Monday, January 2, 2012

Map - Year 3, Turn 0

 With two pretenders already dead just seven would be emperors remained. As the armies marched out to take position for the coming wars the wizards and sorcerers prepared their spells. With their eyes set on conquest of the isle of mists the bretonnian damsels and norse sorcerer lords showed their idiosyncratic styles. The bretonni set their path to glory by casting 'abundance' on the plain of ruin (c11). The brave knights would not be defeated by starvation in their errantry war as the formerly desolate plain was transformed with life. Just to the south in the forest of eyes (d11) the norse magi used their dark lore to cast 'portents of terror' causing all living creatures to suffer nightmares of terrifying intensity.

Far to the west there were dark rumblings. Rumors abounded of a 'summoned host' being successfully gathered and deployed by the necromancers of Moussillon (d3). The undead also cast a decaying 'rot' over the province of rockguts (h7) which destroys all baggage in the tile.

Other spell attempts by the druchii of Naggarond failed.

In the burning south west of the sundered isles the dwarf runesmiths gathered information about their ogre enemies. They learned the scale and composition of the ogre forces in the great hall (i7). The ogres however had bigger plans. They brought the powers of raw magic into a deadly coalescence, creating a great maw shaped vortex over the coast of claws (h6)... 'chaos void'.

Campaign spell markers - 
c11 = abundance
d11= portents of terror
h6 = chaos void
h7 = rot

Note - dwarfs have a great wall on the edge of i3 which faces j4.

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