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Map - Year 2, Turn 3

Turn 3 sees the action hotting up as there is furious activity from all armies, except the disintegrating Empire.

 Warriors of Chaos:
Chaos Army in Northern Elswood (B15) sends out rangers and trackers following rumours of
ancient ruins but find nothing. But all this is just a sideshow. The Great Host (armies in F15 and E13)
completed the ritual of festivus with the traditional feats of strength and descended on Altdorf
(F14). The 500 defenders were outnumbered 5-to-1 and their commander Maximillian von Genscher
knew that doom was nigh. He sent out riders to bring warning to the southern armies. When the
hosts arrived Von Genscher put his plan into operation. The high walls of Altdorf were seeded with
explosives and key points were booby trapped. The city is razed as part of a coordinated defence.
What followed was a massacre. All the defenders were wiped out by the rampaging horde although
they sold their lives magnificently – killing 300points of the Chaos horde. Altdorf is sacked and the
forces of chaos raise their blasted standard over the ruined city.

Woe and despair wracks the Empire. Averland and Ostermark secede from the Empire forming the
new independent Border Princes. The army and fleet in G15 desert and disperse. But one army holds
true. A young blacksmith rallies the forces in Talabheim and raises the banner of the Empire one last
time. Under his banner they plan to move on Altdorf to avenge the city.

The Beastman Fleets in The Skull Lands and the Beast Paths (C9 and D9) converge on the coast off
Lyonesse in D8. Army in Beastheart (E9) moves north to the Skull Lands (D10). Army in B11 moves
out of the Heart of the Dark (B11) and south west to Brayherd (C10).

The Bretonnian army in The Beast Paths (C9) sends out scouts. They encounter a merchant convoy
carrying food and supplies and acquire 5 baggage points. However the forces are delayed and they
fail to scout out Brayherd to the north east. The cavalry armies in Kislev (B4) ride south east through
Montfort province and then back to the capital Couronne (C6). The Bretonnian army in Aquitaine
(C9) rides south to The Challenge Stone where they encounter friendly villagers. The villages swear
fealty to the Bretonnian King.

The two Armies in Castle Templehof (D4) make their way across the mountains and arrive in Castle
Drakenhof (C3) to the north-west. The army in Karak Kadrin (G6) moves east to The Giant’s Bed
Mountains where they encounter fearful villagers. The villagers offer obeisance to the Undead and
the Vampires take the province. The remaining Vampire army lands successfully in Karak Kadrin (G6) amidst strong and unnatural winds.

The army of miners moves south-east from The Empty Coast H2) to the capital in Karaz-a-Karak (H3) while the army in Pigbarter (K2) moves north to Flayed Rock (J2). The Dwarven Admiral redeploys his fleets with the fleet in Karaz-a-Karak (H3) moving west to Silverspear (H4) while the fleet in Fort Grimnir (I2) moves west to Karaz-a-Karak.

The Ogre King decides that now is the time. He orders his armies to annexe the High Elf colonies
on Kanesdue Isle. Ogre armies move in from The Plain of Woe (K8) and Slaveslaughter (I9) where
they occupy the fertile lands of Tor Elyr (J9) and Tor Achre (I10). The Ogres claim total control over
Kanesdue Isle. The Ogres also move to crush the Halfling Free Peoples however dissent breaks out
in the ranks as mutinous troops refuse to attack their ancient allies. The force fails to move as it is
paralysed by indecision. Finally, the army based in The Glowing Crater (F9) moves north west to
occupy the Mist Gorge (F8). They find the province empty and barren.

Dark Elves and High Elves:
The Dark Elves end the siege on Caledor (H13). Dark Elf Army A withdraws to The Black Pillar (H14) but Army B is much more daring. They take ship across the seas moving west with the wind before landing outside the High Elf capital of Lothern( I11)...they are met outside the walls of the city by the High Elf Army moving north from Yvresse (J11).

Battle outside the walls of Lothern...winner takes/holds the High Elf capital.

500pts Dark Elves versus 500pts High Elves

Meanwhile the High Elves continue their advance through the Dark Elf heartlands. The army in
Tiranoc (J13) moves east to Karond Kar (J14) while the army in Karond Kar (J14) reaches the walls of Naggarond.

Siege of Naggarond...winner takes/holds the Dark Elf Capital.

1500pts High Elves besieging 670pts Dark Elves

Awaiting High Elf orders – storm the walls or starve the defenders?

Storm of Magic
The Storm of Magic Moves south enveloping Karak Kadrin (G6). One of the Vampire fleets is ripped
to pieces like matchstick (destroyed). The other is blown far from shore and settles off the coast of
the Ogre held province known as The Twins (G7). The Vampire Army in Karak Kadrin holds fast in the villages.

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