Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Bring your pretty face to my axe"

Turn 5 - The Grim Reaper points the finger and turns a dwarf to dust
"get im lads"
Introduction eh?
Craig. Dwarves. Job Done.
See that? I used the technically incorrect plural of Dwarf. And I linked to my own blog.
/leans in close
...and I don't care.

Cause that's how things are going to be in my new Empire. Forged in the blood, sweat, and tears of my opponents.

Dave, throw up some of those Mighty Empires tiles and I'll help paint them - though they won't be to your OCD like standard.

We'll need to give a run down on this here blog, of the custom rules we decide on for the "campaign of legend". They're still in flux, being discussed and mulled, but soon we should have a decent set. I think they're over complicated at the moment, but when the world is viewed through a lens which focuses things into 'axe friend' or 'axe foe' that tends to happen.

I'm very much looking forward to this. Campaigns to me are all about the character story building. That amazing time your General fought off the Vampire? It becomes so much more when it's "General Grimnir, on his last wound, valiantly fought off the dread Vampire Stefan".
Yessiree, plenty of opportunities for fluff and story building right here.
Enemies fought, alliances made, grudges opened...& closed.

By the by, that whole "campaign of legend" thing cracks me up. Every time I read it the voice in my head is pronouncing it in an overly dramatic, loud and slow fashion.


  1. In a loud and slow fashion is how i imagine you do everything.

  2. Nice intro Te Craig. Such a shame your dwarves are destined to weep tears of blood as their halls are thrown down about them. The heads of two dwarf lords just isn't enough.

    There. The smack talk is well and truly open.

  3. > "The heads of two dwarf lords just isn't enough."
    Once you pop, you can't stop eh?