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Map - Year 3, Turn 6

History of the Sundered Isles – The Fortieth Year of the Second Age.
Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Third Year and Sixth Campaign Month of the Great War.

Incident at the Vile Cliffs
The three armadas met off the coast of the Vile Cliffs (E8). The Ghost fleet had pushed east from
the Challenge Stone (E7) while the Bretonnian galleons (F8) had sailed north from Mist Gorge (F8).
The Druchii ships from Lyonesse (D8) and one of the fleets from Grimmenhagen (F10) had agreed to
meet at the Vile Cliffs but they were caught in the pincer attack. Though trapped amidst the rocks
they immediately responded and focussed all their initial energies on taking out the Bretonnian
ships. The zombie fleet held back initially to see what would happen. No side could get a decisive
advantage with the Bretonnian long range firepower being matched by the close range terror of
the Dark Elf monsters - and with the rising winds and the jagged rocks the battle simply became
unwinnable for both sides. Furious damage was unleashed. After just two hours one of the Dark Elf
fleets and the Bretonnian fleet had gone to the seabed. The undead then moved in to pick off the
remaining Druchii ships but the superior seamanship of the Dark Elf pirates balanced things out. The
engagement ended amidst a rising tempest as the Vampire captain clashed with the Dreadlord amid
the Black Ark itself. When the storm cleared there was nothing remaining....all four fleets were lost.
The dark legend of the vile cliffs would grow darker and for years after bones could be found washed

Dark Elf
Not knowing of the catastrophe at the Vile Cliffs the last remaining Dark Elf fleet sailed west from
Grimmenhagen (F10) to anchor off Mist Gorge (F8). On Norslatch the Dark Elf expeditionary force
in Lyonesse (D8) advanced north into the swamp like Plains of Fimul (C8). In the darkness they
overwhelmed the few defenders of Fimul castle and the Druchii desperados raised the Witch King’s
standard over the fortress.

With the surprise attack on Norslatch the Bretonnian home forces moved to secure the channel
between Norslatch and the Isle of Mists against a Druchii assault. They rode east from the Beast
Paths (C9) to Brayherd (C10). The exploratory force in Quenelles (D6) moved home to Couronne (C6) while the grand army in the Black Deeps (E11) reformed itself into two banners.

Vampire Counts
It was a frustrating month for the Liche Lord. His troops in Mist Gorge (F8) came up empty on
an exploration mission while his force in Giant’s Bed Mountains (F7) was betrayed. A rogue
Necromancer deserts from the force taking some close followers with him. All told the banner
loses 100 points of troops due to the desertion - and in the confusion the banner is paralysed forthe month. The last ghost ships moved east from Aquitaine (D7) to Lyonesse (D8) in the hope of
intercepting enemy ships. But the Dark Elves had long departed for their doom...

D-day or ‘Dwarf’ day had arrived. The two armadas sailed west from the Twins (G7) and the Hissing
Coast (J6) and deposited their cargo of brave Dawi warriors ashore in Rockguts (H7) province and
the Creeping caves (J7). The invasion force met only light resistance and the ogre villages in both
provinces quickly fell. The Dwarfs had finally established their beachhead on Kanesdue Isle. The
remaining force on the Burning Isle unsuccessfully searched the sweeping deserts for signs of
ancient treasures.

Riddled by indecision the Ogre Tyrant ordered his armies to stand. The only activity was the fleet
sailing east and out of harms way to Gash Kardak (H9).

Warriors of Chaos
The Chaos Lord cackled widely at the general disorder. The only Norse activity this month was that
the fleet in Hergig (F11) sailed north to Osthof (F12) where it deposited the army ashore.

Territorial Changes
Dark Elves take the Plains of Fimul (C8) from Bretonnia – fortress
Dwarfs take Rockguts (H7) from the Ogres – village
Dwarfs take Creeping Caves (J7) from the Ogres - village

2 Dark Elf fleets
1 Vampire fleet and 100 points of Vampire troops
1 Bretonnian fleet

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