Thursday, January 12, 2012

State of the Nations

Empires of the Sundered Isles.
And lo, a census was conducted. Every being of every land was counted and accounted for.

Two years and a month have passed. A total of 13 turns of movement.
Three players have been wiped out, six remain.

Nine <men | dark elves | high elves | vampires | beastmen | french fops | dwarves | ogres | norsemen > enter,
(possibly only) one <dark elf | vampire | french fop | dwarf | norseman | ogre> leaves.


  1. I'm sure our illustrious and regularly featured map maker will be rolling in his grave. Geddit? Mr.Saturday makes the maps? He's playing Vampire Counts? Never mind, I'll get my coat.

  2. No, no, it's very...colourful. You used them all, I think.

  3. You appear to have given me more land than i actually have. I control far less of the map than that.

  4. Shoot so I did, I gave you an extra undead hex in the middle, and probably some of the beastmen independent provinces - I didn't really want to fill them in though, I was estimating your future border with the WoChaos.
    Leave it with me.

    1. No biggie. I just dont want to look like i am leading to soon.