Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Dwarf's Tale, Ch 3: Miners

[As occurred in Year 3 Turn 2.]

The army were marching south when Gadrin Tunnelsguid stopped. His fellow miners could sense from his stance that something was afoot.

"Stop! Listen!", hissed Gadrin, "you smell that?".

The other miners spread out, moving with a slow and steady pace. Some lifted their noses to the wind and started sniffing. One miner picked up a stone from the ground and licked it carefully. Another had moved to a nearby stream and was slowly studying the contents of the its bed. Yet another bent to one knee and scooped some earth. He tasted it. He tasted it again and without changing his stance brought his shovel to bear on the soft topsoil beneath his feet. In a quick yet deliberate and measured pace Gadrin continually dug until a pick was required. Other miners had joined him and widened the hole. 

Not a single sound had been made since the first exclamation. Only the hiss-thunk of digging echoed around the camp. Later some Dwarves would swear they hear a fevered giggling coming from the direction of the miners.

Word had reached the armies general fast. He ordered them to make camp and let the miners do their work. The rest of the Dwarves gave the hole a wide berth. Everyone knew it was bad luck to disturb the birthing of a mine.

Some hours later night had fallen. Dorin had drawn the short straw, and reluctantly crept towards the hole. He leaned slowly over the edge. He couldn't see anything except the darkest dark of the very deep. He strained his ears...

"...oh mah gawd oh mah gawd oh mah gawd. SO. MANY. PRETTY. THINGS. mwah ha HA HA HA HA!".
"Get yoor han's aff that, it's mine! Wait. What? Up there? Yoo shure?"

The echoes continued, making it difficult for Dorin to decipher what they were saying.

"Littl' Johnny Nae-Lahdders here forgawt oor exit stratehgy (stratehgy stratehgy) again. We'd try diggin oor way oot (oot oot), but we ken hoe that turned out last time (time time). Behsides, we've some gud news (news news). Wur' awl gonnae be rich laddie. RICH! (RICH Rich)".

The voice had descended into it's maniacal echoing giggling. Dorin leaned back and turned. He found himself looking at hundreds of Dwarves, standing in a perfect fifteen metre circle centred around him. He raised his fist to the night sky. A wall of sound hit him as a mighty cheer erupted from the throng.

The dwarf miners and sappers report even better news from the scalded coast. A rich vein of precious metals such as diamonds, amethysts, sapphires and similar precious stones is found. The treasure generates d6 gold crowns each winter.


  1. Funny Craig, J'approve. My favourite line:

    "Stop! Listen!", hissed Gadrin, "you smell that?".

  2. I quite liked the rock licking/earth tasting, even if I do say so myself. :)


    1. Oh,I daresay I'll soon have a story to tell, just a matter of the comedy or tragedy part working itself out.