Monday, February 20, 2012

Year 3 - Espionage

The Druchii spymaster brooded silently. The reports coming back from the west were mixed but the
Ogres would have to be satisfied with their efforts. The assassin charged with ending the Undead
king had failed. He had been caught and his body flayed, drained dry and left to hang over the gates
of Mousillon like a macabre puppet. Things had gone better in the Creeping Caves. The miners and
engineers excavating the caves and building their great fortress had focussed their attention against
the Ogres to the north. They had not seen the Druchii operative until too late and the drug fuelled
zealot had apparently carved his way all the way to the Dwarf Lord’s throne leaving a red harvest in
his path – so very close.

He put the Ogre ambassador out of his mind. The reports coming in from the far colonies and even
closer to home were truly devastating. The Norscan forces massed to the north were now common
knowledge but the ordinary folk simply assumed that the fabled Druchii navy would sail home to
the rescue. If the reports he was now reading were at all accurate then the doom of Elven kind was
almost sealed. If this new knowledge was to spread then panic would race through the streets like
wildfire. There were rumours of enemy spies all over Naggarond and although they had eliminated
dozens of the infiltrators it seemed one particularly crafty Norse spy had stolen a copy of troop
dispositions and orders. It was infuriating.

And so it went – throughout the Sundered Isles the Dark Elf navy was targeted by Bretonnian
operatives bent on revenge for the affront of the Druchii invasion of central Norslatch.

Bretonnian saboteurs wrought devastation against the forces and settlement at Silver River (G11).
The barracks was set ablaze killing 180 troops while the fleet in the harbour was sunk by enemy
operatives. The villages and other settlements were targeted by arson causing immense damage
and killing many people – the Silver River colonies are razed to the ground. Even Kinsblood Isle itself wasn’t safe as fires in Avelorn (J10) killed 60 troops while saboteurs poisoned the settlement’s food stores thereby ruining all of the remaining baggage. It got worse for the Dark elves as undersea
saboteurs successfully sunk the Avelorn fleet.

On Norslatch itself the Dark Elf corsairs found themselves stranded ashore when both fleets in
Lyonesse (D8) were sunk by enemy activity – the first by a Vampire operative and the second by a
Bretonnian operative. The Bretonnian King was not finished yet as he sent a pair of female assassins
to kill the Druchii generals in Lyonesse. The first was uncovered and slain before she had a chance to do any real damage while the second killed a minor functionary before she was herself cut down –
she mistook the functionary him for the Dark Elf commander.

Meanwhile the Ogre agents in the Great Hall anticipate and prevent a Bretonnian assassination
attempt on the Ogre Tyrant. In retrospect the assassin is generally deemed to have made a fine
aperitif though perhaps could have done with more seasoning.

Spies - Information revealed

Assassins – Red Ruin
Assassin in the Creeping Caves (J7) kills 270 points of Dwarf troops from the 2nd army
Assassin in Lyonesse (D8) kills 80 points of Dark Elf troops from the 2nd army

Saboteurs – Firestarter
Bretonnian saboteurs targeting Silver River (G11) sink the Dark Elf fleet, kill 180 troops and raze the
Bretonnian saboteurs targeting Avelorn (J10) sink the Dark Elf fleet, kill 60 troops and ruin all
remaining baggage in the province.
Undead and Bretonnian saboteurs in Lyonesse (D8) sink both Dark Elf fleets.

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