Saturday, January 14, 2012

Empires, the power struggle in depth

Scribes are generally a weaker skinnier Dwarf.
Their oversized brains 
clearly being too much a drain on 
the rest of their bodies for them to be good at much else.
Or: "Lies, damned lies, and statistics."

Somewhere in the depths of the Rusty Plains lay a building. A very small, nondescript building.

If you were to gain entrance to that building (which in itself is most unlikely), you might be surprised at how occupied it is. How well defended. And especially surprised at just how deep below ground it goes. And at the guards on each level.

The Dwarven Spymasters had been efficient. Their super secret headquarters had been collating data non-stop for weeks. Several scribes had collapsed and had to be taken away to be cared for in recovery.

At last, the reports were finished, and sent to the High King.

You may wish to go here for interactive graphs, where you can check the values of data points - as opposed to images of the graphs below.

Territory per Empire:  the number of hexes under each empires control.

Territory per Empire

Territory itself means nothing, without considering the value that territory can provide.
Economic Power per Empire:  the income generated per Empire
Economic power per Empire

Sea Power:  Fleets per Empire
Fleets per Empire

Military Might: the total points value of each Empire
Military might per Empire
Each piece of data for each empire for each turn was painstakingly counted using the maps that have been posted to this blog. All are reliable bar the military might, I only have actual banner values at the start of each year - not per turn.

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