Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Druchii Alliance

Sangrin Hopetaker sat impassively behind the desk surrounded by his trappings of office, the ogre emissary’s stomach rumbled on the other side of the massive desk, dwarfed now by the emissary (quite civilised for their race he understood). His translator chattered, relaying the message much flowered by words about the great maw, a 1000 years and so on. Come on COME ON get to the f**king point he thought to himself I’m uncomfortable with this big smiling b**tard’s leer. He heard the words “Dwarf”, he hadn’t needed the translator at all but he wasn’t going to make it easy on them, nor had the lengthy delay been necessary when the emissary had arrived where the ogre had been offered no food and given an uncomfortable bench to wait on. So that was it the Dwarfs had attacked him from the west and his king was worried about us attacking from the east. If only he knew how stretched my armies were and how big an operation it was to subjugate the remaining High Elves he wouldn’t have sent this mission. He regarded the treaty once more then with a flourish and a perfect smile signed then handed it back. The ogre exploded into another tirade about the great maw before walking out backwards flanked by his translators and staff. Sangrin rose and bid him farewell before relaxing into his chair. A second later Hashin landed softly on the ground beside him his face still wrapped in a black veil. “Have your people follow him, I trust him as far as I can throw him, but he needs us and we need him so for now we have an alliance”. Hashin inclined his head once then softly padded out of the room. Sangrin swung around in his chair and regarded the map. He glanced out the window remembering standing there not two months past watching the sea of high elves appear at his gates. Things were getting very interesting. It would take time to consolidate his control of the island, this alliance couldn’t have come to at a better time.

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