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Map - Year 3, Turn 1

 On the day after the Spring equinox the invasion of the Isle of Mists began.

The fleet stationed off the Plain of Ruin (C11) moved south west along the coast of the Kurgan controlled Place of Dark Rain (D10). The last remaining Beast Army moved north from the Forest of Eyes (D11) to intercept the Bretonnian crusaders at the Plain of Ruin (C11).

Armed with the Blessing of the Lady of the Lake two Bretonnian Errantry Banners swept across the narrow channel between Norslatch Isle and the Isle of Mists.  The all cavalry force garrisoned in the Old Dark Tower (B10) and the force from Brayherd (C10) met up and planted the Fleur de Lys on the newly abundant Plain of Ruin (C11) claiming it for the Crown. The armies would clash on the flat plain.

The Plain of Ruin
Battle - 2000 pts Bretonnia versus 1400 pts Beastmen

There are 2 Bretonnian armies – 1500pts and 500pts – the 500pt force is all cavalry

      GM - Gentlemen – tabletop or GM roll – as it could be the last stand of the Beasts a tabletop battle would be cooler – Brets would a have +1 advantage on a GM dice roll. Province is effected by Abundance spell – mighty forest, flowers and other flora are abundant everywhere– Battlefield effect – all terrain rolls are forests or marshes – decide alternately.

Meanwhile the remaining Bretonnian Fleet based in Quenelles (D6) and the army based at the Challenge Stone (E7) gathered in Aquitaine (D7) while the army in Kislev (B4) moved south east to Montfort (B5) and the army in Couronne marched north west to Bastonne (B7).

Warriors of Chaos
Armed with the Blessings of much Darker Gods the Norscan forces moved to invade from the east. The force in Bjornling B13 took Hellcoast (B12) while the siege army in Uzkulak (D13) occupied and seized Manbane (D12). Yet more forces were set to buttress the invaders as the Army in Nordland (E13) took ship to the Herding Plain (E12) where they remain off the coast.

On Smith’s Isle the all cavalry force in Talabheim (G14) moved to occupy and seize the barren Black Fire Coast (H16) while the all cavalry force in the Cauldron (C15) moved on a secret mission to the Freezing Wastes (B16).

Vampire Counts
The massive Undead horde of three banners imposingly shambled east from the Giant’s Bed Mountains (F7) to occupy and seize Mist Gorge (F8) from the Ogres. Meanwhile the Ghost fleet departed from Swartzhafen (F4) and entered the coast off the Eerie Downs (E5) while the army in Castle Drakenhof (C3) were sent out on a mission to the Red River (D2).

Dwarfs and Ogres
The jockeying for power in the south continued with the two Ogres fleets in the channel between the Burning Isle and Kanesdue Isle intending to engage the Dwarf fleet off Direbogs (I6). The Dwarf fleet itself tried to isolate the fleet in Rockguts (H7) to improve its odds of victory.

GM - NB: This is the first time the simultaneous movement issue has really mattered – to resolve I decided to roll initiative for both Kingdoms (it doesn’t work otherwise unfortunately).

A long and torrid game of cat and mouse ensued with the Dwarf fleet under immense pressure in the straits off Direbogs. The Dwarf Admiral on Grungni’s Pride fought with great skill and courage and the cannons of the Dwarf dreadnoughts and Ironclads wrought terrible damage on the Ogre fleet. The torpedoes of the Dwarf submarines struck repeatedly from all sides. But the sheer Ogre numbers eventually overwhelmed the Dwarfs. Although an entire Ogre fleet was destroyed the remaining Ogres lead by their Admiral on the Red Ogretober crushed the Dwarfs in bloody hand to hand with the two Admirals finally clashing in person in the bowels’s of Grungni’s Pride. Victory for the Ogre
The single surviving Ogre fleet limped back to the coast off the Great Hall (H7).

Meanwhile the Ogre banner stationed in the Glowing Crater F9 marched south to Shambletown G9 while the banner in the Tusk (I8) marched south west to Slave Slaughter (I9).

As for the Dwarfs...the banner in Karaz-a-Karak (H3) marched north east to Silverspear (H4) while the banner in the occupied Halfling territories (I5) moved east to buttress the coastal defences of the Burning Isle along the snake ridden Hissing Coast (J6). The continued Dwarvish pacification of the Burning Isle continued with the banner and fleet in Pigbarter (K2) occupying and seizing the nominally Ogre held Burning Wastes (J3) to the east. 

Dark Elves
The Witch King continued his campaign for total control of Kinsblood Isle. The army in Lothern (I11) attacked and destroyed the rebels in Avelorn (J10) - although at the cost of 100 troops - while the force in the Fortress of the dawn (J12) occupied and seized Nagarythe (I13). The army in Naggarond (I15) moved west to Karond Kar (J14). The Witch King also sent out his feared navy. The fleet in Saphery (K12) sailed west to the coast off Eataine (K10) while the two fleets in Lothern (I11) sailed north as far as the mouth of the Silver River (G11). Meanwhile the army in the Bastion Hills (H12) moved west to the Silver River province (G11) where the local villagers immediately swore fealty to the Witch King.   

Territorial Changes
Warriors take Hellcoast (B12) from Beasts – Village
Warriors take Manbane (B12) from Beasts – Village
Warriors take Black Fire Coast (H16) – Barren
Vampires take Mist Gorge from Ogres (F8) – Barren
Dwarfs take Burning Waste from Ogres (J3) – Barren
Dark Elves take Avelorn from independents (J10) – village
Dark Elves take Nagarythe from independents (I13) – barren
Dark Elves take Silver River (G11) - village

1 Ogre Fleet destroyed
1 Dwarf fleet destroyed
100 Dark Elf troops destroyed

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