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Map - Year 3, Turn 4

Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Third Year and Fourth Campaign Month of the Great War.

Warriors of Chaos
And so it was that the warlord of chaos accepted the wise council of his cabal of advisors and overruled his marauders. He took his men to the west and away from the ancient city of the dead (H16) and on to Averland (G15). Meanwhile the southern fleet continued its recon south and past the Walls of Azul (F13) through the coast off Bilbali (G12) while the army holed up in the Ice Plains (C16) spent a fruitless month hunting down ancient treasures. But the months of peace and boredom could not possibly last. The Osthof (F12) army roared south to spill blood for their dark gods and rampaged through Hergig (F11). Though they crushed all resistance they lost 150 troops in the effort. 

The Kurgan tribulations continued with Bretonnian forces converging on the Dark Forest (E10) from the Forest of Eyes (D11) and by sea from Beastheart (E9). The combined armies thrashed the forest dwellers as a lesson to other resistors and lost but 50 troops. Smoke palls could be seen as far away as the Black Deeps. The third Bretonnian army on the Isle of Mists marched south to the Forest of Eyes (D11). The Black Deeps prepared their defences for the coming storm. The bored troops in Quenelles (D6) mutinied against their young lord. The troops are paralysed by momentary unrest and the force is unable to scout or move this month or the next. Finally, the force in the Blood Grounds (B9) sends out explorers to chart the ruined land but they report nothing of great interest.

The time had come to reclaim the ancient Dwarven lands on Asur’s Rest. With this in mind the fleet in Barak Varr (G5) sailed east to Karak Kadrin (G6). The Dwarf commandos went ashore and reclaimed the province from its undead masters. In the far south the Dwarf forces continued their long trek through the Burning Isle – the troops passed from the Scalded coast (K4) to the Scorpion wastes (J4) while the fleet journeyed from the Bubbling Pits (J5) to the Monoliths (K6) – only to be jeered from the shore by the belligerent goblin denizens. Finally the last Dwarf army retreated back west from Kazad Thrund (H5) to Silverspear (H4).

Dark Elf
While the Dwarfs were staking their claim from the west the Dark Elf fleets to the east were exerting their control over the high seas. The northern fleet raced west from Grimmenhagen (F10) to Mist Gorge (F8) making landfall with the army. The army in Bloodpeak (H10) also went ashore – honouring its alliance with the Ogres – before the fleet rushed north to Grimmenhagen (F10). Meanwhile the army in Cothique (I12) went ashore to claim rulership of that province while the fleet pushed north to Silver River (G11). Finally, the garrison on Kinsblood Isle (J13) pushed east to Karond Kar (J14).

Ogre Kingdom
The southern force in Shattered Stone Bay (H8) used the fleet to cross the channel while one of the other armies in the province were ordered west to garrison the ruined villages of the Twins (G7) – they would face off the Dwarf troops massing to the north west. The rest of the Ogre forces held their position.

Vampire counts
The ghost fleets continued their slow drift east along the northern coast of Asur’s Rest – by month’s end there were eerie fleets anchored off Parravon (E6) and Aquitaine (D7). On Norslatch the dark horde in Castle Drakenhof (C3) moved silently up and along the river to the Iron Hills (C4).
With the rains finally easing the Lord of Undeath ordered one of his three banners in the Glowing Crater (F9) north to Mist Gorge (F8). The Druchii raiders and the grim dead stumbled upon each other amongst the heathers and fens of Mist Gorge. The war for Asur’s Rest had begun:

The Battle of Mist Gorge
650pts of Dark Elves versus 1500pts of Vampire Counts

Out of the mists they came. The corsairs and dark riders were assailed from all sides by strange loping creatures. Crackling sparks of lightnng fly back and forth. Neither side could gain an advantage as the vastly outnumbered and exhausted hold their own for hours against their tireless foe.The end came quickly as the left side of the dark elf line collapsed under the weight of a host of zombies and a raging varghulf. The black knights gave chase as the druchii fled to their ships..., a druchii trap! The undead warriors are crushed as the steep valley sides leading to the sea are collapsed down upon them.

A dark elf defeat as they are forced to retreat to the fleet offshore. Vampires hold mist gorge but suffer heavy casualties from a small dark elf rearguard.

Vc lose 300 troops
De lose 250 troops
Vc hold mist gorge
De retreat to the fleet offshore

Terrotorial Changes
Warriors of Chaos take Hergig (F11) from the Kurgan - village
Bretonnians take the Dark Forest (E10) from the Kurgan – village
Dwarfs take Karak Kadrin (G6) from the Vampire Counts – village
Dark Elves take Cothique (I12) from the Sea Elves - barren

Warriors lose 150 troops
Brets lose 50 troops

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