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Map - Year 4, Turn 1

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty First Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fourth Year and First Campaign Month of the Great War

Warriors of Chaos
The Norse armies on the Isle of Mists reset their defensive lines. The army in Bjornling (B13) pushed
north up to Hell Coast (B12) while the army in Manbane (D12) followed north to Beast Rock (C12).
The newly formed monstrous host in Osthof (F12) boarded the nearby fleet and sailed south to the
coast off Hergig (F11). However the home army in the Cauldron (C15) was bedevilled by bandits and
failed to break camp all month.

The real action came in the south as the despoiling Norse hordes began their invasion of the Elf
kingdom in earnest. The force in Averland (G15) split in two. The fifth army set sail on the adjoining
fleet and pushed ashore to occupy the province of Hag Graef (H15) against limited resistance. The
chaos hordes were now just miles from the ancient Dark Elf capital of Naggarond. The seventh army
stayed behind in Averland to conduct a dark ritual of nightmarish intensity and sheer horror. The
once beautiful and prosperous townlands of Averland were sacked by the barbarians and its people
sacrificed to bring forth a daemon army from the warp. Finally, the force in Talabheim (G14) split.
The fourth army moved south to occupy the Dark Elf fortress known as the Black Pillar (H14) while
the sixth army marched west to conquer Ghrond (G13).

Dark Elves and Bretonnians

The hard pressed Druchii withdrew from their ancient capital of Naggarond (I15) to the high walls of
Karond Kar (J14) as realisation grew that the capital could not be defended against the bloodthirsty
northern hordes. The other army in Kinsblood moved east from Avelorn (J10) to Yvresse (J11) where
they quashed the last remaining Sea Elf freedom fighters. Elf unity was finally achieved but perhaps
too late. On Smith’s isle the Druchii marched north east from Silver River (G11) to Bilbali (G12)
to face off against the Norsemen in the mountains of Ghrond. Meanwhile the starving troops in
Lyonesse (D8) tightened their belts and lost just 20 troops to malnutrition. Desperate and vengeful
they pushed north to occupy the smouldering ruins at the old fortress on the Plains of Fimul.
Unfortunately the fortress was no longer defensible. Hours later the thunder of hoofs could be heard
from the north as the grand Bretonnian cavalry galloped south from Brionne (B8). It was on that
benighted plain amidst the rubble and ruin that the Bretonni and Druchii would finally make battle.

Battle at the Ruins of Fimul Plain
900 points of Dark Elves versus 1500 points of Bretonnians (all cavalry)

Tabletop or GM roll?

Meanwhile the Bretonnian King recalled his army in the Forest of Eyes (D11) to provide back up to

the armies on Norslatch and it hurried back as far as Brayherd (C10). Finally the troops deployed in
the Dark Forest (E10) were set the task of finishing the campaign of conquest against the Kurgan
and they proceeded to assault the Skull Lands (D9) with eager relish and thoughts of glory. Though
outnumbered four to one the Kurgan nomads fought valiantly. Two hundred and fifty Bretonnian
troops lost their lives in a series of brutal skirmishes before the Skull Lands were finally pacified
under the Banner of the Lady.

Ogres and Dwarfs

Beset by nightmares and portents of terror the Ogre armies in the Great Hall were paralysed. The
Tyrant was furious and his rage was great but still his superstitious forces refused to set out from
the Great Hall (I7). The Ogre navies did however brave the portents and moved south to catch the
confused and wither-shinned Dwarf navy in harbour in the Creeping Caves (J7). There were three
whole fleets on both sides with vessels as far as the eye could see. It was the largest sea battle in
the war to date. The rickety wooden ships and great rams of the Ogres contrasted with the steel
hulls and great guns of the Dwarfs. The Ogres gained a fast advantage as they caught the Dawi badly
unawares. Two whole days of underground cave battles ensued beneath the creeping caves as Ogre
Maneaters led by the infamous Captain Morg n’thorg battled from ship to ship and underground
cave to underground cave against Admiral Long Drong and his Slayer Pirates. The Dwarfs found
themselves almost constantly on the back foot and despite fighting bravely they could not withstand
the sheer ferocity of the Ogre elite. By battles end just one Dwarf fleet was able to escape – making
its retreat to the Hissing Coast (J6). There was much Dwarf meat for feasting. Despite their great
victory the battle was not without cost for the Ogres as the Dwarf warriors had succeeded in
destroying one of the Ogre fleets. These also made for great feasting.

Above ground the wither-shinned force in the Creeping Cave (J7) fortress sent scouts in all sorts of
directions to try and escape the enchantment. The Dwarf second army was able to find its way out
from the spell and marched north east to occupy the Dreary Wood (J8). Back on Dolmen Isle the
Dwarven home army moved north from Karaz-a-Karak (H3) to South Morswald (G3).

