Saturday, November 26, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 3 continued

The first realm falls!

In despair the dying Phoenix King looked out over the walls of Lothern. How had it come to this? Elf arrayed against Elf. Brother against brother. He would raise the white flag. This war must end. They
had already lost their territories on Kanesdue Isle to the barbarian creatures of the west. While word
from the north told of their erstwhile allies being crushed in the north.. He would give the Dark Elves
Lothern... He would give up his throne

The riders went out. The armies of the Phoenix king were ordered to disperse and submit to the rule
of the Witch King. The siege of Naggarond ended before it really began. Order would be restored
and the Elves would be united. Only through unity could the Elves gain rulership of the sundered
isles. The Kinstrife would end.

But the writ of the Phoenix King ran weak. In truth central authority had long collapsed. The so called
Sea Elf territory of Chrace (H11) was first to secede and declare independence. Chrace was quickly
followed by Avelorn (J10) and Eataine (K10). They too declared independence and a time of peace –
free from the yoke of Kings, Tyrants and other potentates.

The Witch King would have to move fast to restore complete order to the Elven Kingdoms lest other
provinces decided to declare independence...

“Game effect – High Elf Kingdom fully collapses at the end of Month 4 – after
that all former High Elf settlements not conquered will declare independence
– former High Elf provinces occupied in Month 4 will not resist and will join
whichever Kingdom occupies them – after Month 4 the newly independent
provinces will resist as normal”

Note: All High Elf Armies have dispersed and are immediately removed from the map


  1. So... two goodies out of the way! The world is slipping into darkness! lol

  2. This post was a bit prophetic! The Witch King becomes the Phoenix King. Spooky.

    1. Indeed. Nostradamus like. Maybe GW bases the end times off our campaign?