Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Temple of the Iron Hills

The old temple had been a place of pilgrimage in the days before the cataclysm. It had been a symbol of the unity of norslatch before the realm split in three.

The liche mused It had been a long trip to the top of the mountain. And the temple was still occupied. The ancient paladins had been corrupted. their bodied twisted and changed and their souls and minds darkened. Dangerous and unpredictable but very very useful in the grand scheme...

Vampire temple in the iron hills (C4) -
Rules: does not bridge the river - provides no revenue - counts as a fortress when defending - can never be 'captured' as it is sanctified to your race - if defeated the victor gets 2d6 revenue and the temple is removed - tile still counts as barren for deployment each campaign season but a special banner of knights (blood knights or black knights - no character) is deployed at the temple at the start of each campaign year - banner is worth a maximum of d6 x 100pts - this banner disbands each Winter.

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