Vampire Counts
The Liche signalled the advance and his Undead horde silently shambled south to attack and overrun
the northern reaches of the Ogre Kingdoms. The undead forces housed in the Glowing Crater
(F9) split in two. The first army moved east to capture Eagle Eyries (G10) while the second army
pushed south to conquer Shambletown (G9). Meanwhile the fourth and fifth armies advanced south
from the Giant’s Bed Mountains (F7) to seize the Twins (G7) from the Ogres while the sixth army
redeployed itself east to Mist Gorge (F8). Back on Norslatch the Templars of the Iron hills (C4) were
delayed by storms while the home army in Mousillon (D3) marched north-west along the Red River
(D2). Finally the Vampire fleets sailed south down the coast to Carcasonne (D5) and Karak Kadrin
(G6) respectively.

Warriors lose 100 troops
Dark Elves lose 20 troops
Bretonnians lose 250 troops
Ogres lose 1 fleet
Dwarfs lose 2 fleets

Warriors take Hag Graef (H15) from the Dark Elves – village
Warriors take Ghrond (G13) from the Dark Elves – village
Warriors take the Black Pillar (H14) from the Dark Elves – fortress

Dark Elves take Yvresse (J11) from Independents – barren

Bretonnians take the Skull Lands (D9) from Independents – village

Dwarfs take Dreary Wood (J8) from the Ogres – barren

Vampires take Eagle Eyrie (G10) from the Ogres – village
Vampires take Shambletown (G9) from the Ogres – village
Vampires take the Twins (G7) from the Ogres - village

Averland (G15) is razed by a dark ritual

Warriors get a 300pt Daemon army in Averland (G15)

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Map - Year 4, Turn 0

Spring Spells
The very earth screamed as reality itself appeared to split apart. The conjuring of the dread
Liche King from far to the west of Norslatch Isle brought the powers of raw magic into a deadly
coalescence over the empty province of Beast Paths (C9) and the contents of the province dissolved
into a vortex of chaos. Nothing would now be able to enter or leave the territory. Meanwhile
the Undead lord cast his eye thousands of miles south to sun drenched Kanesdue to pry out the
secrets of the Ogre forces. But such a great feat of sorcery was beyond even the powers of the

On Kanesdue itself the Dwarfs were more successful in targeting the Ogres. The Runesmiths
of the Dwarfs released terrible ancestor spirits to plague the Great Hall (I7) of the Ogres. All living
creatures in the province fall to horrific nightmares and qualms of terrifying intensity. The Ogre
Slaughtermasters retaliated with powerful Gut magic which overwhelmed the anti-magic of the
nearby Dwarfs. The Creeping Caves (J7) of the Dwarfs are wracked with confusing withershins. To
the frustration of the Dwarfs all sense of direction and long-distance perception seems to completely
break down in the province.

Meanwhile the Bretonnian assault on the Druchii interlopers continued as the Damsels of the Lady of the Lake cloaked Lyonesse (D8) with a putrefying rot which decayed and ruined all the Dark Elf food supplies in the province. Nothing would be able to grow in Lyonesse this year. The witch king’s own sorceresses destroyed the walls of the Black Pillar (H14) with a mighty earthquake. Last of all were the magi of the chaos worshippers as a great host of chaos monsters were summoned from the dark places of the world to gather and come together in Osthof F12) on the Isle of Mists.

Summon Host – Osthof (F12) – 400 point banner of chaos monsters (use storm of magic monsters).

Province effects
Chaos Void – The Beast Paths (C9).
Portents of Terror – The Great Hall (I7).
Withershins – The Creeping caves (J7).
Rot – Lyonesse (D8).
Quake – The Black Pillar (H14).

Non - province effects
Summon Host – Osthof (F12) – 400 point banner of chaos monsters (use storm of magic monsters).

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Year 3 - Espionage

The Druchii spymaster brooded silently. The reports coming back from the west were mixed but the
Ogres would have to be satisfied with their efforts. The assassin charged with ending the Undead
king had failed. He had been caught and his body flayed, drained dry and left to hang over the gates
of Mousillon like a macabre puppet. Things had gone better in the Creeping Caves. The miners and
engineers excavating the caves and building their great fortress had focussed their attention against
the Ogres to the north. They had not seen the Druchii operative until too late and the drug fuelled
zealot had apparently carved his way all the way to the Dwarf Lord’s throne leaving a red harvest in
his path – so very close.

He put the Ogre ambassador out of his mind. The reports coming in from the far colonies and even
closer to home were truly devastating. The Norscan forces massed to the north were now common
knowledge but the ordinary folk simply assumed that the fabled Druchii navy would sail home to
the rescue. If the reports he was now reading were at all accurate then the doom of Elven kind was
almost sealed. If this new knowledge was to spread then panic would race through the streets like
wildfire. There were rumours of enemy spies all over Naggarond and although they had eliminated
dozens of the infiltrators it seemed one particularly crafty Norse spy had stolen a copy of troop
dispositions and orders. It was infuriating.

And so it went – throughout the Sundered Isles the Dark Elf navy was targeted by Bretonnian
operatives bent on revenge for the affront of the Druchii invasion of central Norslatch.

