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Map - Year 3, Turn 2

Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Third Year and Second Campaign Month of the Great War.

And so the Beast Lord was laid low and the Kingdom of the Beasts came to an end. The Isle of Mists
would now come to be divided between the Kurgan, the Bretonni and the Norse.

The two armies in the Plain of Ruin (C11) split from each other in the wake of the great battle.
The smaller force moved south and seized the Forest of Eyes (D11) unchallenged. The larger force
marched in to seize the Place of Dark Rain (D10) from the independent Kurgan nomads. A series
of fast paced and bloody skirmishes ensued with neither side able to secure a decisive victory. The
Bretonnian army retreated back to the Plain of Ruin (C11) to consider its options – they had lost 200
troops. Meanwhile on Norslatch the King ordered the cavalry army in Montfort (B5) to march at a
fast gallop south to Quenelles (D6) and await further orders. The army in Aquitaine (D7) boarded
the fleet which then sailed to the Vile Cliffs (E8) – dropping anchor just off the coast to assess the
situation. Finally, the army in Bastonne (B7) send out trackers – excitement builds as word comes
back that old mine workings have been discovered

Warriors of Chaos
The debased hordes moved en masse to fill the void caused by the collapse of the Beast Empire. The
armies in Hellcoast (B12) and Manbane (D12) moved south to occupy and seize Beast Rock (C12) and the Herding Plain (E12) respectively while a third army sailed along the coast before storming and then crushing and occupying Osthof (F12) – though it cost them 150 troops. The army in the Freezing Wastes (B16) again failed to find anything of note while the trackers along the Black Fire Coast (H16) reported sighting an entrance to a city hidden underground – a city of the dead

Kurgan upstarts
The men of the Vile cliffs (E8), Hergig (F11), Black deeps (E10) and Dark Forest (E11) all swore pacts of friendship and became part of the greater Kurgan peoples.

Dark Elves
The northern army based at the Silver River (G11) and accompanied by one of the two northern
fleets continued their conquest of Smith’s Isle after taking Bilbali (G12) by force – albeit at the cost
of 150 troops. The other fleet based on the Silver River sailed south to Cothique (I12). The last
fleet sailed north from Eataine (K10 )to Lothern (I11). Likewise the army in Avelorn (J10) marched
to Lothern (I11) while the army in Nagarythe (I13) moved west to the Fortress of the Dawn (J12).
Finally, the banner in Karond Kar (J14) moved south to explore Arnheim (K14) but found only empty wilderness when they arrived.

The silent ghost ship sailed unnoticed along the coast from Castle Templehof (D4) to Carcasonne
(D5) while trackers sent out on Norslatch Isle proved fruitless in their searches. The order was sent
down and the host of Undead - three whole armies – marched south – they had expected to meet
resistance at the great keep beside the Glowing Crater (F9). But there was nothing there. The keep
was empty. The crater on the other hand...

There would be no fight just yet

The Ogres resisted the impulse to march north. Orders were orders. They would wait in
Shambletown (G9) for the storm to break. Reinforcements poured north. The army and fleet in
Rockguts (H7) advanced towards Shattered Stone Bay (H8) while the army in Slave-Slaughter (I9)
marched north to Gash Kardak (H9). War against the Deadites was coming. War for Asur’s Rest

The Dwarfs moved to end the unpleasantness and ‘misunderstanding’ in Barak Varr (G5) by moving
in troops from Silverspear (H4) to join the fleet stationed off the coast of the port city. The noble line
was replaced by an altogether more reliable sort – and cast out as slayers. Meanwhile the Dwarfs
moved to consolidate power on the Burning Isle. The army and fleet in the Burning Wastes (J3)
moved east to claim the empty wilderness known as the Scalded Coast (K4) while trackers exploring
along the Hissing coast (J6) discovered the entrance to an ancient mine...

Territorial Changes
Bretonnians take Forest of Eyes (D11) from Beasts – Village

Warriors take Beast Rock (C12) from Beasts – Village
Warriors take Herding Plain (E12) from Beasts – Village
Warriors take Osthof (F12) from Estalia – Village

Kurgan take Vile Cliffs (E8) from Beasts – village
Kurgan take Black Deeps (E11) from Beasts – city
Kurgan take the Dark Forest (E10) from Beasts – village
Kurgan take Hergig (F1) from Estalia - village

Dark Elves take Bilbali (G12) from Estalia - village
Dark Elves take Arnheim (K14) - barren

Vampires take the Glowing crater (F9) – fortress

Dwarfs take Barak Varr (G5) from Vampires - city


200 Bretonnian troops destroyed
150 Warriors troops destroyed
150 Dark Elf troops destroyed

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