Monday, May 20, 2013

Map - Year 7, Turn 3 continued

 Dwarf and Bretonnian kingdoms are officially allied.

The Bretonnian garrison at the Lost City (G8) have ceded control of that capital to the Dwarf army.
Meanwhile, the combined Dwarf and Bretonnian armies have crushed the Undead defenders of Mousillon and gained control of the Undead capital. A Bretonnian flag has been planted upon the top of the tallest tower.

The Undead lost 300 troops in the initial battle and then a further 150 troops were picked off as stragglers in isolated groups as the undead retreat in disarray. The remaining 300 undead troops regroup at the Red River (D2).

50 Dwarfs and 50 Bretonnians are rumoured to have died in the attack.

Word from The Tusk.
The Dwarfs have been defeated by the armies of undeath. Though initially going well the Dwarfs fighters found themselves outmanoeuvred by a flanking attack from flying Vargheists and Terrorgheists. Despite the defeat it was an even battle and a horde of Ghouls was destroyed by the Dwarfs rear guard action.

Dwarfs lose 300 troops and retreat behind the walls of the Tusk (banner has 1,200 troops left)
Vampire Counts lose 250 troops (1,250 left)

Another entry is made in the Book of Grudges.

The Bretonnian Errantry force has been smashed from the Cauldron of the Norse. The Slaves to Darkness blackened the ground with their sheer numbers as they swept down from the mountains. Heroic indeed was the defiance of the Bretonni but not even the greatest of heroes can stand forever against the tide.

And so it was that after four hours of constant battle the King sounded the call to retreat.
The surviving Bretonnian forces retreated into Western Elswood (C14) to nurse their wounds behind the walls of the forest castle.

The Norse have retaken the Cauldron.

Warriors lose 200 troops, Bretonnians lose 300 troops.

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