Bretonnian saboteurs wrought devastation against the forces and settlement at Silver River (G11).
The barracks was set ablaze killing 180 troops while the fleet in the harbour was sunk by enemy
operatives. The villages and other settlements were targeted by arson causing immense damage
and killing many people – the Silver River colonies are razed to the ground. Even Kinsblood Isle itself wasn’t safe as fires in Avelorn (J10) killed 60 troops while saboteurs poisoned the settlement’s food stores thereby ruining all of the remaining baggage. It got worse for the Dark elves as undersea
saboteurs successfully sunk the Avelorn fleet.

On Norslatch itself the Dark Elf corsairs found themselves stranded ashore when both fleets in
Lyonesse (D8) were sunk by enemy activity – the first by a Vampire operative and the second by a
Bretonnian operative. The Bretonnian King was not finished yet as he sent a pair of female assassins
to kill the Druchii generals in Lyonesse. The first was uncovered and slain before she had a chance to do any real damage while the second killed a minor functionary before she was herself cut down –
she mistook the functionary him for the Dark Elf commander.

Meanwhile the Ogre agents in the Great Hall anticipate and prevent a Bretonnian assassination
attempt on the Ogre Tyrant. In retrospect the assassin is generally deemed to have made a fine
aperitif though perhaps could have done with more seasoning.

Spies - Information revealed

Assassins – Red Ruin
Assassin in the Creeping Caves (J7) kills 270 points of Dwarf troops from the 2nd army
Assassin in Lyonesse (D8) kills 80 points of Dark Elf troops from the 2nd army

Saboteurs – Firestarter
Bretonnian saboteurs targeting Silver River (G11) sink the Dark Elf fleet, kill 180 troops and raze the
Bretonnian saboteurs targeting Avelorn (J10) sink the Dark Elf fleet, kill 60 troops and ruin all
remaining baggage in the province.
Undead and Bretonnian saboteurs in Lyonesse (D8) sink both Dark Elf fleets.

Sangrin Slithers South

“But it’s certain death!”, Sangrin sat in his chair regarding the city representative.  “no it’s not CERTAIN death, it IS certain death if you refuse ME again”, the assassin coughed softly not far behind the city representative.  “it’s very simple, these people are NOT savages, we have dealt with them for many years, they will listen to reason, now prepare your party and head to the north and speak to them”.  The city representative blinked and looked around like a hare caught in torchlight, mustered what bravery he could then rose and left the office.  The last emissaries had not returned and he didn’t expect this oaf to do likewise but he hoped it would delay things long enough for him to escape.  A week ago reports had filtered down that a massive chaos army had appeared in the north, the wounded scout when asked how many had just said “all of them” and expired, right there and then, a crooked smile on his lips

“is everything ready?” asked Sangrin, the assassin inclined his head once.  “Then I believe it’s time we took a well-earned holiday in the south, I understand the climate there is much more agreeable”.  The two left the office and headed for the docks under the palace.  Already the fear was palpable in those he passed, he didn’t know how long it would take the northerners to reach the capital but he didn’t plan on finding out.  One of his generals had spoken about ‘standing behind the thin red line’, he would have preferred a Thick red line and him not standing behind it. The jet black launch sat in the docks, a dozen hooded rowers resting on their oars. Sangrin eased himself into the padded seat at the back, his assassin taking a seat further up.  “let’s away” he said and the oars cracked and hissed as it surged away to the waiting black ships someone out in the fog.  He didn’t bother to look back.

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Invasion - Daemon style!

"M'Lord" It said, "they offer terms." "TERMS?" roared Harakj, interrupting his maniacal laughter. "Three days of continuing laughter" thought It, "if I had nerve endings I'm sure this would be very grating." "Yes M'Lord, terms" It replied. "No terms, no discussion, end them." It retired from the Great Hall, not quite able to walk, but not quite slithering either. 

Six hundred years It had served, one Chaos Lord after the other. Each thinking they were the greatest, equal to the Gods, until one or other of them plucked him back to the void. Come and go, each Lord stamped his own mark on It, he was sure he had a name at one time but what was the point in having a name when your body changed so often. 

Outside went It, the courtyard stank of rotting flesh from the ritual. The pillars still stood, occasionally issuing a coloured bolt of lightening. Interestingly, at least to It, those bolts either deposited another daemon or plucked a living sole and pulled them into the void, seemingly at random. 

It continued down to the dockyard, a massive construction of metal and stone. The elf stood, shivering so badly he could barely stand. It remembered fear, just about. "So Elf, no terms" It pointed to the newest hell canon which was being dragged and prodded towards the gathering train of siege equipment. "You see elf, there are your predecessors" the elf turned and what he saw pushed his senses to far, he fainted into It's arms. The  last elven delegation wasn't alive exactly anymore, their soles where being used like a carrot to lead the hell cannon demon. "Nasty things those demons," thought It, "so unreliable." It looked down at the elf, one of the marauder guardsman reached to take the elf from his embrace. "No, let him return to his masters." At the touch of It the elf was changed, so corrupted by chaos that anything he touched eventually rotted to nothing, a living rot to spread the great plague. It turned back to the palace, looking back, his head completely rotating around It addressed the marauder, "you had better increase the guard, expect black clothed elves to visit." 

