Thursday, May 30, 2013

Map - Year 7, Turn 5

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty Fourth Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, Scrivener to the King. The Seventh Year and Fifth Campaign Month of the Great War. 

The Undead manoeuvring continued apace as their armies seized Avelorn (J10) and Har Ganeth (J15) on Kinsblood Isle. Far to the north the lone army of Undeath crossed the bridge into Norslatch and grabbed the razed villages of Brayherd (C10). They were now within sight of the old Beastman throne (B11) and the Heart of the Dark. Over on Smith’s Isle the Liche Lord (G16) cautiously moved his troops into the lair of the Necromancer (H16). The Averland army moved north to Ostland (F15) while the southern fleet moved up to the Black Pillar (H14)

The Bretonnian King pondered his next move from within the castle of Western Elswood (C14). It was clear the savage horde of monsters, madmen and mutants outside the walls intended to starve them out. So far they were holding out amidst the deprivation and hardship. So far! But how long could they remain loyal to the Lady. In his dreams he could hear the laughter of dark gods.

Communication was restored and the Bretonni forces went back on the march. The garrison on Asur’s Rest rode out of the Lost City to seize the mysterious Glowing Crater and its fortress (F9) from the Undead. Meanwhile, with their victory celebrations complete, the Bretonnian armies moved out of Mousillon to garrison at Castle Drakenhof (C3) and Castle Templehof (D4).
Their Dwarf allies continued to mop up on Norslatch.

Dwarf troops marched south from the Lost City to capture Shambletown (G9) and Shattered Stone Bay (H8) and west to capture Horrok’s Gap (F6) after a long forced march – sadly 40 brave Dwarfs died on the march. The Dwarf army entering Shattered Stone Bay was greeted by the sight of a raging sea battle as the two Dwarf fleets moored in the straits were attacked by a ghost fleet arriving from the west. The Dwarfs suffered badly in the early exchanges and fully half their grand fleet was destroyed. In the end it was pure Dwarf belligerence and attrition that won the day. Admiral Grungni Ironjaw himself boarded the lead ghost ship in a dramatic final conflict and cast the Vampire captain into the briny deeps. The Dwarfs hold Shattered Stone Bay.

The Dwarf expedition to Norslatch was not yet at an end. The victors of the battle for Red River moved north to conquer the Rock of Blood (C2). Meanwhile the army at Wolf Crag (E2) boarded ship east to Mousillon (D3) while the second fleet waited in port. The army on Dolmen Isle continued its march south into Southern Morswald (G3).

The Slayer army in Direbogs (I6) force marched south to attack the Goblin stronghold at the Monoliths (K6).  The surprised Goblins were unprepared for the sheer ferocity of the Slayer assault and the entire garrison was wiped out following a quick siege. Only 50 Slayers survived the crazy assault. Every goblin was killed - they didn’t think it too many. No, they didn’t think it enough!

Finally, the Dwarfs marched singing out of the Tusk toward the ancient Great Hall (I7) of the Ogres. They had fought many grim battles for the Ogre’s throne in the last few years. Now it was the Undead that controlled its power. It would be a legendary conflict with the fate of a continent in the balance.

Conflict at the Great Hall
Dwarfs are attempting to storm the city walls and take the Ogre throne from the Undead.

Attacker: 1,200 Dwarfs
Defender: 1,250 Vampire Counts

Siege Rules


  • Dwarfs lose 300 Slayers assaulting the goblin stronghold of the Monoliths (K6)
  • Dwarfs lose 40 troops on a forced march to Horrok’s Gap
  • Dwarfs lose their 2nd fleet in a naval engagement with the Undead at Shattered Stone Bay
  • Undead lose their 1st fleet in a naval engagement with the Dwarfs at Shattered Stone Bay

  • Undead seize Avelorn (J10) from the Dwarfs – village
  • Undead seize Har Ganeth (J15) from the Warriors of Chaos – razed village
  • Undead seize Brayherd (C10) from the Bretonnians – razed village
  • Undead seize Black Fire Coast (H16) from the Warriors of Chaos - necropolis
  • Bretonnians seize the Glowing Crater (F9) from the Undead – fortress
  • Dwarfs seize Shambletown (G9) from the Undead - village
  • Dwarfs seize Shattered Stone Bay (H8) from the Undead - village
  • Dwarfs seize Horrok’s Gap (F6) from the Undead - fortress
  • Dwarfs seize the Rock of Blood (C2) from the Undead – fortress
  • Dwarfs seize the Monoliths (K6) from the Goblins – fortress

Victory Condition = 5 thrones

  • Vampire Counts have 4 thrones; 
  • Bretonnians have 3 thrones; 
  • Dwarfs have 2 thrones; 
  • Warriors of Chaos have 1 throne


  1. Let's hope the VC army up north fails a scout roll, or this is it.

    My Dwarf army (Banner B) in the south will throw itself at the walls of the Ogre capital, but the odds are against against them. I would say, at least a million to one. They'll never do it. Never. Couldn't possibly.

    You got behind the damned walls all because I failed my damn scout roll last turn and let you stroll in. That, is a good quality reason to be bitter. :)

    So Mr.Sat, no pressure. It's all in your favour, you could win the campaign! In fact, how could you possibly lose at this point? Just don't farg up...

    1. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is my speciality.