Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Once Mighty Fall

"M'Lord.... M'Lord..." said the creature as it slithered into what once was a throne room, but now resembled a lair.  Bones crunched under its slim encrusted feet.   "How I hate these creatures" thought the beast that is Harakj.  "Wait" Harakj quietly said.  "But M'Lord... there's.."  "Wait" Harakj repeated even more quietly.  "But Master.. ther..." With a flick of Harakj's mighty wing he separated the messengers head from its three shoulders, it flew across the hall and squelched against the roof, slithering down the wall to rest in a corner.  "Wait" Harakj whispered as he finished dissecting the wraith emissary.  "Fascinating creatures these once dead, you may tell your master I decline."

From the far corner the slithering noise increased.  Harakj looked up with disgust, how he hated Lord Nurgles minions, think you've killed them and they just slither back together.

"What is your message, filth?"

"M'Lord" came the mumbled reply.  "There is a messenger from the front... with important news!"

"Well pull yourself together and bring him in, filth!"

The two parts slithered together, Harakj noticed it now had three legs instead of two.  The messenger came in quickly with a few flaps of its bat like wings.  "Master, I have news.  I did as you ordered, I observed the battle of men and beast from the air." Harakj waited. "Man has defeated the beast, they were overrun, mown down by the metal encased men."

"Leave me" Harakj said, and flicked his tail.  The hall emptied, all his minions leaving.

A vibration in the fabric of space.  A purple and blue void appears on the gable wall.  Harakj falls to one knee.  "My Lord, its as you said."  "YES HARAKJ, LISTEN WELL FOR MY TIME IS FAST APPROACHING."

Harakj listened as purple blood poured from his eyes and ears.


  1. Great fluff Mr Paul. One wonders however, who sent the wraith? As it sure as Morr wasn't me.

    You sneaky fecker.

    1. Sounds like we'll have to have a little sitdown MrS. Consorting with the enemy is a serious offence!

  2. More of this sort of fluff Paul. It's jolly good.

  3. Don't mind Paul. His first chaos gift was a giant spoon with which to stir the sh*t.