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Year 3 - Deployment

It was the largest gathering of might thus far in the war. On Smith’s Isle the chaos hordes were poised on their southern border awaiting the signal from the grand commander. Once the shamans had completed the infernal incantations at the spring equinox the invasion could begin. The Druchii forces on the other hand were stretched wide and thin. With their beachhead established the Dwarven armies in the Creeping Caves directly faced off against their Ogre enemies gathered in the Great Hall. When the snows cleared there would be a reckoning, and soon...

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Summoning of Hosts

"M'Lord" it said.  It was on its third body, the other two having rotted away, despite the Lord Nurgles attention.  It now had a mouth, which made it much easier to understand thought Harakj.  "Everything is prepared?" "Yes, m'Lord"  "Good, good, that is very good." Harakj climbed onto the balcony.  The city once of men was now unrecognisable from its previous construction.  Much was blasted rock, but towering over the outer wall were two massive stone pillars, both stretching into the sky, wide enough apart to fit a small town between.  They glowed a sickly green and read, symbols carved into the rock.  It appeared as if they moved, but even Harakj The Great could not look at them directly.  As he climbed the last step, wings brushing the high ceiling, the wailing increased, the noise swelling like a hellish pipe organ.  Below the keep were gathered a multitude of cowering beings, man, beast and elf, united in their terror.

"Begin" said Harakj.

At the things signal columns of priests appeared from the court yard, hundreds robed and cowled, walking as if of one mind.  They kept coming, till the cowering thousands were surrounded on all sides, the stone pillars at their centre.  The multitude cringed back from the cowled ones, fear of them overcoming fear of the pillars.  The chanting began, "DROP DOWN YE HEAVENS FROM ABOVE, AND LET THE SKIES POUR DOWN RIGHTEOUSNESS."

The glowing of the pillars increased, slowly then more quickly.  Bright as the moons, bright as the sun.  The wailing surpassed terror.  Sudden silence, so profound it was as if creation never was, the very absence of sound. Every eye was drawn to the pillars, glowing ceased, absence of light and absence of sound.

"Ye are my witnesses" saith Harakj, "my servants whom I have chosen, that ye may know me and believe me, I,  even I am the Lord and beside me there is no saviour and there is none that can deliver out of my hand."

Everything that had life outside of the fortress died, so fast that they never knew.  A void appeared between the pillars, purple, blue and green lightening flashed from its depths.  Harakj felt a tugging, a similarity, through the void came monstrous beings, chaos embodied in red flesh.

The beginning of the end.

Year 3 - End of Year, Pre-Deployment

The Dawi craftsmen worked hard - sixteen hour days for months on end. They would need the
fortress in place before the winter thaw. The Creeping Caves would be their principle beachhead
during the war for control of Kanesdue Isle. Crag Makinnesson was proud of the lads. There had
been no shirking and only the usual amount of complaining. He closed his eyes and listened to the
sound of Dwarfs at work. It was music to his ears.

The Kurgan Chieftain Marija Gimbutus roared with laughter. There was a malignant yet excited
edge to his voice. “Return now to your master dead one, we shall have no alliance. Your trinkets and
baubles are of no use to me and what need have I for everlasting life. Tell him to bring his armies to
me and we shall see if he is truly immortal.”

Fear stalked the land as the realisation dawned there was now no turning back...everyone knew that
this would be a decisive year for some. In the far north and east rumours of hellish dark rituals and
sinister magi passed through men’s lips while in the south the Druchii and Ogres painstakingly rebuilt
their fleets. Great was the mustering in the north as the kingdoms of the Norse and the Bretonni
sought to establish military supremacy over the land. Billowing smoke created a fog over the Dwarf
lands. The industry and inventiveness of the Dawi would soon unleash marvellous new mechanical
machines of destruction. And all the while the Lord of Undeath brooded in his stygian lair and
prepared his plans of conquest.

Dwarfs build a fortress in the Creeping Caves (J7) – upgrade village to fortress.
Bretonnians build a bridge spanning the channel at Brayherd (C10) – add bridge.
Dark Elves build a bridge spanning the channel at Black Pillar (H14) – add bridge.

