Thursday, February 23, 2012

Map - Year 4, Turn 0

Spring Spells
The very earth screamed as reality itself appeared to split apart. The conjuring of the dread
Liche King from far to the west of Norslatch Isle brought the powers of raw magic into a deadly
coalescence over the empty province of Beast Paths (C9) and the contents of the province dissolved
into a vortex of chaos. Nothing would now be able to enter or leave the territory. Meanwhile
the Undead lord cast his eye thousands of miles south to sun drenched Kanesdue to pry out the
secrets of the Ogre forces. But such a great feat of sorcery was beyond even the powers of the

On Kanesdue itself the Dwarfs were more successful in targeting the Ogres. The Runesmiths
of the Dwarfs released terrible ancestor spirits to plague the Great Hall (I7) of the Ogres. All living
creatures in the province fall to horrific nightmares and qualms of terrifying intensity. The Ogre
Slaughtermasters retaliated with powerful Gut magic which overwhelmed the anti-magic of the
nearby Dwarfs. The Creeping Caves (J7) of the Dwarfs are wracked with confusing withershins. To
the frustration of the Dwarfs all sense of direction and long-distance perception seems to completely
break down in the province.

Meanwhile the Bretonnian assault on the Druchii interlopers continued as the Damsels of the Lady of the Lake cloaked Lyonesse (D8) with a putrefying rot which decayed and ruined all the Dark Elf food supplies in the province. Nothing would be able to grow in Lyonesse this year. The witch king’s own sorceresses destroyed the walls of the Black Pillar (H14) with a mighty earthquake. Last of all were the magi of the chaos worshippers as a great host of chaos monsters were summoned from the dark places of the world to gather and come together in Osthof F12) on the Isle of Mists.

Summon Host – Osthof (F12) – 400 point banner of chaos monsters (use storm of magic monsters).

Province effects
Chaos Void – The Beast Paths (C9).
Portents of Terror – The Great Hall (I7).
Withershins – The Creeping caves (J7).
Rot – Lyonesse (D8).
Quake – The Black Pillar (H14).

Non - province effects
Summon Host – Osthof (F12) – 400 point banner of chaos monsters (use storm of magic monsters).

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