Monday, February 13, 2012

Year 3 - End of Year, Pre-Deployment

The Dawi craftsmen worked hard - sixteen hour days for months on end. They would need the
fortress in place before the winter thaw. The Creeping Caves would be their principle beachhead
during the war for control of Kanesdue Isle. Crag Makinnesson was proud of the lads. There had
been no shirking and only the usual amount of complaining. He closed his eyes and listened to the
sound of Dwarfs at work. It was music to his ears.

The Kurgan Chieftain Marija Gimbutus roared with laughter. There was a malignant yet excited
edge to his voice. “Return now to your master dead one, we shall have no alliance. Your trinkets and
baubles are of no use to me and what need have I for everlasting life. Tell him to bring his armies to
me and we shall see if he is truly immortal.”

Fear stalked the land as the realisation dawned there was now no turning back...everyone knew that
this would be a decisive year for some. In the far north and east rumours of hellish dark rituals and
sinister magi passed through men’s lips while in the south the Druchii and Ogres painstakingly rebuilt
their fleets. Great was the mustering in the north as the kingdoms of the Norse and the Bretonni
sought to establish military supremacy over the land. Billowing smoke created a fog over the Dwarf
lands. The industry and inventiveness of the Dawi would soon unleash marvellous new mechanical
machines of destruction. And all the while the Lord of Undeath brooded in his stygian lair and
prepared his plans of conquest.

Dwarfs build a fortress in the Creeping Caves (J7) – upgrade village to fortress.
Bretonnians build a bridge spanning the channel at Brayherd (C10) – add bridge.
Dark Elves build a bridge spanning the channel at Black Pillar (H14) – add bridge.

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