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Year 3 - Autumn Spells & Winter Quarters

The third year of the Great War had been bloody for some and traumatic for many. The Beast
kingdom had fallen and many ancient accords had become frayed and tenuous. So it was that the
vilest of sorceries were unleashed at the Autumn Equinox. The Undead occupied Glowing Crater
(F9) was battered by the sorcerers of the Norse and by the sorcerers of the Druchii. The Dark Elf
magisters unleashed a drenching tide of blood from the sky - sweeping away undead troops into the
great crater. 120 troops in total were washed away by the red rain. Following on from this came a
great trailing storm of magical wind from the northern shamans – 40 more troops were lost in this
dark storm. The storm then spun west to Mist Gorge (F8) where it carried away a further 30 troops
before finally trailing into the Lost city (G8). It was last seen resting menacingly over the ancient

The lord of the Bretonni petitioned the Lady of the Lake to rid his realm of the Druchii interlopers. A
coven of the greatest enchantresses in the land was brought together and through their combined
efforts a tornado of peril was coaxed from the elementals of air. The magical torrent whirled
towards the fortress on the Plain of Fimul (C8). It tore the fortress asunder like matchwood and
not a single Druchii corsair lived through the night – the Druchii owned fortress is razed and all 400
troops are wiped out.

The dark cabal of Necromancers on western Norslatch had darker plans. A gray shrounding mist was
sent to befuddle and confuse the Ogre force pitched up in the Twins (G7). It would be impossible
for the banner to make a proper winter retreat as every path out of the mist seemed to lead back
to the same place – the consequences would be dire indeed. They were not finished yet - a song
of madness was directed at Shambletown (G9). But something went wrong in the casting and the
machinations of the Lord of the Undead were foiled – this time. The Dwarf runesmiths and the
Ogre butchers were ordered to build up their own kingdoms’ resources. The Runemiths used their
collective power to ensure a bumper crop throughout their realm and these magnificent crops
added 6 gold crowns of revenue to the Dawi kingdom. However the Ogres luck ran out as only a
couple of heroes responded to the call - just 200 points worth.


The Great War had stretched supply lines badly for many realms. The Norse had maintained their
supply lines intact as had the Dawi. However others were not so fortunate and most of the other
four realms had more than one army in trouble as the available fleets could not cope. The Vampire
Counts, the Druchii and the Bretonni escaped lightly – losing 270 troops, 210 troops and 210 troops
respectively. However things went especially badly for the Ogres – the great beasts do not cope well
with hunger pangs it seems. The entire army in the Twins (G7) disappeared never to be seen again
and the total losses to the Ogre realm were grievous indeed – 750 worth of casualties in total.


As always the fickle hand of fate would have its way with the ambitions of petty mortals. Fine
weather and a plentiful harvest in western Norslatch garnered an additional 2 gold crowns of
revenue to fill the coffers of the Vampire Lord. The King of the Bretonnians had also cause to
be pleased. His grateful peasants offered glorious and special tributes in honour of the just
and enlightened rule. A more than useful 4 extra gold crowns of revenue flowed into the royal
Bretonnian coffers. Things went less well for the Norse lord as bandits and raiders plagued the
Norse borders. Such long borders are difficult to defend and all told a crippling 5 gold crowns of
revenue was lost to the interminable and devastating bandit attacks and border raids. Rumours
of treachery spread throughout the Dark Elf realm but all dissident activity was put down by the
master assassins of the Witch King. The merchants of the Ogre Kingdoms had an excellent year with
goods and wares being sold and transported throughout the realm and generating an extra 2 gold
crowns of tax revenue for the Ogre coffers. Finally, a peasant revolt in part of the Dwarven kingdom
proved a minor irritation as ungrateful Halfling malcontents and anarchists refuse to pay their taxes
– reducing the Dwarven coffers by 1 gold crown.


The Ogre villages in the Twins (G7) become inhabited again as villagers trickle back – the province no longer counts as razed (but too late to generate revenue this year)

The Dark Elf fortress on the Plain of Fimul (C8) remains abandoned and uncultivated – populated by
squatters and bandits – it will require 5 gold crown of revenue if it is to be rebuilt this year.


Reminder of Things to buy and costs

Diplomatic missions = 1 crown
Recruitment of troops = 1 crown per 100pts of troops
Recruitment of fleets = 3 crowns +1 timber per fleet
Recovery of razed tiles = 1 crown to add +1 to a dice roll after it has been made (4+ restores
villages and 6+ restores fortresses and cities)
Upgrade a village to a fortress = 5 crowns + 1 timber
Upgrade a barren tile to a fortress = 10 crowns + 1 timber
Upgrade a village to a city = 15 crowns + 1 timber
Baggage = 1 crown per D6 baggage points (note players must roll a D6 for each of their
besieging forces and pay that much baggage or the besiegers are destroyed and the siege
lifted – on the other hand besiegers don’t have to make winter quarters)
Assassin = 1 crown
Spies = D6 per crown
Saboteur = 1 crown
Agents = 1 crown

Siege Batteries = 2 crown + 1 timber (these are used offensively - siege rules are being
released on December 3 so will be able to nail down the special rules then for tabletop
battles – if the GM is rolling it basically reduces the fortress bonus to a city bonus and
eliminates a city bonus altogether – 2 batteries eliminate a fortress bonus altogether) Race rule - Siege Batteries cost 1 less gold for Dwarfs and Empire
Great walls = 3 crowns (walls go across 1 of the edges of a hex – barren tiles only – wall
section faces outside). Rules are on pp 21-22 of citadel journal no 5
A) walls bar enemy troops from passing and will defend – the wall is breached on 4+ (attacker usually loses D6 x 100pts win or lose)
B) unless the enemy empire has a non-walled tile adjacent to you it kills all enemy espionage trying to enter your empire on a D6 of 1-3
Bridge = 1 crown + 1 timber

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best of Enemies

 The Dark Elves and the Vampire Counts have developed some issues. 

