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Map - Year 3, Turn 3

Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Third Year and Third Campaign Month of the Great War

Warriors of Chaos
In the Black Fire Coast (H16) the Norse searchers find the tomb of a long dead hero. The hero’s war
gear includes a magical weapon worth 100 points and magical armour worth 40 points. The General
seizes these treasures for his own use. His advisors counsel him to call off further searches and leave
the area as the omens are increasingly grim. The northern army marched south from the freezing
wastes (B16) with the intent of exploring the ice coast (C16). On the Isle of Mist the Norse armies
pulled back from their border with the Bretonnians – moving back from Beast Rock (C12) to Bjornling (B13) and from the Herding Plain (E12) to Uzkulak (D13). Meanwhile the Norse fleet in Osthof (F12) moved east off the Walls of Azul (F13).

The Bretonnian fleet and army at the Vile Cliffs (E8) continued down to Beastheart (E9) but without
disembarking. Meanwhile scouts were sent out from the Forest of Eyes (D11) to assess the strength
of likely Kurgan resistance in the Black Deeps (E11) – The yeomen outriders report around 1200
worth of troops defending the area. The scouts return to the forest to consider this news. Back
on the Plain of Ruin (C11) the remaining forces strip the province of its unnatural boon – ending
the spell – but grabbing 3 extra baggage trains. Meanwhile the banner in Quenelles (D6) sent out
explorers to search the area – but came back empty handed, while the cavalry force in Bastonne (B7)
galloped east to the Blood Grounds (B9)


Celebrate their hard won freedom from oppression...

The loyal army of Barak Varr (G5) boarded the ships docked in the harbour to await further
instructions while the veterans in Direbogs (I6) marched west and north to Kazad Thrund (H5). The
troops in the Scalded Coast (K4) engaged in a wasted search of the area – while the fleet sailed east
to the coast of the Bubbling Pits (J5). An expedition moving south from the Hissing Coast (J6) reveals an independent and hostile fortress in the Monoliths (K6) occupied by 800 points worth of foul Goblinoids – his troops urge attack while the Thane ponders his move.

Dwarf Lord – attack the fortress or retreat? (The dwarves choose to back off, for now...)

Dark Elves
The troops in Arnheim (K14) moved west to Tiranoc (J13) – but it was the sheer speed of the Druchiifleets that would define this month.

The fleet in Cothique (I12) sailed south to the Fortress of the Dawn (J12) to collect the army before
moving north again to Cothique (I12). The troops in Lothern (I11) boarded the fleet which then sped
north to Bloodpeak (H10) before setting anchor just off the Ogre coast. Finally, the troops in G12
boarded their fleet and set sail along the southern coast of the Isle of Mists – scouts going ashore for
water at Grimmenhagen (F10) reveal the province to be empty and barren. The fleet then rests off
the coast of Grimmenhagen.

The Lord of Undeath made the call to split his horde at the Glowing Crater (F9) with one of the three
armies ordered north to Mist Gorge – however the army’s scouts are ambushed by bandits and
fail to return – the army is stuck at the Glowing Crater (F9). Meanwhile his forces on Norslatch all
advanced east – the army in Red River (D2) marching to Castle Drakenhof (C3) while the two armies
in Mousillon (D3) shambled to Castle Templehof (D4). Meanwhile the ghost fleet off Carcasonne (D5) sailed east to the independent fortress of Parravon (E6).

The Ogres continued to organise their counterforce with the three armies in Shambletown (G9),
Shattered Stone Bay (H8) (both north of the channel) and Gash Kardak (H9) (south of the channel in
H8 – as max 1 army per fleet per turn) all gathered in a show of might in the province of Shattered
Stone Bay (H8.)

Storm of Magic
The howling storm of magic surged east and north before settling over the high and mysterious
mountains surrounding the Lost City of the Old Ones (G8)

Territorial Changes
The Monoliths (K6) becomes an independent Goblinoid fortress.
Grimmenhagen (F10) becomes an independent barren province aligned to the Kurgan confederation.

None! – Unless the Dwarfs get in a rumble...
And Warriors gain 140pts of magic items

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