the mon-keigh. Instead they would push north to Bordeleaux (B6). He would lead the
humans a merry chase. And so the reavers marked a red ruin in every village they found. Such was
the devastation they left in their wake that the province of Bordeleaux was effectively razed. Far to
the south the heroes of the Bastion Hills (H12) came down from the mountains to try and retake the
mighty city of Caledor (H13) from the Norse. On Kinsblood itself the Druchii armies continued their retreat west. The army in the Fortress of the Dawn (J12) withdrew back to defend the new capital at
Lothern (I11) while the army at Tiranoc (J13) withdrew back to the Fortress of the Dawn (J12).

The game of cat and mouse with the Druchii reavers continued on Norslatch. The cavalry army on
the Plain of Fimul (C8) galloped west to defend Couronne (C6) while the other two armies advanced
on Bastonne (B7). Pickings were slim on the barren and depressing Plain of Fimul and 50 Bretonni
troops lost their lives to starvation amidst rumours of strange swamp creatures.

Guided by a vision from the Lady, the Bretonnian camped on the Skull Lands (D9) raced north and
west. At first things went well but while attempting a second push the scouts were waylaid forcing
the army to set camp at the Place of Dark Rain (D10).

Warriors of Chaos
The signal for the invasion was passed down and the hordes of Chaos deployed on the Isle of Mists
pushed west across the border and into Bretonnian territory. The Beast Rock army (C12) seized the
Plain of Ruin (C11) while the army garrisoned on the Herding Plain (E12) seized the sylvan villages
located within the Forest of Eyes (D11).

However the southern campaign was not going as well as planned. The fourth command had been
completely wiped out in the Bastion Hills. Keen to avenge their fallen brothers the garrison at
Ghrond (G13) pushed south to intercept the Druchii survivors outside Caledor (H13). This time the
Druchii were outnumbered four to one.

The Caledor Incident
160 Dark Elf troops versus 660 Warriors of Chaos troops.
Warriors of Chaos are a cavalry army.
Tabletop or dice roll? Dice roll = Dark Elves at -3.

Bad weather ruined the Norsemen’s attempt to wipe out the Druchii on Kinsblood before winter as
mysterious storms prevented the Armoured Warriors (J14) advancing west from Karond Kar. To the
east in Hag Graef (H15) the 7th army pushed south to occupy Naggarond (I15). The Daemon army
(G14) moved north to Altdorf (F14) while the homeland army returned to the great Cauldron (C15).
But it was at Lothern where the great tales would be written. The sights that beheld the Druchii
defenders on the walls of the great city were a nightmare vision as a force out of hell spewed up
from the beaches. The assault on Lothern had begun.

The Nightmare of Lothern
440 Dark Elf troops versus 400 Warriors of Chaos troops.
Warriors of Chaos army is a monstrous host – use chaos creatures from Storm of Magic.
Dark Elves must choose – withdraw behind the walls or fight in open battle?

The Dwarf fleet continued to evade its Ogre pursuers and steamed north to the Twins (G7). In the
aftermath of the bloody conflict over the Creeping Caves the newly merged Dwarf army (J7) held
great ceremonies of mourning for their dead leader. It was not yet time to move on. The rituals must
be observed. Meanwhile in the Ogre Great Hall (I7) the leader of the Dwarven interlopers renamed
the Ogre capital ‘Ogri-Gnollengrom’ which means: “Ogre’s respect due to a Dwarf who has a longer
and more spectacular beard”.

Ogre Kingdoms
The remaining Ogre troops left on Kanesdue converged on the site of the former Ogre capital (I7)
with bloody vengeance in mind. No Ogre would rest while the affront created by the hairy short
bearded ones lasted. The Ogre armies merged their forces before battle.

Battle for Kanesdue

1209 Ogre Kingdom troops + 300 Ogre muster versus 1365 Dwarf troops.

With control of the Ogre capital at stake a unit of Ogre core troop worth 300pts musters to defend
its homeland. The unit gets the scout rule or the vanguard rule (choose which) to represent their
knowledge of the local terrain.

Dwarf King must choose – open battle or retreat behind the walls?

Meanwhile the Ogre defenders of Blood Keep (H10) sallied out to meet their glorious doom against
the Deadite hordes.

Battle for Blood Keep
540 Ogre Kingdoms versus 850 Vampire troops.
Tabletop or dice roll? Dice roll = Ogres at -1.

Finally the Ogre fleet was paralysed by rumours of the death of the Ogre king and unsure what to do
they failed to move.

The northern Undead forces on Asur’s Rest (F9 and G10) poured south into Shambletown (G9) to
reinforce the blockade of Blood Keep, while the Undead in Gash Kardak (H9) spent a fruitless month
searching for hidden secrets. Back on Norslatch, the dead templars beat a hasty retreat from the
wizard’s tower and pushed north into the frigid territory of Naubonum (A3) while the homeland
army conducted some fruitless explorations. Meanwhile, the Undead began their naval invasion of
the burning isle with a beach assault on the Coast of Claws (H6). The attack on the villages proved
costly but after a sustained campaign of attrition the Undead succeeded in enslaving the region. 200
Undead troops were lost in the campaign of terror. Finally the northern ghost fleet sailed south to
Karak Kadrin (G6).

Territorial Changes
Dark Elves take Bordeleaux (B6) from Bretonnia – village
Bretonnians take Bastonne (B7) from Dark Elves – barren
Warriors of Chaos take the Plain of Ruin (C11) from Bretonnia – barrenWarriors of Chaos take the Forest of Eyes (D11) from Bretonnia – villageVampire Counts take the Coast of Claws (H6) from Independents - villageDark Elves raze Bordeleaux (B6)

Tally of the Dead
50 Bretonnian troops
200 Vampire count troops

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