Dark Elves
"It's contained?".  "It is my lord".  "what can we DO to it?".  "My lord we can give it hope". Sangrin regarded the torturer, this was new.  He wasn't known for giving hope and now he was intrigued.  "Hope?".  The torturer regarded his lord, well at least it looked that way, his one glass eye fixed him, the scars on the one side of his face pink and angry in the blazing candle light.  "Yes my lord, we returned it's spirit to a human host and it's enjoying being flesh once more", Sangrin wondered who the lucky host was.

The undead spy had been found in the upper towers and rather than have the sorcerers destroy it they had contained it then on the instruction of the torturers placed it in a screaming host.  The host had died instantly from shock but the wraith had lived again in the new body.  So far he had been treated well and was confused and for the first time in a very long time it looked, frightened.   At first it had eaten, washed, ran, screamed and tried to experience everything possible as quickly as possible as it was whole once more.  it was now becoming comfortable with it's surroundings, still a little confused but certainly for the first time in many decades it's view of things had changed.

"Has the room been prepared?", "yes my lord".  The armourers had worked double time to complete a room clad in cold iron.  When the torturers had finished with it it's spirit would never leave that room.

Never trust the undead his father had told him. very good advice.

Vampire Counts
The moon shone bright and cold on the shore, and the green light of the glowing crater to the South just visible on the horizon. The waves lapped lazily onto the sands, the only other sound the mournful rasp of the wind on the dunes.

Out from shore, a dog-faced helm broke the surface of the water as a black armoured warrior raised himself out of the surf, sea water pouring from his visor. He struggled a little making his way through the soft sand, but soon stood drenched on the beach. His sodden cloak clung to his form making him look like some massive, sodden bat.

The vampire lifted his helm revealing the face of a drowned man, soft and pallid. Pieter had not fed in near a month as he trudged along the seabed after his fleet had been destroyed below the vile cliffs. He was weak, but at least he had had company.
As he looked about he tapped his thigh with one gauntlet as one might call a hound. In response, a second figure rose from the dark sea, though this one's movement was stiff and ungainly. Eventually the figure stood beside it's master. The elf had changed much since it's descent into the depths in Pieter's grip a month before. The fish and crabs had taken it's face, leaving two glowing orbs where it's eyes had been. Sharp, angled armour covered the rest of it's form, a shattered sword still held in it's grip.

Pieter smiled a humourless smile at his servant. "Now, my lord, we shall rejoin our brethren, yes?"

Inside his mind, he heard his new wight's reply. "One day I will kill you."
Pieter could not hold back his mirth. "No doubt, no doubt. But until then, you shall serve, and serve well. But be of good cheer, I believe Morbius has a collection of your kind in his service, no doubt you will draw comfort from such scintillating company. Now, on, my faithful hound!"

The vampire's laughter rang out along the bleak sands.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Temple

A dreary mist soaked the hills as the group made their way from the ancient temple. It settled on clothing and armour and it chilled men to the bone. The vampire watched the humans make their way down the sloping track to join the rest of the bretonnian delegation. Soon they too had moved off.

The vampire continued to watch as the vanished into the mists. Another figure moved from the gloom of the doorway.

"Touchy bunch, aren't they?" quipped Morbius, an edge of irritation in his voice. Stephane did not answer, but the creak of leather as the vampire tightened his grip on his sword pommel was eloquent enough for the old liche

Morbuis followed the vampire's gaze out into the Iron hills."What I find - you'll forgive me, most amusing is the fact that you were entirely honest with them throughout. Such a shame..."

Finally the vampire spoke, still gazing into the shrouded hills. "Nevertheless old man, we gave our word, whether they trust it or not. Perhaps the distrust was more mutual than I'd care to admit. Regardless, no servant of mine shall raise a sword to them. Should the realm burn for it, we will keep our bargain."

Morbius gave a snort. "Your fondness for your former countrymen clouds your judgement. Had a mortal addressed me in such a fashion I would not have been so restrained. You can be such a fool at times, Stephane." With that the liche strode away into the temple where his minions awaited him to complete the rituals. Should the spells draw sufficient power from the ancient stones, their effect would be great and terrible indeed.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Divided Unity

And so it was the end of the Fortieth Year of the Second Age, the Third of the Great War of the Isles.  Much had changed in those three short years, the Empire riven with indecision and weakness had fallen quickly to the Northern Hordes.  The High Elves were the next to fall, their own weakness and abhorrence of blood shed led them to capitulate to their Dark Brethren.   And so it was the turn of the Beasts, their armies were crushed by magic and glistening armour of Bretonnia.  The end of the Third Year will be known for the clash of mighty navies fighting to the bitter end.  Hatred is now sown so deep that they would prefer to die rather then leave the field of battle to an enemy.  What were the options left, fight till all was destroyed? Not if the Norse had a say, not if there was even a glimmer of resolving the Fractured Isles.  Of course that might mean the subjugation of some of the native peoples, but sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

Map - Year 3, Turn 6

History of the Sundered Isles – The Fortieth Year of the Second Age.
Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Third Year and Sixth Campaign Month of the Great War.

