Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Temple

A dreary mist soaked the hills as the group made their way from the ancient temple. It settled on clothing and armour and it chilled men to the bone. The vampire watched the humans make their way down the sloping track to join the rest of the bretonnian delegation. Soon they too had moved off.

The vampire continued to watch as the vanished into the mists. Another figure moved from the gloom of the doorway.

"Touchy bunch, aren't they?" quipped Morbius, an edge of irritation in his voice. Stephane did not answer, but the creak of leather as the vampire tightened his grip on his sword pommel was eloquent enough for the old liche

Morbuis followed the vampire's gaze out into the Iron hills."What I find - you'll forgive me, most amusing is the fact that you were entirely honest with them throughout. Such a shame..."

Finally the vampire spoke, still gazing into the shrouded hills. "Nevertheless old man, we gave our word, whether they trust it or not. Perhaps the distrust was more mutual than I'd care to admit. Regardless, no servant of mine shall raise a sword to them. Should the realm burn for it, we will keep our bargain."

Morbius gave a snort. "Your fondness for your former countrymen clouds your judgement. Had a mortal addressed me in such a fashion I would not have been so restrained. You can be such a fool at times, Stephane." With that the liche strode away into the temple where his minions awaited him to complete the rituals. Should the spells draw sufficient power from the ancient stones, their effect would be great and terrible indeed.

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