Incident at the Vile Cliffs
The three armadas met off the coast of the Vile Cliffs (E8). The Ghost fleet had pushed east from
the Challenge Stone (E7) while the Bretonnian galleons (F8) had sailed north from Mist Gorge (F8).
The Druchii ships from Lyonesse (D8) and one of the fleets from Grimmenhagen (F10) had agreed to
meet at the Vile Cliffs but they were caught in the pincer attack. Though trapped amidst the rocks
they immediately responded and focussed all their initial energies on taking out the Bretonnian
ships. The zombie fleet held back initially to see what would happen. No side could get a decisive
advantage with the Bretonnian long range firepower being matched by the close range terror of
the Dark Elf monsters - and with the rising winds and the jagged rocks the battle simply became
unwinnable for both sides. Furious damage was unleashed. After just two hours one of the Dark Elf
fleets and the Bretonnian fleet had gone to the seabed. The undead then moved in to pick off the
remaining Druchii ships but the superior seamanship of the Dark Elf pirates balanced things out. The
engagement ended amidst a rising tempest as the Vampire captain clashed with the Dreadlord amid
the Black Ark itself. When the storm cleared there was nothing remaining....all four fleets were lost.
The dark legend of the vile cliffs would grow darker and for years after bones could be found washed

Dark Elf
Not knowing of the catastrophe at the Vile Cliffs the last remaining Dark Elf fleet sailed west from
Grimmenhagen (F10) to anchor off Mist Gorge (F8). On Norslatch the Dark Elf expeditionary force
in Lyonesse (D8) advanced north into the swamp like Plains of Fimul (C8). In the darkness they
overwhelmed the few defenders of Fimul castle and the Druchii desperados raised the Witch King’s
standard over the fortress.

With the surprise attack on Norslatch the Bretonnian home forces moved to secure the channel
between Norslatch and the Isle of Mists against a Druchii assault. They rode east from the Beast
Paths (C9) to Brayherd (C10). The exploratory force in Quenelles (D6) moved home to Couronne (C6) while the grand army in the Black Deeps (E11) reformed itself into two banners.

Vampire Counts
It was a frustrating month for the Liche Lord. His troops in Mist Gorge (F8) came up empty on
an exploration mission while his force in Giant’s Bed Mountains (F7) was betrayed. A rogue
Necromancer deserts from the force taking some close followers with him. All told the banner
loses 100 points of troops due to the desertion - and in the confusion the banner is paralysed forthe month. The last ghost ships moved east from Aquitaine (D7) to Lyonesse (D8) in the hope of
intercepting enemy ships. But the Dark Elves had long departed for their doom...

D-day or ‘Dwarf’ day had arrived. The two armadas sailed west from the Twins (G7) and the Hissing
Coast (J6) and deposited their cargo of brave Dawi warriors ashore in Rockguts (H7) province and
the Creeping caves (J7). The invasion force met only light resistance and the ogre villages in both
provinces quickly fell. The Dwarfs had finally established their beachhead on Kanesdue Isle. The
remaining force on the Burning Isle unsuccessfully searched the sweeping deserts for signs of
ancient treasures.

Riddled by indecision the Ogre Tyrant ordered his armies to stand. The only activity was the fleet
sailing east and out of harms way to Gash Kardak (H9).

Warriors of Chaos
The Chaos Lord cackled widely at the general disorder. The only Norse activity this month was that
the fleet in Hergig (F11) sailed north to Osthof (F12) where it deposited the army ashore.

Territorial Changes
Dark Elves take the Plains of Fimul (C8) from Bretonnia – fortress
Dwarfs take Rockguts (H7) from the Ogres – village
Dwarfs take Creeping Caves (J7) from the Ogres - village

2 Dark Elf fleets
1 Vampire fleet and 100 points of Vampire troops
1 Bretonnian fleet

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Temple of the Iron Hills

The old temple had been a place of pilgrimage in the days before the cataclysm. It had been a symbol of the unity of norslatch before the realm split in three.

The liche mused It had been a long trip to the top of the mountain. And the temple was still occupied. The ancient paladins had been corrupted. their bodied twisted and changed and their souls and minds darkened. Dangerous and unpredictable but very very useful in the grand scheme...

Vampire temple in the iron hills (C4) -
Rules: does not bridge the river - provides no revenue - counts as a fortress when defending - can never be 'captured' as it is sanctified to your race - if defeated the victor gets 2d6 revenue and the temple is removed - tile still counts as barren for deployment each campaign season but a special banner of knights (blood knights or black knights - no character) is deployed at the temple at the start of each campaign year - banner is worth a maximum of d6 x 100pts - this banner disbands each Winter.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Harakj pondered, or at least did the creature that once was Harakj, flicking the handle of his blade.  So much had changed since the "Coming" and not all of it good.  The Gods are fickle, the new Harakj knows all too well.  Which, he wondered, would have enough of an advantage to influence the next year of warring. The Lord Nurgle had had his time, fathering a time of calm stagnantedness , so had Khorne, the Empire fell under his influence.  Who next, would the status remain quo or would the armies march to war... He flicked the handle again, the wraith still twitched, even with the newly acquired items from the dead city took time in ending them...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Map - Year 3, Turn 5

“Get back to work Macdanalus you drunk”

“Yes my Lord”

History of the Sundered Isles – The Fortieth Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Third Year and Fifth Campaign Month of the Great War

The assault on the Black Deeps began at dawn. Lines of Trebuchets rained death on the defenders
as the heavily armed foot knights made their assault. The siege lasted but nine hours before the
walls came down. Panicked street fighting ensued as the Bretonnian errantry forces and the
Kurgan tribesmen fought for control of every landmark. Kurgan ambushes in the south district
wiped out whole units of men-at-arms. But the Bretonni would not be denied and Baron Colbert’s
Questing Knights finally pushed through to the inner palace. The inner court of the palace had been
transformed into a shrine to the dark princeling Slannesh. The aghast yet resolute devotees of the
Lady held their nerve as their leader faced down an exalted champion of chaos. Long was the test of
arms but the purity of the Baron was true and he smote the fiend as his troops took the city.

The three Bretonnian armies in the Dark Forest (E10) and the Forest of Eyes (D11) converge on the
Black Deeps (E11). The Bretonnians storm the city and raise the fleur de lys – at the cost of 250

Meanwhile the last Bretonnian fleet moved to the coast off Mist Gorge (F8) on a mission to intercept
enemy activity. On Norslatch the army in Quenelles (D6) spends the month reorganising itself
following the mutiny of the previous month while the army in the Blood Grounds (B9) moves south
to the Beast Paths (C9).

Warriors of Chaos
It was a quite month in the Norse territories as the home army withdrew to the capital known only
as “The Cauldron” (C15) while the southern force passed west from Averland (G15) to Talabheim
(G14) and the army in Hersig (F11) boarded the fleet as it moved across from Bilbali (G12).

Dark Elf
The Dark Elf corsairs continued their campaign of piracy across the high seas. In a dramatic move
the Dread Captain of the Silver Scimitar (F8) set sail for Norslatch where he deposited his cargo of
corsairs and other ne’er do wells ashore. The Druchii veterans of the battle for Mist Gorge wreak
havoc on the frightened villagers and claim Lyonesse (D8) for the Witch King. Meanwhile the fleet
docked on the Silver River G11 pushed north to join Admiral Blackheart’s fleet off Grimmenhagen

(F10). Finally, the army in Karond Kar (J14) returned in triumph to the capital at Naggarond (I15).

The liberators of Karak Kadrin (G6) took ship again and sailed south where the fleet waited
menacingly off the coast of the Ogre held land known as the Twins (G7). On the Burning Isle the
southern Dwarf fleet finally made contact with the army stationed along the Hissing Coast (J6) and
the army was ordered aboard ship. On the Burning isle itself the last vestiges of the Ogre colonists
were removed as the Dwarf force in the Scorpion wastes (J4) moved to occupy the Bubbling Pits (J5). Finally, the army in Silverspear (H4) moved west and home to Karaz-a-Karak (H3).

Ogre Kingdom
The Ogres sounded the advance as both armies in Shattered Stone Bay (H8) marched to
Shambletown (G9) to await further orders. However the troops stationed at the Twins (G7) were
unable to complete their orders as sickness swept through the camp incapacitating the force for a
short while – 30 points worth of troops died in the epidemic. Ogres were reported to be unable to
finish their meals. The horror...

Vampire Counts
On Asur’s Rest the Undead set out as a long defensive line facing south. The troops in Mist Gorge
(F8) moved west to settle in the Giant’s Bed Mountains (F7) while one of the banners formerly
occupying the Glowing Crater (F9) moved to replace them in Mist Gorge (F8). The Ghost fleet
continued its long trek south and east and they finished the month off Aquitaine (D7) and the
Challenge Stone (E7). On Norslatch one of the two banners in Castle Templehof (D4) made its way
back to the capital in Mousillon (D3) while the banner in the Iron Hills (C4) discovered an ancient
temple atop a cloudy hill...

Territorial Changes
Bretonnians take the Black Deeps (E11) from the Kurgan – city
Dark Elves take Lyonesse (D8) from the Bretonnians – village
Dwarfs take the Bubbling Pits (J5) from the Ogres - barren

Brets lose 250 points of troops
Ogres lose 30 points of troops